Friday, June 6, 2014

#BB16 PreSeason --- Jeff Catches Up with Ashley

CBS is posting exclusive preseason content on their website for people use take advantage of the Live Feed Early Bird Discounts.  And Big Jeff is all over the place, as you might guess.  He also has a new shirt that I'm not particularly fond of, but whatever.

He stopped in to visit with BB14's Ashley Iocco, who is apparently living the dream in Santa Monica.  Some tidbits from the chat

*  Ashley loves Los Angeles.
*  Ashley is making flower headbands now and is selling them somehow.

 *  Ashley is still running her mobile tanning business, and after prompting from Jeff she spelled out the name of it for us.  After more (rather creepy) prompting from Jeff, Ashley said that if you are just a visitor to LA, you can still get a mobile tanning visit with her via the Bronzique website.  So, does that mean any Random in a motel room can get a visit from Ashley?  (See, I told you it was creepy.)

*  Ashley is over Ian but imagines him beating the girls off with a stick now that he's a reality star.  I'm sure part of that sentence is correct, but maybe not the whole thing.
*  Ashley has a new boyfriend now and they live together.  Jeff did not ask her who it is......but we know it's not Ian Terry.  Or Frank Eudy....

Well yadda yadda yadda...Jeff strips down and Ashley gives him a spray tan.

Big Jeff is ripped, huh?  Damn.

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