Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bad News for Mike Boogie.... #BBUSA

TMZ is shouting out some bad news for Big Brother All Star Mike Boogie, as you can see here.

This particular situation is due to Mike and his business partner Lonnie Moore (pictured above, with the cleft chin) allegedly not paying rent for their failed locations in Atlanta.

Well, I guess the word "allegedly" doesn't need to be used here, since it sounds like the judge has ruled.

You may recall that when Mike won BB7, he told Julie Chen that he and his partner were going to open a new restaurant location in Atlanta, and he would use his BB prize money for that.  I think they had at least two restaurants in the Atlantic Station development, which was an exciting new "Work Live Play" housing development within walking distance from Midtown.  Kind of like building a little metropolitan city with bars, restaurants and shopping, all within walking distance.   Atlanta's first Ikea was being built nearby, too, so there were were all sorts of high hopes for Atlantic Station.

Mike was in town a lot back then, and could often be seen at the door of Geisha House, eyeballing the girls waiting in line and giving off a Hollywood vibe.  I may or may not have met Mike Boogie prowling around Atlantic Station.  (Hi Mike.)  That area was the place to be back then, since Ashton and Demi were also investors and would also show up to promote the business.

But that was then, and this is now.

Atlantic Station has had a host of problems, including arson which burned a number of the new housing units under construction to the ground.  (I had a friend who had put a deposit down for his new place, but after the fire he needed to go ahead and buy a home somewhere else,  but had a very hard time getting his money back from the developer.)   And there were a number of armed robberies of the jewelry stores in the development during broad daylight.  And also a number of burglaries during the day of condos located in an Atlantic Station tower that were rumored to be an inside job, since whoever did the thieving seemed to know who lived where, and what time they would be at work.

And the poor economy didn't help, either, so yadda yadda yadda Mike and his partner quietly closed their doors and left town.  I think this was around the time of Mike's VH1 series that was kind of like Celebrity Apprentice, if Mike Boogie was Donald Trump, and the celebrities were people like Speidi and Danielle Staub.

I actually heard Mike on the BB14 live feeds discuss how difficult it was to run the businesses in Atlanta.  He said that in California there are tons of professional waitstaff and kitchen staff because that is what many aspiring actors do for a living, but in Atlanta it was hard to get young people motivated.  I think he said people were stupid in Atlanta, or something like that.  But I'm not offended by that.

Hell, we're all at least $10.5 million dollars richer than Mike Boogie now.

I'm sure the fact that the Atlantic Station landlord couldn't find new tenants had something to do with the lawsuit, too.  I haven't visited Atlantic Station in ages, and I don't know anyone who has.

How will Mike Boogie handle this?  Can he handle it?  I do hope the best for him.

Chin up, Mike.  You can read the TMZ article here.

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