Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Big Jeff Chats With Former #BB Winner Ian Terry

If you already have your Big Brother 16 live feed subscription squared away for the summer, then you may have watched Jeff Schroeder's  interviews with some of the former winners from seasons past.   If you don't have the live feeds, don't want to get the live feeds, or don't have the time to watch them, then you are in luck because I will be hitting some highlights from a few of the video interviews here on the website.

First Up, Ian Terry, Winner of BB14

*  Ian has finished school---I assume he finished his Masters in Chemical Engineering from Tulane University.
*  Ian has just moved to Houston where he is going to teach high school Physics this fall.
*  Ian used part of his BB prize money to pay off all of his student loans, and just splurged on a new BMW.
*  Ian confessed that the glasses he wore on BB14 were just for show---he claims to have 20/20 vision and doesn't really need them to see.
*  Ian feels like he has another Big Brother season in him at this point, but doesn't want to disclose his strategy.  Jeff pried out of him that he would look to align with strong players like Frank, Rachel, and Hayden.
*  If anyone can win Big Brother twice, Ian's pick is Hayden Moss.
*  Jeff drives an Avalon "from the 90's."
*  Ian thinks having Devin in the house is a huge gift for players like Cody and Caleb---there will always be a bigger threat to evict as long as he is in the house.
*  Ian says Zach having an Economics degree shows he's no slouch and must be smart.

*  Ian says after watching Donny's video, we can "book his seat in the Final Six" because he doesn't pose a threat and seems to be in good physical condition.
*  Ian heard Nicole said some good things about him, so he's pulling for her, too.
*  Ian's picks to win BB16 based on his preseason knowledge are as follows, in order:  Cody, Zach, Donny & Nicole.
*  Jeff picks Derrick or Frankie to win, and Ian says Derrick should be able to read people well since he is a cop.
*  Ian hasn't been on a hammock since he left the BB house.  He says he liked sitting in it because he could see every thing from that angle and that the ground under the hammock was ruined from all of the rocking (not to mention our hearing).

*  If Ian ever goes back in the house, he pledges to only rock for one hour per day.
*  Ian is still friendly with Mike Boogie and Frank Eudy, but speaks with Mike Boogie more frequently than Frank.
*  Jeff shops at Marshall's.
*  Ian feels he matured a lot in the house, and hopes to have a few grey hairs before he goes back in the house.
*  Ian really missed following sports like his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates when he went in the house.
*  Fans don't "quack" at  Ian anymore, but they did when the season first ended.

Ian seems really happy and has obviously grown up since BB14.  He didn't even know how to drive back then, and now he is cruising around in a new Beemer!  I'm a little surprised he didn't go Corporate with his Engineering degree, but I remember him saying he had a really great Science teacher growing up that influenced his interests.  So maybe teaching is his way of giving back a little.

Surely his classes will be popular! 

And the teaching schedule might make it easy for him to spend another summer some day in the BB house!


One of my best friends and Partners-in-Crime taught high school chemistry right after graduating from college.  She didn't look much older then her students!  I visited her classroom a few times and helped make decorations for the Senior Prom and it was a trip to see my friend have such a position of authority with the kids and to hear them call her Miss ______.  

I also used to go to Happy Hour with a group of the young teachers from her school and no one could party like those teachers... and they had great stories to tell, too.

Best of luck to Ian in all of his endeavors.  Good teachers are sorely needed in America and I know Ian will be a great one.

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