Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rachelle is a Weiner #BBCAN2

I haven't been watching the live feeds this weekend, but I guess she "won" the right to wear this costume for one week and just made a trip around the house to show everybody.

In true BB-USA style, the costume looks very cheap.  The relish is sparkly, though, which is nice.  She announced several times that she needed to "put a bra on" and told the guys she was "raw dogging it".  But I saw her go into the HoH and take off a bra, and then put something on.  So who the hell knows.

Here she is, rummaging around under there.

Then she went back downstairs and all of the excitement about the hot dog costume seemed to be over.  She perched on the couch below and already seemed to fade back into the background as the people in the living room ignored her.   I guess it may be a good thing for her game that she is virtually invisible in the BB Canada house, but for the viewers what a snooze, right?

But we can always feast our eyes on Jon, right?  He even makes Bed Head look good, in a rugged sort of way.

And then there's Heather, who puts a lot of effort into looking good.

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