Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Wonder What the Other Guy Looks Like. #EvelDick #BB8

I'm sure by now you know that Evel Dick has apparently had an eventful couple of days.

This newsy episode started with Evel Dick tweeting a selfie of himself, all battered and swollen.  He thought he was hit by a car, but he's not sure.  In response to a tweet from one of his many followers, he did remember that he only had two beers all night, so he definitely wasn't drunk.

You know he lives in Ireland now, right?

I guess TMZ gets to publish the picture for free since Dick already tweeted it.  Dick could have sold that picture directly to TMZ, I'll bet.  He shouldn't be so quick with the camera next time...because you know there will be a next time.  Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK Daniele how her dad is, okay?

You can enjoy TMZ's fine coverage here.


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