Friday, September 20, 2013

Jeff Schroeder's Backyard Interview with McCrae Olson #BB15

Jeff greeted McCrae like an old friend in the backyard as they started their post-season interview.  It is immediately clear that this is not the McCrae we saw in the Big Brother house on a daily basis.  I was going to say this is "TV McCrae" but then I remembered we did see McCrae on TV all summer.

This McCrae is energetic and downright bubbly as Jeff tells him he was Team McCrae all summer.

McCrae:  I remember that!  You told me that in my interview before and I swear I had that in the back of my mind all summer....I was thinking that Jeff was pulling for me!

Jeff:  You were thinking I like Amanda....but Jeff....

They laughed and is it weird that McCrae would be such a fanboy around Jeff?  I think McCrae is being sincere about it, and it's strange to see that from him.  He is just as polite as he always is, though.  McCrae respects his elders, I think.

(Also McCrae does Production camera work back home, so maybe he can hit Jeff up for a job one day on one of Jeff's video shoots.  Did you know McCrae shoots video in his local court house back home?  He films some of the political activity according to his friends on the Loungetown Podcast.)

Jeff asked McCrae to tell him how the game went for him, and the question was kind of awkward, like Jeff was dreading the answer.

McCrae:  I can't blame anybody but myself for getting voted out of the game.  I should have worked harder for the HoH.  My alliance with Amanda made us both stronger, I think.  We were like good cop and bad cop.  I can't blame anybody but myself for the way my game went.  I can't blame Amanda.

Jeff, chuckling:  So, you've done a few intereviews already, huh?

McCrae laughs and admits he's done a couple of interviews.

 Jeff:  So did Amanda help or HURTED you?

McCrae repeats that Amanda definitely helped him.  She was always the target in front of him and he always planned to cut her before the Final Two.  He thinks they brought out the best in each other and repeats the Good Cop- Bad Cop analogy.  He also mentions having to apologize for her behavior in the house but that it ultimately helped him out.

Jeff:  All summer I was kind of thinking that...I know you're a big fan of the game, and she was kind of a target in front of you..

McCrae:  Absolutely.

Jeff:  I hate to say it, but me and Jordan were kinda like that...she always knew I would get voted out before she did.  So you were like the the Jordan, huh?

McCrae:  Yeah, Amanda called me the Jordan  of the relationship all the time.  But that's fine with me....Jordon won!

 McCrae wishes he would have voted out Andy, because he knew in his gut that he was the one who betrayed Amanda, but he didn't trust his gut, and that is the part of the game he is going to regret, he thinks.  He thought that Andy wanted to get rid of Amanda so he could work with McCrae, not realizing Andy had another alliance.  He thinks the Exterminators did a great job and had all of their options covered.

Jeff wonders why Elissa didn't really push hard to make him see that she did vote for Amanda to stay, to get McCrae to work with her and McCrae admits she probably should have. 

Jeff:  So who wears the pants in that relationship, you or Amanda?

(Duh Jeff.)

McCrae:  Well, I guess she wears the pants.  But I'm really the mastermind of the relationship.  I'll let her think she's in charge but I'm really the mastermind.  We gel really well...opposites attract, like good cop bad cop.

Jeff asked McCrae about his plans with Amanda.

McCrae:  Well, it gets really cold in Minnesota during the winter, so I might go to Florida for the winter, but I don't know.  I just want to go back to delivering pizzas and feel things out day by day.
 Jeff:  Your whole town is probably goin' crazy with you on the show, and you want to deliver pizzas?

McCrae:  Exactly.  I'm thinking I'll make more tips....

Jeff:  You oughta open up a pizza place...start your own thing..

McCrae:  I like that idea!  Yeah!

Jeff:  Maybe I'll go in on it with you..this hosting is for the birds!

McCrae:  That sounds good to me!

Jeff:  No, I'm just kiddin'...I love hosting.

As a SuperFan McCrae loved that Ian was in the house to give him the PoV, and he loved hearing Ian root him on.  McCrae says the only thing better is if Jeff had been in the house for a competition.

