Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Frankie's Big Brother Audition Tape #BB16

This week, Frankie "released" his Big Brother 16 audition tape, as part of his "Topless Tuesday" series.  It's a short video, and it contains all of the Frankie J. Grande resume bullets that are all familiar to us.

It's exactly how we would expect it to be, but without the bleached roots.

I am multitasking this morning while I watched this video, but it occurs to me that I didn't hear him mention his famous half-sister, Ariana.

Hmmmm.  So that's something.

You may recall that Frankie first set his sights on being on Survivor, but says he did not receive a response from Survivor casting after submitting a video several years ago.  (You can see that here.)  He went to one of the famous New York Survivor parties and met some of the former contestants, and told them about this, and they are the ones who suggested he apply for Big Brother instead.

So the rest is history.

Donny Makes the Big Time.....on TMZ #BB16

Well, if there is some bad news surrounding any of the Big Brother contestants, we all know TMZ is first in line to report it.

According to TMZ, Donny returned home to find his previous position as a high school groundskeeper still open, but he had to re-apply for it.

Cue the sad music.....Donny didn't get the job. Instead, he got a part-time janitorial job, presumably with the same school district.  (You might recall that Donny used to be "Kelly Pickler's janitor", as was mentioned numerous times on the BB16 live feeds.  Perhaps Donny's new position is a similar one....)

You can read the TMZ article here.

For some reason, Donny decided to tweet out this information on Sunday night, as follows:

I don't follow Donny on Twitter....but I found out about this tweet because Derrick tweeted about the situation only seconds after Donny did, as follows:

You might recall that Donny doesn't like Derrick......if that is true, and I was Donny, Derrick's tweet would piss me off in the worst way.

But I digress.....

Why did Donny lose the position that he loved so much?  I seriously doubt it had anything to do with his behavior (or lack of behavior) on Big Brother this summer.  I don't recall him doing or saying anything that would cast a bad light on the fine people of North Carolina.  But I used to work for a huge Fortune 100 company, and it is common for businesses to try to cut costs by "regrading" positions to standardize the qualifications or pay ranges.

If this is the case with the school district, it could be as simple as them trying to refill the position with someone at a lower pay rate.  After all, Donny had been in the same position for over six years, and based on what he said on the live feeds, he worked for the NC school systems for years before that.

So maybe his pay rate was too high, after years of raises.  Or maybe the Powers That Be at Cabarrus County were jealous of Donny's TV time?  Or maybe they thought Donny's presence would be a distraction?

Or maybe they found someone better at the job than Donny was?  I know that won't be a very popular opinion among Donny's many fans, but if you watched the BB16 live feeds, you know that Donny often had a different view of his own performance than we, the viewers did.

Anyway, I'm sure Donny will get some full time employment soon.  He might try applying with vacation property rental agencies....there are a lot of vacation rentals in North Carolina, and if the owners live out-of-state they need someone to keep the grounds up, and also to perform maintenance tasks.

A job like that would allow Donny to have the solitude he needs on a daily basis, and the view might be very nice.  I've vacationed a few times on the North Carolina beaches....and once in the North Carolina mountains.  It would seem like a nice gig to me....


1.  In Donny's tweet, he says that he's #Unemployed, but TMZ says he has part-time work.  Which is true?  I can't imagine TMZ has a fleet of roving reporters on the ground in North Carolina...

2.  When Derrick was masquerading as a Parks and Rec Coordinator last summer, I heard him tell Donny he could get him a job.  I think Derrick knew Donny didn't care for him, so maybe he was just sucking up.  But I think Derrick does have a good heart---maybe he can put in a call to the Parks and Rec people in North Carolina and hook Donny up with a State Park gig.

