Monday, June 30, 2014

Joey Scrambles....Spills the News About her Secret #BB16

Joey spoke with Christine earlier this morning and asked for her vote.  Christine told her that people might be afraid to vote against the house at this point in the game, for fear of being targeted.  Christine encouraged her to meet with people and offer them incentives to keep her in the house.

So, Joey went to Caleb, who was sitting in one of the eviction chairs noisily chomping on an apple.  She kind of awkwardly offered to keep Caleb safe in the house, pointing out that she would be a better competitor than Paola and has better chances to win competitions.

Joey:  And when you asked for Have Not volunteers, I raised my hand.

Caleb:  I appreciated that..

Joey:  And I can volunteer to do it again, in place of someone else...

Caleb basically said he would take all of this into consideration, but she can't expect him to go around and recruit votes on her behalf without doing the same for Pao Pao.

During this conversation, Hayden was laying face down on the couch, like a sack of potatoes.  After Caleb left, he turned over and told Joey that he had never heard any of that before, but if she said the same thing to him, he would consider voting for her to stay.

Hayden:  You should have that same conversation with everyone....I would much rather you stay than Paola, but you need to start talking to everyone...

Joey:  I just don't know this game, I'm learning...

Joey:  I have other things to offer, but I can't tell you about them yet.....

Hayden:  Huh?

Joey swore him to secrecy and he promised to keep it quiet.

Joey:  I was voted America's Favorite....and there's going to be three of us..

Hayden:  So what does that mean?  What can you do?

Joey made it clear that she really doesn't know yet, but told him that the power doesn't start until this Thursday.  Hayden promised to keep it quiet.

Do you think he will keep it quiet?

Joey went into The Hive and woke Zach up to talk to him.  She told him she needed his vote, and made the point about having more to offer than Pao Pao.  Joey did not tell him about the America's Team, but Zach coached her on what to say, and how to present the argument.

Zach encouraged her to make her case to Caleb and Devin, because no one wants to make enemies of them and Caleb is "going to win HoH every other week".

Zach:  And a lot can happen before Thursday.....Paola can say something stupid to Caleb, and she leaves all kinds of dishes in the sink, and Devin is very easily influenced....

Joey:  I'm on good terms with Devin.

Zach:  Well, everyone is going to vote with the house, and right now the house may want you to leave, but the whole thing can turn on a dime and change.


  1. When you have a chance, check out Wil's first BB16 video. I know you're a fan and this one features an amazing musical number.

  2. Last night Hayden told Nicole that Joey told him an extravagant lie, and that he would not repeat it out of fear someone may believe her and decide to keep her. Haha.

  3. Well, in Hayden's defense Joey didn't even know the name of the "power" she won.... And as a fan of the show, he probably just can't believe America voted for her....

    (I know I can't.)


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