McCrae:  It made me feel great to know that Big Jeff was out there rooting for me.

Jeff:  Would you go back in there one day?  And play again?

McCrae:  Oh I would love to!  If America votes please send me back in there again!   I swear I would play a different game next time! (***crosses fingers***)  Please let me go back in there again!

Jeff:  Would you go back right now?  For another 90 days?

McCrae:  Yeah.  Just let me walk around here and talk to some people for a while, and then I'll go right back in there!

Jeff:  You should talk to a therapist first, with that answer!

 Jeff gives McCrae his dollar store gag gift, and it's a weird one.

Jeff:  The only thing I could find was this....and for some reason it seems like somethin' you would wear.  I don't know why..

McCrae:  I love it!  This is exactly what I would wear in my everyday life!  I'm gonna wear it right now!

 McCrae: Maybe I'll get more tips if I wear this.  Will you sign it for me?

Jeff:  Yeah!  I'll sign it right now!

Jeff:  Yeah!  If you order and pizza and McCrae brings it to you wearing better give him an extra tip!  It's an extra $10 tip!  That's how we roll here!

They both thank each other and Jeff tells him to "go out there and have fun".

Keep an eye on E-bay for a colorful clown necktie sporting Jeff's signature.  Just a guess.

Jeff Schroeder's Backyard Interview with Amanda Zuckerman #BB15

Jeff found himself faced with Amanda after the BB15 finale as she dutifully lined up for her post-finale interview.  The girls all seem to be changing from the dresses they wore for the finale.  I know Aaryn changed to a different dress, and now Amanda is dressed all in black.

(I remember Britney saying on the live feeds last year that during BB12 Sheriff Kathy threw a hissy fit in the Jury about not being able to wear a black dress, so Production had to take her shopping.  Britney said you had to get the colors approved that you planned to wear, and Production frequently vetoed ideas if they didn't like the look on camera.)

Back to Amanda, who immediately took a flirty tone with Jeff when the interview began.  Just as in her preseason interview with Jeff, Amanda immediately started with the hair-flipping and suggestive tone.

Jeff introduces Amanda as a controversial house guest and she gets all theatric in her denials and feigned surprise.  Jeff tells her she was a real bully in there. Amanda acted all huffy that Jeff dared to bring that up, and then started pontificating that the term bully is a very popular topic right now and she doesn't see it that way. She thinks she was dominating and she's a strong woman and wanted to protect her alliance and she rubs people the wrong way.

Jeff asks how much of her behavior was the real Amanda.  She said in real life if she has something to say to you, she'll say it.  And there's nothing she said that other people weren't thinking about saying.  She says she was just really honest about everything in there.

Jeff:  About everything?

Amanda:  Everything, Jeff.

Jeff hits her with a hard question by bringing up the racially controversial drama this summer.  Amanda is very aware of it.

Jeff:  It's a valid question, actually.  So if you say something racist about somebody, and then say you had sexual relations with them, does that make it okay?

(H ha a ha Jeff Schroeder said "sexual relations".)

(He's referring to her comments about having sex with several Puerto Ricans.)

Amanda starts her sentence with "Honestly..." which is a classic sign of someone about to start spilling lies, if you ask me, or someone who is floundering in the conversation.  She says she's not racist.

Amanda:  I want to again issue a sincere apology to anyone who I have offended.  This was my first time in the public eye and I didn't know what I was doing.  Some of my comments were taken out of context and once again I am so sorry.  It's not what you say it's the meaning behind it, and it turns out people didn't take it that way.

( Didn't Amanda brag in the BB15 house about being the star of a web series called Big Mouth?  And going to drama school and starring in school musicals?)

(And don't even get me started on the "taken out of context" excuse.)

Jeff gave her an out by saying the house is very stressful and Amanda immediately agrees and says she had to die her hair in the Jury House, it was so gray from all of the worrying all the time.

(That is one reason why Amanda looked so harsh tonight, in addition to the Stage Left eye shadow.)

