Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hayden is Crushing on Nicole #BB16

Jocasta can't believe no one else heard all of the pounding in the walls last night.  She said it was "boom boom boom boom" and it was loud and scary.

Jocasta:  Nicole's snoring didn't even bother me after listening to that.

Nicole went into the kitchen with her fishtail ponytail and pouf (courtesy of Victoria) and sat at the kitchen counter with Cody and Hayden.  They kept teasing her about how lazy she is, and how she has no physical stamina.

She assured them that she can run five miles if she wants to, and then talked about her high school basketball career.

Nicole:  I set a school record for the most three in one game.  It was at district, too.

The guys were delighted by this and gave her the little ball they have been playing with so she can demonstrate her form.  She showed them and Hayden said "you throw like a girl!".

Cody asked Nicole if she had any nasty moves after she sunk a three-pointer.  He demonstrated the move where you run backwards with both arms outstretched, wiggling your fingers in a taunting way.

Nicole:  No...but I talked crap on the court.

They start begging her to demonstrate her trash talk, but she won't do it.  Hayden came up on one side dribbling the ball and making comments to her, trying to get her to trash talk, but she didn't.

Nicole:  In high school I had a crush on a hockey player and people wanted me to tell him he had a dirty dangle.

Hayden loved this and said that was a great hockey term.

Hayden:  So what happened?  Did you say it to him?

Nicole:  No.

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