Friday, June 27, 2014

Frankie Says All the Girls Hate Amber #BB16

Frankie is discussing this weeks' vote with Caleb and Devin, and they don't think Amber will vote out Donny.  Frankie says that Donny is one of her only friends in here.

Devin: Really?

Frankie:  Yeah, all of the girls hate her.

Devin:  Why?

Frankie:  Because she's the most beautiful woman on the planet...girls are jealous!

Devin:  That's not even part of my world...glad you got that though.

Caleb is reminiscent of Willie Hantz as he issues orders and they listen.  He says to just let Amber vote to keep Donny---they have plenty of votes to evict him and he's worried that she will tip Donny off.

Is that a tattoo of a lipstick kiss on Devin's left arm in the picture below?  Or did one of those bitches kiss him this morning?

Devin broke his hand a few years ago---the right one--and it still hurts him sometimes.  Caleb broke his finger too and went over to show Devin.

Devin and Caleb left the room and Zach was waiting right outside, saying he needed to use the HoH bathroom.  He and Frankie went into the bathroom and started talking about their secret alliance.

Frankie:  I calmed him down....I did it....

Zach:  You're The Diffuser...that's a good name for you.

Frankie likes that name and says he's "just a beast" and needs to be managed.  They mention Christine and Nicole having some sort of secret agreement and Zach says it's not so secret.

Frankie:  Hopefully Christine knows that Nicole is a fucking idiot.

They think they are set for a few weeks and hug it out. The bigger alliance they are in is called the Bomb Squad (great name) and Zach says if that works out, then they are in the Final Eight already, and then the two of them will go from there.

They are angry that _______  (either Caleb or Devin) just decided to add Christine and Amber to the Bomb Squad without even checking with everyone else.

Frankie:  If I was watching this season at home, I would fucking hate him!

Zach: an alliance of eight even legal?

Now they talk about how Cody is "kind of a mess" and Zach can't believe how much he talks in there.  Zach likes him, but he's a mess right now.  If Zach wins HoH, he would put up Victoria and Joey.

Frankie:  Joey is a huge target, for sure.  And Brittany is a huge target, too, but I'm not fucking putting her up!  I mean, I already did, but....

They laugh about that.  Zach says he would have liked their alliance to be the two of them and Derrick, along with someone else that I didn't catch.

(There are so many people in the house right now....there is conversation and action everywhere!)

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