Sunday, June 29, 2014

Joey Gets Ready for her Close Up #BB16

Because you know she's being nominated, right?  Even Joey knows that, so it must be Headline News.

Check out Pao Pao strutting through the room with a skirt and high heels.  She probably thinks the PoV ceremony is live on CBS or something.

Nicole looks cute today.

No one talks to Joey as she prepares...and wouldn't you think a makeup artist would be in high demand around there, with seven other girls wanting to look pretty?  Joey must have really ruffled some feathers in the last week or so.

I wonder if the bubble tiles are actual tiles or wallpaper?  I would love that look in my shower.

I am going to keep an eye out to see if Brittany is as unpopular in the house as Frankie says she is....

Derrick is a very thorough tooth-brusher.

And Victoria is so needy.  She went through her drawers with Amber, looking for something to wear.   She whined over and over that "she has nothing to wear".  Amber tried to be helpful, saying "what do you feel comfortable wearing?" and making suggestions but Victoria just kept bitching about it.

We've all had friends like that, right?

And now we have FISH, so the PoV Ceremony is on..  Check out the Hi Def fish.

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