Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let's Work Out with Zach and Donny #BB16

Zach and Donny sat on the outdoor couches, chatting.  (I don't think anyone in this house smokes this year....)  Zach says that he's glad that Donny won the PoV, and that it must feel good to win and save yourself.

Donny:  Well, you and Cody are the only ones who came up to me after I was nominated to tell me not to worry....the only ones....the rest of 'em gave me the "look away hug"...

Zach:  I tried my hardest, but I'm glad you won.  I would have hated to win and then to have to look at you and tell you I wasn't going to use it....because nobody was going to use it, you know....

Donny: Oh, I know...I know....and it will be sad that somebody else has to go up...I know how it feels..

Zach:  Yeah, it's sad, but as long as it's not me...

Zach did a few pushups.  Donny says he and his girlfriend go to a local gym at home.  She has a membership and paid an extra fee to take Donny as a guest.

Donny did a set of push ups and Zach was impressed.  Donny had bursitus (sp?) in his shoulder and has to be careful not to do anything that might injure it.  If he were to win Big Brother he would use part of the money to "get a new shoulder".

He told Zach that his brother only has one arm.  Zach asked about that and Donny said that his brother is very smart and is a school teacher.  He drives and has some special controls in his vehicle to operate it.  He is restricted to an automatic car only.

Donny's brother lives near his parents, and goes over there for help sometimes.  Donny explains there are some places where his brother has trouble reaching to shave, so his mom helps him.

Zach:  But he has another arm, right?

Donny:  Well, one arm is a nub at the shoulder, and the other one ends about here (points to his elbow) and it has a few fingers on he really only has half an arm.

Zach was surprised at that.  (me too)

They tried to name all of the state capitals, and then Zach reeled off all of the states in a sing-song type of voice.  Donny was impressed.  Zach wants to work out really hard today so that he will be sore tomorrow.  Donny would like to try the bench press, but is worried he would injure his shoulder.

Zach:  Yeah, it totally isn't worth the risk....

Donny:  Nah, just to say that I lifted it up once...

They saw some ants outside and Donny thinks Production did a great job controlling them inside the house (just wait, Donny...).

They talked about how fortunate they are to be on the show right now.  Zach says graduating college was a big accomplishment, but it was nothing compared to being on Big Brother.  Zach was sitting at the weight bench and Donny said just imagine who all has been sitting on that bench, because it is probably the same one every year.

Zach:  And just think of how many people have won that Veto you won....

(This was a really nice conversation and we got to see Zach when he wasn't "putting on" at all.)

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