Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here We Go Again..... #BB16

As usual, this promo doesn't tell us much.....but watching it does get me a little amped up for this season.

A little.  Not much.

I think Gina Marie got the most camera time, right?  Weird.  Amanda's boobs made several appearances, too.  Of course.

If you plan to buy the live feeds, please purchase them from one of the Big Brother affiliates, instead of going directly to CBS to buy them.  The affiliates (Big Brother websites) really deserve the money for all of the work that they do ---the affiliate's cut of the purchase price is usually the biggest part of their income.

After careful consideration I will be buying my live feeds from the website, because I enjoy Rob's reality TV coverage year round and it's the least I can do for him.  Rob went full-time this year with his podcast business, so he could use our support.  Also, if you buy the live feeds from Rob you can play his Big Brother Bingo game --- someone is going to win $500.


You may know that Big Brother UK starts tonight----Ian Terry is going to be providing some sort of BB UK podcast coverage for Rob this year, so there's that, too.  

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