Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Andy Dresses Up For the Occasion.... #BB16 #BBKickoff

Look at that devilish picture of Big Jeff....not sure what Kevin Frazier has to do with all of this, but I guess we'll find out.

They are seated in front of the Big Brother house, where the live shows are held.  The studio is empty and Andy is doing a great job chatting with Jeff about his strategy last year, and what the people inside must be thinking right now.  He said they all knew the broadcast schedule last year and knew when the episodes were airing.

Andy says he has seen pictures of the new decor in the house and it feels really strange to see how different it is...he is just dying to run to the door and open it.  He hopes there is a new dirty rat bastard in the house this year for him to root for.

Andy was really annoyed when the new house guests told Jeff they would rather be loved and lose the game, then win and be hated (me too).  Andy said he could tell last year by the DR questions that he was being portrayed as a backstabber but thought no one in the house figured it out.

I've been trying to take a picture of Andy that doesn't have droopy eyes or a weird grimace.  This is the best I could do...sorry Andy.  He is doing a GREAT job explaining his game last year and making the case for how hard it was to get what he wanted every week without ever being targeted.  He told Jeff he "knew he could wipe the floor" with Gina Marie during the Jury speeches due to his speech training.

Jeff doesn't know yet how the two HoH scenario is going to work out, and is just as interested as we are to see how the four nominations and the Battle of the Block is going to play out.

I'm hoping Jeff will go into the control room soon to let us look around...they do that on BBUK and it is fun to see.  Andy is rooting for Frankie, Zach, Christine and Donny.  He can't wait to watch and neither can we.

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