Saturday, December 14, 2013

Who is the Survivor Player of the Season? Get on the Hay-Train... #RHAP #Survivor

If you are a Survivor fan, then you know that for years now the viewers have voted in the last week of the Survivor season for our Fan Favorite, which has always been sponsored by Sprint.   It's been a big deal in the past to win Fan Favorite...the lucky winner takes home an extra $100,000 and the first year the Fan Favorite concept was introduced, the Fan Favorite won $1,000,000.  (I try to forget that this winner was Rupert....who admitted blowing all of the money within a few years, but whatever....) 

So it's kind of a surprise that the Survivor Blood vs. Water season hasn't advertised any Fan Favorite voting action.  Maybe Sprint broke up with Survivor.

Reality TV guru (and two-time former Survivor contestant) Rob Cesternino is trying to step in and do the right thing by allowing the fans to vote for the RHAP Player of the Season.  The Player of the Season will receive a variety of valuable prizes awarded by Rob after the Survivor finale tomorrow night, live on Rob's Survivor Know-It-Alls podcast. 

You can smirk at the list of valuable prizes, and vote for your RHAP Player of the Season here. You can vote until 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, December 15th.

Of course, the correct Player of the Season is Hayden Moss.  But you can certainly feel free to vote however you would like.  It's a democracy, after all.

But after the excitement and drama that Hayden has given us in the last two Tribal Councils, how could you vote for anybody else?  And let's not forget, Hayden is the hottest contestant, hands down.


Hayden won the RHAP Player of the Season award!  Well deserved, of course.