Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wait....Wait.....Dan Gheesling Knows WHO on Vanderpump Rules ??? #BBUSA

While I was searching for a particular conversation  Mike Boogie had during the BB14 live feeds, I found one where the BB14 cast was discussing the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.

This brought up the topic of the soon-to-be-premiered new spin-off show, Vanderpump Rules.  (Now headed into to it's third season.)

Imagine my surprise to read that Dan Gheesling claimed Kristin Doute was his FRIEND.  Kristin, of course, is the skank pictured second from the left with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval.  If your're a fan of Vanderpump Rules, or if you love to hate it like I do, (but watch each and every episode) then you know that Kristin's storyline in Season #2 was HORRIFIC.

The girl did HORRIFIC deeds, and even worse, was described several times as smelling like stale cigarettes and coffee.  Yuck.

So how can she know our own Dan Gheesling?  Well, according to Google, Kristin is from the Land of Dan, so I guess she was a decent person at some point in life.

You can read my flashback post from BB14 where Dan discusses this here.  As a bonus, there are plenty of pictures of the BB14 cast in the backyard sunning themselves, while they talk trash about Bettheny Frankel and Kelsey Grammer.


As a special bonus, I will also remind you of another Big Brother connection to Vanderpump Rules, although I do so cautiously, tiptoeing quietly so as not to alert the trolls.

At least once on the BB15 live feeds, Amanda Zuckerman stated that she "dated" Jax from Vanderpump Rules.  I assumed she lived in California at the time, but since Jax also lived in Miami I guess it is possible that they hooked up in South Florida.  Jax would be the guy in the cardigan sweater in the picture above.  You may not know that Jax is trying to make the chunky cardigan "his thing" and wants to sell them.  Uh..okay.

Or we can just go to the dollar rack at Goodwill if we need one for Halloween or something.

Last fall Amanda tried desperately to forge a connection to Bravo TV, tweeting to Jax about their "date" and then we all know about the encounter with Brandi Glanville.  Or I guess we know enough about it to make up a story about what happened, I guess.

Anyhoo, on one of Amanda's Twit sessions (or whatever you call them), Amanda brought up her connection to Jax again, admitting that  ***wink wink*** she had "relations" with him.  And as I recall McCrae was there in the background, hunched over his laptop screen, no doubt already plotting his escape.


I will have some final words about BB15 as we roll into BB16 season, but those words will be carefully chosen.  In fact, I just deleted a paragraph of BB15 chatter because I don't have time today to think clearly about the ramifications of what I want to say.

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