3.  I wonder if Big Jeff is somehow to blame for this?  As you recall, Big Jeff visited Donny's hometown and wore Donny's school uniform and even did a little mowing on camera for the CBS show.  Did Jeff run over an azalea bush or something?  Did CBS not get the proper approval for this stunt?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Zach and Cody Hit the Bravo Clubhouse #BB16 #WWHL

If you don't watch Bravo, then I guess I need to explain this.  Bravo has a talk show that airs every night hosted by Andy Cohen, who was one of the creators of the Real Housewives franchise and is now an Executive Producer.  The show airs every weeknight for 30 minutes and has guests ranging from "Bravolebrities" to bona fide stars like Cher, Liam Neeson and Lady Gaga.  The set it meant to resemble Andy's living room, and has a small audience of about 35 friends and insiders.

Andy always has a bartender, too.  Sometimes the bartender is a real bartender from a place in the city, and other times it might be Broadway stars or fans of the show, or even Snoopy one time in his dog costume.  The bartenders are typically introduced or mentioned as the show comes back from each commercial break, and Andy throws a little chat at them from time to time, usually to promote whatever they are selling.  They also tape a live Aftershow and post clips of it on their website.

On the show that aired last night, the bartenders were Zach and Cody. Andy introduced them as being part of the Bomb Squad (twice) and also said something about neither of them winning any money. The guests last night that you see sitting in the chars are Kenya Moore, former Miss USA and current star of RHOA, and Sherri Shepherd, an actress who used to be on The View but was recently cut from the roster.

FYI I don't think Zach or Cody did any actual bartending last night...but I have heard from someone I know who was in the audience one time that there is some pretty heavy boozing going on all around.

When the cameras turned to Zach and Cody to recognize them after each break, Zach was always ready with the posing and showmanship.  During the 30 minute show that aired on Bravo, I don't think I heard Cody say one word, because Zach talked over him and blurted out an answer to every question Andy asked before Cody could speak.

Like in the picture below, Zach was doing some dancing while Cody just clapped and looked cute.  Mute, but cute.  And I am very happy that Zach left his pink cap at home...and no Froot Loops were mentioned at any time.  A step forward, in my opinion.

During the live broadcast, Andy asked them "how Zankie was".  It was clear that this question was in his notes, but he didn't really understand what he was saying.

Zach:  Oh, we're great...Zankie is great.

Andy:  Good, so Zankie is great.

Zach:  We're just friends, though...

Andy:  Oh good, love him.

Andy said the two of them look like they should have their own show, and Zach jumped in and said it's coming soon, on Bravo Tuesday nights.  Andy just kind of snickered.  Before the live broadcast ended, Andy teased that both Zach and Cody would be taking their shirts off for the Aftershow, and Zach immediately acted like he was ready to take it off.

I did not see any evidence of topless activity on the Aftershow, though.  I didn't watch it live, however, so maybe some brief nudity did occur.  I'm sure Andy would have been up to see some skin.

On the Aftershow Andy asked the boys if they had any girlfriends, and Zach immediately said he had four.  Cody kind of reacted at that and Zach finally admitted neither one of them had girlfriends.  One of the guests asked if they had girlfriends in the Big Brother house, and after Cody said "of course not" Kenya asked them if they had boyfriends in the Big Brother house.

If Andy had any idea about THAT situation, I'm sure he would have pounced on it, but clearly he didn't watch BB16 and was just working from some info written on note cards.

Andy asked which guy was in the house the longest.  Finally Cody got to speak in complete sentences and told Andy how long he was in the house and how hard it was to be cut off from the outside world.

And then this happened:

Andy:  Isn't that Big Brother house just god awful ugly, too?  (ha ha ha)

Cody:  No!  I'm a big fan of the show, so I was glad to be there!

Andy also asked if both of them were from Florida, and Cody spoke again, telling Andy that he lived right down the road in New Jersey.

You can watch part of the WWHL Aftershow here, and you can also find the show that aired live on Bravo there, too.

I actually think they may have taped this show a week or so ago....I saw a lot of tweets from Zach at that time when he and Cody were wearing the same outfits.  And I saw the following Twitter exchange between the three of them.

