Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jeff on Jordan - CBS Pre-Season Coverage #BB16

As part of the CBS Live Feed Exclusive content, Jordan sat down to be interveiwed by Jeff Schroeder.  Jordan immediately reported that she graduated "hair school" last Friday and is moving back out to California now.  She is happy that Jeff supported her in her decision to move back home last year so she could finish school.

Jordan worked three jobs before being cast on Big Brother for BB11.  Jordan said she went to the open casting call for BB11 "wearin' jeans and flip flops", but the other girls dressing like they were "goin' out clubbin'".   In the house she liked the way Jeff acted goofy at night and told funny stories so they became friends.  When Jeff had the big fight with Russell, she didn't like the way Russell was attacking him in front of everybody so that is when she felt they really became a strong couple on the show.

Jordan:  We became good friends.

Jeff:  And now?

Jordan (giggling):  Lovers!

Jeff says the new house guests will have a lot to deal with, getting used to living with strangers.  Jeff says he and Jordan live together now, and they have little things that annoy each other, so last night he had them each make a list of annoying things about living with each other.  (Fun idea.)  Jordan commented that after last year, "a lot of things have changed" at Jeff's house.

Jeff's List About Jordan

1.  Jordan's method of washing dishes involves just "splashing water" on them and there are "leaves all over the floor".  Jordan says he does the same thing when he visits her house and then admits she just came back to LA and she doesn't "feel like she lives there yet".

2.  Jordan puts bottles back in the fridge with "like an inch, not enough to refresh a squirrel" of liquid and "there are like four of them in there now".

3.  Jordan squeezes the toothpaste tube in the middle and leaves the cap off and this makes him crazy.

4.  They have light blue towels and sheets but Jordan wipes her makeup all over them and that won't come out in the wash.

Jordan's List about Jeff

1.  Since last year, Jeff wants everyone to take their shoes off at the door, even sandals.  Jeff explained that there is a tree that leaves "sap all over" by the front door and the white carpets get so dirty.  Jeff steam cleaned the carpets last year and is trying to keep them clean.
2. Jordan doesn't like how Jeff pretends like he is listening to her but he is really just watching TV shows like Game of Thrones or Wicked Tuna.

3.  Jordan says Jeff is always waitin' on her to do laundry.

4.  Jordan doesn't like the fact that Jeff keeps his bicycle in the bedroom, particularly since Jeff is now so concerned with cleanliness.  Jeff says their place is tiny, so they don't have much room for storage, but at least it is "parked on that yoga mat". 


Jordan reports that she and Jeff went shopping for rings yesterday...she thinks they will get engaged sometime this summer.  She says she "doesn't care if they wait two years to get married, she just wants to be engaged".

Jeff:  I got that.

Jordan would never be on BB without Jeff, but Jeff says he would give it another try without Jordan, although he knows he needs someone like Jordan to calm him down.  Jordan was very surprised that she aligned with Rachel on BB13.  She watched Rachel on BB11 and didn't think Rachel would be someone she would align with.  Jordan says Rachel is a beast in competitions so it was great to team up with her.

Jordan tried to watch the BB15 live feeds last year with Jeff for "like, 10 minutes" but it was too boring "watchin' people eat and just sit there".  (Uh....Jordan it is Jeff's job to sell the live feeds, hon.)

Jordan says she "got fat" on BB11 but started really losing weight on BB13 when she was on slop for two weeks straight.  She says the food restriction really starts to get to her on the 4th day or so.

Jordan said that she was "headed down a bad path" when she went on BB11 and was "always gettin' into trouble", so she thinks being on BB kind of saved her by getting her out of her home town and "away from certain people".

Jordan:  My mom was about to have a heart attack.  And meetin' Jeff helped me grow up a little and who knows where I'd be right now if I hadn't been on the show.

Jeff:  Wow.  I'm about to cry over here.

Jeff reminds us all to get our live feeds to get ready for the new season.

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