Sunday, June 29, 2014

And the Beef Begins...... #BB16

And it is between Devin and Brittany, over what sounds like something stupid.  There were some sort of words last night and Brittany went up to apologize to Devin this morning.

Devin was talking to Caleb and Frankie about it, and it is still not clear what the beef yesterday was about.

Devin:  She said, this is not about the lotion and the bedsheets.....and I was like I don't care what it is about...

And as discussed here, Brittany brought up Frankie when she apologized, saying that Frankie was offended.

Devin scolded Frankie on how he handles things, saying that his role is to keep an eye on the girls and placate them, not make things worse.

(Love the fake vegetable patch on the walls...)

Frankie;  But that is what I was doing!

Devin:  You should just tell them that I'm a big teddy bear and am sweet to all the girls...I loan out my sweatshirts....

Frankie:  But that's what I did!  I'm not even going to talk to her anymore....

Devin:  But you need to smooth things over...

Everyone hated the wake up music this morning, particularly Caleb.

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