And a few more tweets from Andy about Big Brother:

Another reason why I expect the show was pre-taped is that Andy is on a book tour right now for his excellent new read, The Andy Cohen Diaries.  I actually went to one of his book tour events last Saturday at The Palm in Atlanta, and I know he went to Detroit on Sunday.  So it would make sense that he might have pre-taped a few WWHL episodes.  Also the fact that his dog Wacha didn't make an appearance on the episode is another piece of evidence that the show didn't follow the normal taping schedule....Wacha usually trots out his waggley-tailed self after the last commercial break.

Andy's book event was so much fun, and the Q & A was very juicy.  If you have a chance to attend and are a Bravo fan, you should definitely go.  He is very engaging and made everybody feel like "his people".

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miss Cleo Scores the First Live Interview With Zach #BB16

And Miss Cleo is really a guy named Mike. He used to hide his identity but now he's out of the closet, so to speak.  Miss Cleo was a rather rabid Zach Rance fan this year, and an even more rabid Anti-Frankie fan, so the first thing he does is try to clear the air about that.

Not that Zach even knows or understands all of that.  I think he just seems overwhelmed by the whole post-Big Brother experience and has wanted to get some space and some perspective on things.  His parents even took his brother out of school this week to hang out with Zach.

Zach has been bombarded with fans and I don't think he's loving that.  At least, not right now.  I think he's finding out how he was portrayed on television and is coming to terms with that.  He's not even going to watch the show for awhile, he says, but does plan to start tweeting and instagramming soon.

He does look healthy, though, and is very gracious when speaking about his all of his cast mates. Even Victoria.

Open Your Piggy Banks Fans, As #BB16 Collectibles Begin to Hit Ebay

So far it doesn't look like the house guests have started listing items for sale --- just people who got their hands on signed merchandise, probably from the post-finale backyard festivities.

Here are some BB16 rubber duckies signed by Frankie and Cody.  So far the bids for Cody's rubber ducky are over three times higher than Frankie's rubber ducky. Maybe those Frankie bidders are going to start bidding big dollars at the very last minute.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

An added feature of these rubber duckies is that they appear to be hermetically sealed, for freshness.

Here we have a Froot Loops box supposedly signed by Zach.  These are the type of items you need to be really careful about.....no disrespect to the Ebay seller, but how do we really know Zach signed this box?  The listing doesn't include any details about how they got it...just sayin'..

The birdhouse signed by the entire cast is an interesting item....I can see why that would be a fun knick knack to have on your shelf at home.

 The Donny items are drawing some large bids....I would imagine Donny items will be much rarer, since we don't expect Donny to go nuts cashing in on his Big Brother experience.  But you should be careful with these items, too, because anyone can take a widely-available picture and forge Donny's signature.  Along with a "No Skittles" line, too.

I'm not trying to discourage bidding...I'm just recommending exercising caution with your hard-earned money. It's not like Donny will be getting the money.  Nor those poor children in Africa that Frankie talked about all summer.

When You Turn on Your Team, Your Team Turns on You --Lots of Chatter About Ariana #BB16

We may look back at 2014 someday and wonder who had a worse year, Frankie or his sister Ariana.  Sure Ariana is at the top of the charts right now with her music, but there has been A LOT of negative chatter about her poor attitude and inability to work with other people.

(Sounds like her brother, right?)

Previously, I reported on the stories about one of Ariana's trusted "Grandetourage" quitting, and also a gossip blind item about a pop star hoovering up coke backstage at a radio event.  You can read about that here.

And I figured out from watching the live feeds that Ariana had some sort of negative exchange with Hayden Voss after he was evicted during the first double eviction.  You can read about that here.  (Hayden recently chuckled when asked about this, and said he had an "awkward encounter" with Ariana, but he didn't know she was related to Frankie at that point.)

And even before that, I reported on various reports of Ariana's diva-like behavior, as well as the cancellation of her Nickelodeon show "Sam and Cat".  (Also Frankie's discussion of her hair system.)  You can read about that here.