Amanda:  I was so gray in there...

Jeff:  Like me?

Amanda:  Kinda...

Jeff:  But I own mine.  I'm just gray!

Amanda:  But you're a man and you can get away with the salt and pepper look.

Jeff:  I think you should have just let it go white...all white...then you could look like a judge in there and be bossing everyone around in there with those white wigs!

(Wow.  I'll bet that line wasn't printed on one of Jeff's cue cards.)


Amanda:  Yeah.  I'm not so sure how sexy a 24 year old pizza boy would take that.

Jeff:  While I'm sure McCrae would have taken you any way you are!

Amanda: And he did!

 **nervous laughter from Jeff's female crew***

Jeff wants to end things on a positive note, so he tells Amanda that she really made the show great to watch this year and her DR sessions were funny and she thanks him and says she would go back in there anytime.  Jeff asked her what's next for McCranda.

Amanda:  Well, you know he lives in Minnesota, and I live in Florida, so we've talked about actually moving somewhere closer to each other.

Jeff kind of pokes fun at that answer and Amanda blurts out in false anger:  Give me a break Jeff!  It's been two weeks since we've been able to really talk...I'm trying to get this interview over with and go into the party so I can go find out about it! Don't make me bully you!

Jeff:  Don't boss me Amanda!

***more laughter from Jeff's crew***

(Note:  Look how holding that pashmina over her mid-section makes Amanda look HUGE.)

(And then when she holds it away from her you see how much more flattering that dress is...Aaryn's PR team would NEVER let her go on camera that way.)

Jeff:  So, are you excited to meet McCrae's family and friends who are around here tonight?  And vice versa?

****crickets and giggles from Jeff's crew****

Jeff:  So I guess you aren't?

Amanda:  Well, I'm excited to meet them, I don't think THEY are excited to meet me...
 Jeff presents Amanda with her dollar store joke gift, and he says it is bowling pins, but her package "is just one short".

There is a picture of Amanda on the package and she kind of sneers at the whole thing.  I think this refers to the competition where she whined and cried about McCrae not letting her beat him.

Amanda groans when she sees it and then  says she looks really tan in the picture on the package.

(Why didn't Jeff give her a box of Band-Aids?  Or Moni-Stat?  Or a can of Cootie Spray?)

Jeff wishes her well with her relationship and Amanda says "McCranda!  McCranda!" in a little sing-song voice.

(I think she's going to need all the luck she can get trying to keep that schtick going.)

Jeff Schroeder's Backyard Interview with Andy Herren #BB15

Jeff spoke with Andy Herren in the backyard of the BB15 house after Andy won the $500,000 grand prize.

Andy is so proud to have won the game.  He says he played so hard every day of the game.  He knows he isn't viewed as one of the strongest players ever, but feels he was extremely strong in the mental competitions and his game was aggressive, but covert.

Andy admits his game was to spill secrets and tattle on people.  He's not ashamed of it at all.

 Gina Marie walked by and stopped to photobomb the interview.

Jeff thinks GMZ's photobomb was kind of devilish but Andy laughs and says it is all in good fun.  Jeff made a few errors in the interview that weren't edited out, so that makes me wonder how many bloopers he made during the live interview.  For example, he said Gina Marie is going home with $500K (wrong), and at one point called Andy Spencer (wrong) but covered it up by saying he was looking at Spencer who is standing right next to them.

Jeff thought when Andy took Gina Marie instead of Spencer to the end that there was a chance she could win (wrong) but Andy again says that he made a little deal with her on the first day in the house that they would keep each other safe, even though they played on opposite sides of the game for much of the season.

Jeff says Andy crushed GMZ in the Jury Q & A and speeches, and Andy said of course he did, he teaches public speaking and would have been very embarrassed if she beat him in that part of the game.

Jeff wondered if Andy dressed like Pee Wee Herman tonight on purpose.

Andy:  OK, Jeff....

