Saturday, September 28, 2013

#BB15 + Unlimited Alcohol = Hot Mess

The team at AfterBuzz TV has been trying to get more BB15 house guests in for post-season interviews, and having a little trouble.  Last week they featured Elissa Slater and Nick Uhas in studio for an interview (you can see that here) but admit to having difficulties booking other guests.

Apparently the AfterBuzz TV show has been very Pro-Elissa all season, which also means they are perceived to be Anti-Everyone Else, so they've been having issues booking guests, admitting McCranda refuses to speak to them.

This episode features call-ins from Andy Herren, Aaryn Gries, Kaitlin Barnaby and Jeremy McGuire.  Then Fucking Liza from BB Canada calls in to vent, in Full Crazy mode. I honestly think she might need to be institutionalized before she can hurt herself or others.

You want to hear it, don't you?

And of course, I have comments to make about this.

The Hosts

*  Ashley is "newly single", if that means anything to you.  I think she's looking to hook up with Jeremy, from the sound of things.  She also admits to "zoning out" and being spacy during this interview.  Good old Ashley.

*  The two hosts constantly roll their eyes and give themselves away by their glances to each other and off-camera while the houseguests are talking.  I am not surprised that some of the house guests will not agree to be on the show, after seeing this.  It's hard to appear unbiased if you are mocking the interviewees.  But this does make watching the video funny, I have to say.  I kind of want to slap Ryan though.

*  Ryan Carillo, the male co-host of the show, loves to make it all about himself.  He mentions "his season" of whatever god awful reality show he has appeared on, and also tells us he "grew up in a cult in San Diego", and also refers to himself as "famous" during this podcast.  I think a good drinking game for this podcast would be throwing back a shot when you want to throw a punch at Ryan.  Sorry Ryan.  (Not really.)

*  Ryan compares himself to Bill O'Reilly during the interview.  He also makes a comparison between Aaryn and Bill Clinton, and Andy and Barack Obama.  I can't make this up, people.


*  They accused Andy of being a drunk, and he admits to being buzzed since he left the house.

*  Ryan says he has to ask Andy "as a gay man" how "another gay man can't jerk off all summer long".  I think any straight guy would ask the same question Ryan, so get over yourself.  (I don't like Ryan.)   Ryan also mentions Nick watching Andy shower (see link to last week's AfterBuzz above) and to Andy's credit he handed all questions without hesitation.

*  I really don't get why some fans really HATE Andy.  And by HATE I mean REALLY HATE.  I watched Andy all summer and found him very entertaining, but Andy doesn't seem to give a damn what fans think, and says he loves to make people mad with his arrogant tweets.  Maybe the alcohol dulls the pain though. Just sayin'...

*  He mentions getting a text from Helen, and meeting up with her in Michael's Craft Store in Chicago.  It kind of sounds to me that Helen may have been avoiding him....what do you think?


*  Aaryn's guns were blazing.  She took every question and swatted it away with words.  

*  Aaryn knows that "Adderall is a hot commodity and everybody wants it".  She can't help it if she has a prescription for it.  (If you've ever taken Adderall, you would certainly agree with her.  I know I do.)

*  She has teamed up with Russell Hantz from Survivor and they will be appearing at charity events together this year.  Yes, you read that correctly.

*  She mentions her fights in Las Vegas with Jessie Kowalski and Liza from BB Canada.  (Who?)  Aaryn says Liza is "nuts and just wants followers".


*  Kaitlin started to watch BB15 after her eviction but "thought it was weird and stopped".  Let's all remember that Kaitlin hadn't EVEN HEARD OF BIG BROTHER when she was approached behind the bar in Minnesota by a casting rep.  She said she "watched every live eviction", though, so I guess we can believe that.

*  Kaitlin works at The Bank in Las Vegas, and apparently when the BB15 house guests were there she had Jeremy thrown out of the party.  She admits to being really drunk and "didn't like the way he was talking to her", so she "had security throw him out".   She admits to being on a power trip, since she works at that club.

*  Kaitlin also mentions James Rhine, who "threw the party" with her.  Uh huh.  James Rhine "befriended" Kaitlin IMMEDIATELY after she was evicted from the BB house.  (You can catch up with that here.)  James is always there to help the ladies when they leave the house...


*  Jeremy seems oblivious to the whole Las Vegas situation.  He doesn't even seem to remember getting thrown out of the club, and seems to want us all to think that he and Kaitlin are still together.  (Not according to my local newspaper..)

*  Jeremy has watched every episode of BB15 and also all of the BBAD shows since his eviction.  I guess he wasn't driving around all over the Southwest with James Rhine, so he had some time to kill.


*  She admits she wants to bang Kaitlin, Jessie, and Amanda, but not Aaryn.  Hell no!

*  This bitch is CRAZY.  Please make her GO AWAY.

*  Be sure to watch this portion of the video, rather than just listening, when Liza is ranting and raving.  The shots of the hosts and the producer tell us everything we need to know about Liza.