Saturday, June 28, 2014

Caleb: But Enough About Me, What About My Body? #BB16

Caleb is squeezed into a pair of Frankie's shorts today and is strutting around the HoH room like a peacock, admiring himself.  He even ran in slow motion in front of the bathroom mirror to see what that looks like, apparently.

He is still chattering about dancing with Amber during the wake up music today.  (They both met in the backyard while a Georgia Florida Line song played and two stepped.)

Caleb fished for compliments from Frankie until Frankie told him that with the new tan, Caleb's body is "even sicker" now.  (I heard Frankie say later at the pool that it would require surgery to get Caleb out of those shorts because they were so tight.)

The guys worked out with weights in the backyard, and Zach and Cody did sprints across the backyard, running hard and fast.  Then Zach jumped in the pool and Big Brother yelled at him about that.  Earlier Zach was splashing pool water and Big Brother told him to "SHUT IT DOWN!".

I get the impression that BB told them not to curse this year, if at all possible.  You can see how fast they were running because the picture is blurry.

Cody got in the pool, too.  Wow.

That's Amber sitting on Victoria's lounge chair while she's in the DR.

They have all been talking about Devin, but not really talking about him, if that make sense.  I don't think anyone wants to come out and call him a psycho asshole.  They know he was up all night and "is emotional" and Donny says today is his daughter's birthday.  Frankie said he's probably going to separate himself because he's so emotional about it.

(You know, the year has only 365 days in is not that big of a freaking deal if a birthday of a house guest, or someone in their family occurs over the summer.  I don't get all of the drama over it.)

Monday is Nicole's birthday and Frankie says all he needs is a Devil's Food cake mix and he will make her a birthday cake.

Christine said she had a dream last night that Dan Gheesling contacted her and said he liked the way she was playing the game.  Hayden said he had a dream about Nicole---they worked together and Nicole was wearing high heels.  They left work together and he said the rest of the dream wasn't fit to discuss on a family show.  (No wonder he's flirting with her today, if he had a sex dream about her.)

You can see Caleb's tight shorts in the next picture.  I keep wanting to call him Brad, but I think I'm thinking about Brad Culpepper from Survivor.  Same difference, huh?  He is declaring his love for Amber and said he doesn't care who knows it.  He also said he won some sort of poetry contest for the state of Kentucky.

Caleb, about Amber:  I'll do anything to get her, but nothing to lose her.

Yes, that is Cody's butt in the picture below.

Here comes Joey.  I heard Zach tell Donny this morning that no one in the house will ever trust her "after what happened".  (I think she blabbed about some sort of alliance, but I'm not sure. If you know what Joey did, please share.)

Joey made a slop scramble that she said was awesome.  She promised to teach Nicole how to make it when she is a Have Not.  I think all of the Have Nots volunteered when Caleb asked for volunteers.  I heard Cody laughing about it...Zach said he was just about to volunteer and then Cody saved him by raising his hand.

They are worried that they will never get to see the funny footage on the live feeds since most of it won't be on the CBS show.

Christine:  Well, it'll be on You Tube...that's how they make the videos.  Like April and Ollie...they're had sex in the house and it's all over You Tube.

No one had seen that so Christine had to describe it and tried to be be tasteful about it.

Joey's fans better get a good look now, because I think she's gonzo on Thursday.  I think she knows it, too.


  1. The girls are mad at Joey because she told everyone about El Cuatro.
    Caleb's obsession with Amber is creepy.
    I don't understand why everyone is worked up about Devin. What did he do? I could look at him all day, so I hope he calms down and starts making nice.

  2. Why did Joey do that? Damn. What a dumbass.

    Thanks Groucho.

  3. Im Loving ur BB's Incredible !!!!

  4. Ugh...after tonight I'm over Devin. But I hope he stays around a while. I sense an imploding in the bb house. Can't wait.

  5. I heard Devin told someone in the house the REAL reason why he left baseball....I am trying to get a confirmation before I discuss it because it is very juicy...but if it is true I don't think anybody would be surprised....

  6. what number episode in season 16 is this?


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