Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Showmance Watch #BBCAN2

Sarah is giving Andrew specific instructions regarding how she likes her back rubbed.  Something happened last night with one of the women last night that "broke Sarah's heart".  And Andrew made sort of comment about devil worship with one of the girls (maybe the same one?) that upset her and Alison gives him pointers on how best to apologize and smooth things over.

As usual I don't know what is going on.  I can only tune in so much during tax season.....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arlie Breaks Down #BBCAN2

Arlie is visibly shaken today as he paces around the house, sighing, looking like he would like to be anywhere but there in the Big Brother Canada house.  He's on slop this week, and it's getting to him.

(Sorry for the messy pictures---I am learning to use the VPL software and sometimes the picture part is tricky.)

He approached Adel in the bedroom and launched into a conversation by kind of aggressively telling Adel that it really pissed him off that Adel kept talking while he was trying to sleep.

Arlie then clarified that he was having a really hard day, and just needed to vent.  When Adel made a move to leave, Arlie said he wanted to vent with him, to talk to him.

Arlie:   The slop man, it's really getting to me.  I need some words of wisdom.

Adel is also on slop this week.  He encouraged Arlie to "just go crazy...keep eating it".  He said he had "two bowls of salsa" earlier and he just keeps "eating it and eating it".

Adel:  To be honest, it's not getting to me yet...because I just keep eating it.

He offers to eat slop with Arlie "all night if that's what it takes, brother".

They hugged it out twice, and the conversation seemed to end on a good note, but clearly Arlie still feels like crap.  Adel say he's there for him, and leaves the room.

And then Arlie saw Andrew, and started in on him, telling him that he feels very disrespected by Andrew sometimes.

Arlie:  You treat me like what I say doesn't matter...when I'm talking you interrupt me all the time and I never even get a chance to say what I want to say.

Andrew must be used to getting confronted in his everyday life, because he immediately clicked into "Sorry Andrew", thanking Arlie for bringing this up.  Then Andrew started a long monologue about having to work with people he doesn't like.

Andrew:  I mean, I really, really don't like some of the people I work with, but I have to get along with them anyway.

(Hi Andrew's co-workers!)

They hug it out as Andrew leaves the room and Arlie thanks him.  Then, after Andrew leaves Arlie starts shooting his fingers like guns at the door, making little "pow pow" noises.

Arlie hates Andrew, I think.  I'm pretty sure he was laughing about the fact that even in his apology, Andrew interrupted Arlie and took over the conversation, talking about himself. 

Then Rachelle came in the room and sat down to chat with Arlie.  She wondered if Arlie was worried about getting put up today after the PoV (?) but he said no.

Arlie:  I feel like, you're a bitch to me most of the time. You don't give me the time of day.  I feel like you don't give two shits about me.

Rachelle told him she was sorry, and that she misses Happy Arlie and he agrees he just needs to snap out of it.  Rachelle is dressed as a weiner during the entire conversation.

The new Big Brother Canada house is fricking redonculous.  Good lord.  Each room is more striking than the last.  We could use that set designer on Big Brother USA, right?  Not to mention some of the casting initiatives...

Arlie is trying to find a space where he can be alone, but it's hard, I guess.  Sarah asked him if he was pretending to be sad for the game and he snorted, "no".

I was hoping Marsha the Moose was behind this, but if she is Arlie isn't letting the live feeders know about it.

Rachelle is a Weiner #BBCAN2

I haven't been watching the live feeds this weekend, but I guess she "won" the right to wear this costume for one week and just made a trip around the house to show everybody.

In true BB-USA style, the costume looks very cheap.  The relish is sparkly, though, which is nice.  She announced several times that she needed to "put a bra on" and told the guys she was "raw dogging it".  But I saw her go into the HoH and take off a bra, and then put something on.  So who the hell knows.

Here she is, rummaging around under there.

Then she went back downstairs and all of the excitement about the hot dog costume seemed to be over.  She perched on the couch below and already seemed to fade back into the background as the people in the living room ignored her.   I guess it may be a good thing for her game that she is virtually invisible in the BB Canada house, but for the viewers what a snooze, right?

But we can always feast our eyes on Jon, right?  He even makes Bed Head look good, in a rugged sort of way.

And then there's Heather, who puts a lot of effort into looking good.

Wait....Wait.....Dan Gheesling Knows WHO on Vanderpump Rules ??? #BBUSA

While I was searching for a particular conversation  Mike Boogie had during the BB14 live feeds, I found one where the BB14 cast was discussing the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo.

This brought up the topic of the soon-to-be-premiered new spin-off show, Vanderpump Rules.  (Now headed into to it's third season.)

Imagine my surprise to read that Dan Gheesling claimed Kristin Doute was his FRIEND.  Kristin, of course, is the skank pictured second from the left with her boyfriend Tom Sandoval.  If your're a fan of Vanderpump Rules, or if you love to hate it like I do, (but watch each and every episode) then you know that Kristin's storyline in Season #2 was HORRIFIC.

