Tuesday, December 17, 2013

UPDATE: Hayden Moss Keeps it Classy #Survivor

I watched Hayden's post-finale interview with Parvati, and listened to his interview with Rob Cesternino.  As expected, Hayden was a good sport and was gracious to the other Blood vs. Water players.

Hayden had to share all of his interviews with Laura, since they were the fifth and sixth players voted out of the game.  Only the Final Three were allowed to have one-on-one interviews----CBS sets the rules and everybody has to play by them. 

Of course the most noticeable thing about Hayden was his short haircut.  It was sort of a shock to see Hayden with short hair, but even with a bald head Hayden would be handsome.  No one in the game has any beef with Hayden.  His social skills come naturally and the fact that he turned up the heat in the last few weeks of the game mean that he will likely be back on the island later this year when they film the next two seasons of the game.  (Just a guess.)

The Blood vs. Water format was very popular and added new layers to the game, so I wouldn't be surprised if they repeat it next year.  Hayden has a sister who is or was a rodeo rider, so that might be an interesting choice for a playing partner.

Hayden announced that he has an iPhone app coming in the next few weeks.  I think the name is "divvie" and it sounds very interesting.  From what Hayden said, the new app allows you to send someone a short video clip, and they can add to it and send it to the next person.  At the end of the video each person in the chain sees the entire video. 

In all of his interviews, when the subject of Kat's ridiculous comments during the Finale came up, Hayden took the high road and did not elaborate regarding her plastic surgery.  Parvati pushed him on it and he finally gave Kat's surgery "two thumbs up". 



In Tina's finale interview with Parvati, she backtracked about her comments during the season about wanting to set Katie up with Vytas.  She commented that women were a "dime a dozen" to Vytas, and she had her eye on Hayden as a future husband for Katie.

Tina said Hayden was a gentleman, and that "whatever his momma did, she did right".  Tina brushed off Parvati's mention of Kat being Hayden's girlfriend and repeated that she's "got her eye on Hayden for Katie".

Hmmmm.  Interesting, huh?

I also watched a "Secret Scene" with Hayden taped after his torch was snuffed.  He went on and on about how great his relationship with Kat is, and how much he loves and misses her.  He went as far as to say she "might be the one".   I wonder how things will play out now that the game is officially over.  Hayden is going to make a big splash now, and get a lot of attention from everyone, everywhere.

There were several times in the last few episodes of the season where Hayden looked like an action star to me.  You know, on the big screen.  If Hayden doesn't have an agent, he might consider getting one.... getting a role in a movie could make that Survivor prize money look like chump change.

Just a thought.  You can see all of Parvati's interviews, as well as the Secret Scenes and Ponderosa footage on the CBS website.