OK, so let's move on to some new material...new gossip to chew on about Frankie's sister Ariana.

This blind item appeared yesterday on the CDAN website, and was widely reported to be about Ariana, probably during her work on Saturday Night Live last week.  (I also reported on the blind item that indicated SNL was ready to replace Ariana at a moment's notice, if necessary...as reported here.)

But this item sounds harsh, even for Ariana.  Bodyguards would seem to know the juiciest of all juicy gossip, due to the nature of their jobs.  So if this blind item indeed is intended to be about Ariana, I have to question the wisdom of her management team, to allow this sort of thing.

You can read the blind item, as well as the reader comments here.

And last week, CDAN did a blind item "reveal", letting us know some very damaging information regarding Ariana.

Now, I don't understand the legality of a website naming names like this.  I can only assume that there would be enough eyewitnesses to avoid a lawsuit.  But I don't know...all I know is that CDAN is supposedly an attorney and he apparently wasn't afraid to sling the dirt.  The show they are referring to here would be Sam & Cat, the filming of which was suspended early this year, before finally being cancelled this summer.

Once again, you've got to assign some blame to her management team.....she is badly in need of a stern leader and a skilled publicist.  Personally I don't care how much coke Ariana does, as long as she is not in a position to hurt other people while she is under the influence.  I'm the sort who is in favor of legalization and taxation....but whatever.

You can read the blind item, as well as the reader comments here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rhode Island Breeds Winners, Apparently #BB16

I had no idea that the person who just won America's Got Talent is from Rhode Island, but for such a small state, they sure keep churning out winners on competition shows.

Unfortunately, that probably doesn't translate into increased state tax revenues, because the income must be reported to the state where the money was earned for tax purposes.  Pretty sure that is NY for AGT, and California for Big Brother, of course.  But I digress....

Derrick got a nice write up in the local newspaper...you can read the entire article here.

Damn that Jeff is one good-looking dude, huh?

Derrick Slides Back Into the Background, But Still Manages to be Part of the Story #BB16

I think this is kind of amazing.  You probably heard about the Whack Job air traffic controller in Chicago, who decided to kill himself last week and bring down the whole Chicago operation, too, by setting fire to the facility.


The Whack Job was not successful at either goal...he survived his own attempt to slit his throat, and didn't burn down the O'Hare control tower.  But he did manage to ruin a lot of people's travel plans by causing widespread delays.  O'Hare is a busy airport with a lot of people flying through every day, so any sort of delay can have an unpleasant ripple effect.

OK.  So Derrick and his wife Jana were checking in for their flight home on Thursday at LAX, and they both appeared in some random news footage while the reporter blabs on about the slow scene at the airport.  (They must have hauled ass to the airport just after Derrick taped his appearance on The Talk.)

You might recognize Derrick from the telltale HITMEN  T-shirt.  I'm sure Tenley was there, too, probably in one of those baby basket carriers just out of camera shot.

You can read the reporter's story, and see the video here.  The Levasseur family appears at about the 1:14 mark of the video.

I was wondering, did they fly home carrying a check for approximately $575,000?  Or does Big Brother offer direct deposit now?

I remember hearing Evel Dick say that when he and Daniele won BB8, Production sent an overnight mail package with both of their checks to Dick's mother's house, where the package just sat on the front porch for a few hours until someone came home.

This kind of demonstrates how you never know who you're with when you are in a crowded place.  Everyone is just on their own trip and doesn't always look around at who else is there.   You might be close to a celebrity....a political figure....or a crazed gunmen.  Life is so random.

Perez Hilton is Not a Frankie Grande Fan #BB16

I knew there was something I liked about Perez Hilton.

By the way, by calling Frankie "Ariana Grande's Brother" he is publicly slamming him, in addition to showing his picture way off the side while Ariana works a red carpet.

Perez was a Zach fan during the Big Brother season, and actually tweeted out support for Zach to win America's Favorite Player at least once.  You can read the article on Perez' website, along with all of the delightful comments here.

