Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gina Marie's Big Date with Nick is Tomorrow #BB15

Yep, the day is finally almost here.  If you've been following the story, Nick has agreed to follow through on his commitment to take Gina Marie out on a date, in Philadelphia, of all places.

Nick bought tickets for this Monster Truck Jam last month.  Have you ever been to a Monster Truck rally?  The closest I've come is watching the commercials for one at 3:00 am after a night of bar hopping.  The announcer always uses a raspy, scary tone, and the video shows big trucks flying through the air and landing on a Tercel or something.  And mud splashing.  Lots of mud splashing.

Not the best place for a "date" with me.  But then again, I'm no Gina Marie.

Nick is actually filming this "date" with Gina Marie for his You Tube Reality Star Tour (or whatever it is called).  He raised the money on Kickstarter to drive around the US and "interview" (or "date") various reality personalities.

Here is a summary of Nick's Kickstarter results.    I work with numbers for a living, and this smells funny to me.  With 125 contributors, an average of $146 was donated by each person.  That's a lot for a campaign like this.  I'm guessing he got a big chunk of money from his friends Betsey and Lulu Johnson.

As a matter of fact, Nick had his first day of shooting with Betsey and Lulu yesterday.  I guess you could call them "reality stars" since they had an eight episode series on the Style Network.

At first I thought the above picture might be the only documented recent picture of Nick Uhas where he isn't pointing, but then I looked at his left hand.  Pointing, of course.  I don't think he can help himself.

I know Gina Marie is excited about the "date".  She's still carrying that torch for Nick, although maybe she's dragging it now.  Through the mud, maybe.

I think it's sad, actually.  Gina Marie is certainly a flawed person, as we all are, but this is sad.  Looking back to happier days, here is a picture Gina Marie tweeted the day after the Big Brother 15 finale, in a hotel bathroom with Nick.  Pointing, of course.


Regarding Kickstarter campaigns and similar fundrasing online campaigns, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those donations you make are NOT tax-deductible.  For one reason, in many of the campaigns you are receiving something of value in return for your contribution.   Sometimes it is an autographed picture or rights to see some sort of exclusive content.  But it's something of value, so you can't deduct it as a donation.

And even if you do donate money that is strictly for a charitable cause, unless the organization has been formally recognized as a non-profit corporation eligible to receive tax deductible contributions, you are out of luck as far as deducting the donation on your tax return.  You might find a tax preparer who deducts it anyway, or deduct it yourself if you prepare your own tax return, but it is technically incorrect and could lead to tax issues for you later.

As an example, I recently donated to Adam Carolla's effort to raise $1,000,000 to shoot a new movie.  Adam offered all sorts of incentives for donations, the highest of which seemed to be a walk-on role in the movie for a donation of $10,000.  It sounds outrageous, but Adam has some rabid fans who took the bait.  I donated about $30 for the "Pirate Ship Package", which seems like a bargain when you consider I will get a limited edition T-shirt for investors, as well as a DVD of the movie and my name listed in the credits of the film.

So, for Nick to get an average of $146 per investor just seems way off to me.  If one of the investors (Betsey or Lulu) gave him $10,000, that would lower the average donation for the other 124 investors to $23, which seems more reasonable to me for the Big Brother fans.


There is some juicy news out there regarding Nick storming out of an interview after a barrage of questions about his sexuality, and Gina Maire breaking down in tears.  I will not be reporting that here until I can verify that this actually happened, but you can ready Spicy's account on her website here.  She had a tipster send her the info, and it is certainly juicy news.