The girl did HORRIFIC deeds, and even worse, was described several times as smelling like stale cigarettes and coffee.  Yuck.

So how can she know our own Dan Gheesling?  Well, according to Google, Kristin is from the Land of Dan, so I guess she was a decent person at some point in life.

You can read my flashback post from BB14 where Dan discusses this here.  As a bonus, there are plenty of pictures of the BB14 cast in the backyard sunning themselves, while they talk trash about Bettheny Frankel and Kelsey Grammer.


As a special bonus, I will also remind you of another Big Brother connection to Vanderpump Rules, although I do so cautiously, tiptoeing quietly so as not to alert the trolls.

At least once on the BB15 live feeds, Amanda Zuckerman stated that she "dated" Jax from Vanderpump Rules.  I assumed she lived in California at the time, but since Jax also lived in Miami I guess it is possible that they hooked up in South Florida.  Jax would be the guy in the cardigan sweater in the picture above.  You may not know that Jax is trying to make the chunky cardigan "his thing" and wants to sell them.  Uh..okay.

Or we can just go to the dollar rack at Goodwill if we need one for Halloween or something.

Last fall Amanda tried desperately to forge a connection to Bravo TV, tweeting to Jax about their "date" and then we all know about the encounter with Brandi Glanville.  Or I guess we know enough about it to make up a story about what happened, I guess.

Anyhoo, on one of Amanda's Twit sessions (or whatever you call them), Amanda brought up her connection to Jax again, admitting that  ***wink wink*** she had "relations" with him.  And as I recall McCrae was there in the background, hunched over his laptop screen, no doubt already plotting his escape.


I will have some final words about BB15 as we roll into BB16 season, but those words will be carefully chosen.  In fact, I just deleted a paragraph of BB15 chatter because I don't have time today to think clearly about the ramifications of what I want to say.

Flashback: Mike Boogie Talks Trash About Atlanta #BBUSA

After my last post about Mike Boogie getting smacked by the judge for not paying rent on his business in Atlanta, I mentioned hearing Mike talking smack during BB14 about what it was like running a business in the ATL.

I found it.  Here it is...

I will say the live feed chatter is rarely as good as it is when Mike Boogie is a house guest.  He has tons of interesting stories to tell, and he always keeps the conversations going.

As opposed to the legions of house guests who can barely speak an intelligent sentence.....

Bad News for Mike Boogie.... #BBUSA

TMZ is shouting out some bad news for Big Brother All Star Mike Boogie, as you can see here.

This particular situation is due to Mike and his business partner Lonnie Moore (pictured above, with the cleft chin) allegedly not paying rent for their failed locations in Atlanta.

Well, I guess the word "allegedly" doesn't need to be used here, since it sounds like the judge has ruled.

You may recall that when Mike won BB7, he told Julie Chen that he and his partner were going to open a new restaurant location in Atlanta, and he would use his BB prize money for that.  I think they had at least two restaurants in the Atlantic Station development, which was an exciting new "Work Live Play" housing development within walking distance from Midtown.  Kind of like building a little metropolitan city with bars, restaurants and shopping, all within walking distance.   Atlanta's first Ikea was being built nearby, too, so there were were all sorts of high hopes for Atlantic Station.

Mike was in town a lot back then, and could often be seen at the door of Geisha House, eyeballing the girls waiting in line and giving off a Hollywood vibe.  I may or may not have met Mike Boogie prowling around Atlantic Station.  (Hi Mike.)  That area was the place to be back then, since Ashton and Demi were also investors and would also show up to promote the business.

But that was then, and this is now.

Atlantic Station has had a host of problems, including arson which burned a number of the new housing units under construction to the ground.  (I had a friend who had put a deposit down for his new place, but after the fire he needed to go ahead and buy a home somewhere else,  but had a very hard time getting his money back from the developer.)   And there were a number of armed robberies of the jewelry stores in the development during broad daylight.  And also a number of burglaries during the day of condos located in an Atlantic Station tower that were rumored to be an inside job, since whoever did the thieving seemed to know who lived where, and what time they would be at work.

And the poor economy didn't help, either, so yadda yadda yadda Mike and his partner quietly closed their doors and left town.  I think this was around the time of Mike's VH1 series that was kind of like Celebrity Apprentice, if Mike Boogie was Donald Trump, and the celebrities were people like Speidi and Danielle Staub.

I actually heard Mike on the BB14 live feeds discuss how difficult it was to run the businesses in Atlanta.  He said that in California there are tons of professional waitstaff and kitchen staff because that is what many aspiring actors do for a living, but in Atlanta it was hard to get young people motivated.  I think he said people were stupid in Atlanta, or something like that.  But I'm not offended by that.

Hell, we're all at least $10.5 million dollars richer than Mike Boogie now.

I'm sure the fact that the Atlantic Station landlord couldn't find new tenants had something to do with the lawsuit, too.  I haven't visited Atlantic Station in ages, and I don't know anyone who has.

How will Mike Boogie handle this?  Can he handle it?  I do hope the best for him.

Chin up, Mike.  You can read the TMZ article here.