I like the idea of Zach and Donny on The Amazing Race.....that never occurred to me but it sounds like good TV to me....

The fact that Frankie and Zach both mentioned being on TAR in their post-Finale interviews kind of indicates that won't be happening.  In the past the BB contestants who were asked to cross over were also warned to keep their mouths shut.  Tightly.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cody Califiore - Ready to Meet and Greet You #BB16

Want to be in the same room with Cody?  Well if you live in the New Jersey area, your big chance is coming on October 11th.  Or, I guess you can start a cross-country trek to get there, if that's what you're into.

Sounds like Cody will take the stage for a little chat and maybe a Q & A for free, if you have a ticket.  Or you can pay $55 to get the "VIP treatment", which includes meeting Cody and special goodies like a a poster, plus $20 in credits at the venue.

No word on if you are allowed to touch his hair.  But better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission, right?

You can buy tickets here

If you go, please come back and tell us all about it, won't you?  Pictures would be good, too.

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga - Finale Episode - Julie Has Had Enough #BB16

Wil celebrates the end of the longest season of Big Brother ever, with a Very Special Finale episode.

A few highlights:

*  I think this may be the first time Cody has spoken all season during The Saga.  Cody admits that he has the "IQ of a squirrel".

*  Caleb finally has a clean shot at Amber.  Let's just put it that way.  At least she didn't have to ride in the trunk this time...

*  Frankie refuses to wear pants, and goes through some changes after learning he is not Top Three for America's Favorite Houseguest.

*  Christine is naked, and giggling.  And giggling..

I was rather irritated by the white lights that appear while they are all dancing in unison.  I find myself thinking, "wow, Derrick is a really good dancer", and have to remind myself that this is not real.

As Zach would say, "Bye Jocosta...see you never!"

(I think her name might really be "Jocasta", but it is too late for me to correct myself now, right?)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Drinking + Selfies = Evidence of a Party #BB16

It used to be hard to find pictures of the Big Brother after parties and get togethers.  Not anymore...

The first couple of pictures are from Finale night.  Here is a picture of the Pre-Jury boots huddled around Robyn Kass, who heads up the Big Brother casting effort.  Not everybody cast this year was a winner as far as TV is concerned, but surely Devin's unprecedented contribution to the season made up for a few of the duds.

And here is Robyn with Donny, Hayden and Zach.  She visited the Jury House, apparently.

Andy with Brittany, who tweeted him right back complaining about how big her forehead looks in this picture.  Some people would call that a Fivehead, but she's beautiful nonetheless.

Also, when Andy was shopping in Chicago, he took a picture of this shirt and took a quick poll of his followers, saying "Yay or Nay?".  I promptly tweeted back "Hell Nay" but I guess he didn't listen to me with regard to important fashion decisions.


Most pictures you will see of Andy feature him clutching an adult beverage.  So the picture below is somewhat rare.

Like this one, where Andy does not appear happy to visit Candyland.

The quality of this picture is horrible, but I posted it here because it includes Shannon Elizabeth and a very creepy-looking Spencer Clawson.

Shannon Elizabeth used to be an actress, if you don't know.  I think she's a professional poker player now but I'm not sure.


The darker hair is a good look on Mike...time to move on from the highlights and frosted tips.

Now the pictures move on to Thursday night, which was the night of the big party Rachel Reilly throws now in LA with a few other partners.  I must warn you that Zach didn't go to the party----I think he flew home as he said he would do on the live feeds.  He misses his brother and his dog, so I guess he just got out of Dodge.

I think that is smart......always leave them wanting more, and be a little elusive.

But I also heard he would be shooting the Bold & the Beautiful, too, so maybe he's taking a night off to prepare for that.  Who knows what Zach is really up to...

Here are Hayden and Nicole in what looks to be the lobby of a hotel.  Apparently Hayden wore this outfit to the party.  He would have been better off borrowing Andy's shirt, right?

