Monday, June 30, 2014

Gawker Proclaims Hayden Voss to be a Weirdo #BB16

At least this is better than the racism coverage from last year, right?

I wonder what exactly is Hayden's deal?  He said he made straight A's in college, and seems smart enough, but what is with being proud of having a McJob and the weird videos?

Also, Hayden has been talking a little about smoking pot, and with Derrick of all people.  The other night Hayden said his favorite food was "Nutter Butters" and Derrick said "is that after you.......?".

Then Hayden proceeded to describe the snack, and this is what he meant:

While this might indeed be a tasty snack, I think I would have to be high to eat them.  With the Nutter Butter sandwich cookie, however, I could eat it any time of the day or night, and have the good sense to keep them out of my house if there is going to be any weed usage.

You know, poor impulse control and all.  

How can Hayden not the know the proper name of his so-called favorite snack?  Maybe he is a weirdo.

You can read the Gawker article here.


  1. Nutty Bars are actually one of the best Little Debbie snack out there, mainly because they are more like a candy bar. Though it doesn't take much to beat a super processed cake.

  2. I'll bet Little Debbie isn't so little anymore.

    Hayden elaborated about peeling off the chocolate coating and eating that, too, so it sounds like he has a lot of stoner rituals.


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