Mike Boogie in a Hit Men Sandwich.  A little cheesy, but delicious.

The drink of the night was the Froot Loop Dingus.  Would it have killed them to string a few Froot Loops on the straw or something?

James Rhine, who is a very tall man.  You didn't really get that from watching him on TV, but I think he is nearly 6'6".  James used to be a security manager at Nordstrom, so maybe he and Derrick talked shop about theft, burglary, and the joy of tasering.

Amanda and Judd with Jen Johnson from BB8.  Jen is famous for being the one who just said "fuck it" and started eating apples and turkey burgers while she was supposed to be on slop, and then was burned by Evel Dick's cigarette.

A live feeder actually called the police, and Production later said they had to show the footage to the cops to keep them from taking action.  (But how great would that have been?)

Frankie showed up to the party, and yes that is Lance Bass from N'Sync on the right.  He's a Big Brother Super Fan, you know.

No Strings Attached, baby.

And there is Kat Edorrson in the back row, from Survivor and formerly Hayden Moss' main squeeze.

That's Gina Marie on the left, looking surprisingly circumspect with her hair pulled back.  Like a proper lady, you might say.

Amanda with Dani Donato, who sort of looks like she's trying to get away.  Did Amanda make a typo, or does she really think "Amish" is spelled "Omish"?

BB CAN2 Winner Jon Pardy with Amanda.  I think Frankie won more money this year on BB16 than Jon Pardy did this year.  But maybe I don't understand the currency conversion rates or something.  And Jon did get a gift certificate for The Brick as a part of his total prize package, so that's something.

I guess.

I really wish Cody had fixed his hair and dropped the hat before he took all of these pictures.  But maybe he knows that haircut is so bad he needed to cover it.

Do you think Cody got smooched up yet?  I do.  Of course.  But with whom?

All of the BB dudes, plus Amanda's boyfriend who is on the far left.  I try not to post any pictures of Canadian Attention Whores Alec and Peter, but they're in this shot.  I will NOT be posting any pictures of Canadian Attention Whore Liza, though.

Bitch is crazy.

Derrick:  Can you believe this guy's shirt?

Derrick's finger-pointing reminds me of someone we certainly don't see in any of the party pictures, but that doesn't mean he's not around, lurking in the shadows. (Nick Uhas.)

Jon Pardy, getting crunk.  If I had a friend who was a police officer, it might be fun to get them to administer sobriety tests at different points in the evening.  You know, the lean back and touch your nose test, reciting the alphabet, etc.

Michelle Costa has probably been crunk since last Tuesday.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, except it's in my Twitter timeline and it certainly looks delicious.

Neda from BB CAN2 with Derrick.

Yes, I know.  Canadian Attention Whores Alec and Peter tried to squeeze into this picture.  Sorry.  But I wanted to show the Hit Men with a few Hit Men Wannabes.

What a difference professional lighting makes, huh?

Victoria finally appears!  Andy probably thinks he's hallucinating at this point.

It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you...and when we are apart I feel it too, cause no matter what I do I feel the pain, with or without you.

Yes, I'm chair dancing to You Tube.

I wonder if Andy was wasted enough to bring up the things that Frankie said about him on the live feeds?

Because he sure tweeted about it over the summer....

Derrick:  Step out of the car please.  Put your hands on your head, and move slowly....

Ha ha.  Is this what Andy's mug shot would look like?

I love pictures like this...a fan spotted Cody and McCrae outside of a 7-11 and got them to take a picture with his camera.

I'm feeling stoned just looking at McCrae in this picture.  I suddenly feel a craving for churros and a lime Slurpee.

That's Jeremy McGure helping hold the booze in McCrae's mouth.    And yes Canadian Attention Whore Alec made his way into this picture, too.

 I wonder if Andy even remembers taking this picture, much less what his conversation with Cody was about.  I think Cody is trying to keep Andy from tipping over.  Ha ha ha.

Two nurses!  Danielle from BB14, with a creepy cameo from James Rhine.