Andy has no idea how he will use all of the money he won tonight, but plans to spend it wisely.  He would like to do a little traveling, since he has never been outside of the United States.  He also wants to do something nice for his family but says again he is going to use the money wisely.

Jeff had to pull Andy closer to the mic, to stand on the mark.  You can't tell from these pictures, but that entire backyard is just jammed with reporters, crew and house guests.  Each reporter has a few square feet of space to work with, and as the CBS reporter, Jeff got one of the prime spots in front of those huge golden scales from the final HoH competition.

Andy is aware that this was a controversial season due to all of the hateful comments by the house guests, but he stresses that not everyone did that, and he hopes the entire season isn't tainted by the controversy.  

Andy knows that some fans watch the show and say that it looks so easy, just laying around and playing Big Brother, but Andy says it is the hardest thing he has ever done and nothing could be farther from the truth.  Jeff agrees and points out for the thousandth time that he has played twice and lost, so he agrees it is hard.

Jeff presents Andy with his joke gift from the Dollar Store and it is really funny.  It's a little shirt and if you look closely you will see Andy's picture on the tag.

Jeff:  Maybe you can use it to dry your tears, because you cried all summer...

Andy:  Thanks Jeff!  I love it!

J.U. Double D - Judd the Stud Loose in Hollywood #BB15

Last night Rachel Reilly co-hosted a Big Brother 15 Finale Party that only a few cast members attended.  Rachel had let it be known that certain house guests would not be invited, and of course other house guests who probably weren't blackballed chose to return home to see their families.  (i.e. Helen, Candice)

But quite a few house guests brought their families to the party, and of course the Big Brother Canada crowd is trying to squeeze a few more drops of fame out of the Reality Bucket before the new season of Big Brother Canada begins this winter.

Looks like Judd had a Big Time last night....Judd the Stud, indeed.  I'm hoping this whole "pointing thing" that Nick Uhas is addicted to is just a passing phase, and will blow over quickly.  I suspect Judd is doing it in the picture below because Brendon is doing it.  Unlike the rest of us, Judd has not been bombarded with pictures of Nick pointing at people all summer, so he is the innocent party here.  These pictures were posted by Judd on Instagram, unless they are from Twitter, as indicated.

I promise to keep the pictures of the Big Brother Canada people to a minimum here, in response to growing consumer demand.  Yes, that is JoJo Spatafora on the far left in this picture.  And as usual AJ and Alec look wasted.

Judd with some bodily contact with Kara Monaca, former Playmate of the Year.  Take that, Jessie Claire!

Judd's dad giving Gina Marie Zimmerman a big squeeze.  Needless to say, Gina Marie was not invited to Rachel's big party, so this picture was probably taken at the hotel or on interview day.  Whatever.

 Judd and international supermodel Cassi Colvin, from BB13.  Yowza. 

The famous Miss Cleo from Twitter raised the funds from fans to attend the party, and in return promised to show us all pictures from the party, and I suspect some juicy dish at some point, too.  Here is Judd and his father, at Rachel's big party.

I heard Judd say on the live feeds that he doesn't have too many personal conversations with his father, and that when he left with the Big Brother film crew last June, his father didn't even say good-bye.  Maybe Judd appearing on Big Brother will strengthen their relationship.  It's a long plane ride home so maybe they can sit next to each other and reminisce about all of the babes at the party.

 Like this babe, JoJo Spatafora.  On the first episode of BB15, Judd told the cameras as he packed his things that he hoped there was a girl from Staten Island in the house.  I know from watching Judd on the live feeds that JoJo was what Judd had in mind, rather than a girl like Gina Marie.  Maybe Judd and JoJo took a smoke break together, huh?

I'm trusting Miss Cleo to spill the beans on any sloppy hookups from the party, right?

Here's Judd with Ashley Iocco from BB14, of course.  Peter Brown from BB Canada slithered into this picture, too.  I heard Peter is actually dating Kara Monaco now.  Can you believe that?

Wil Heuser Presents: Big Brother 15 The Saga Ep. 12 - THE FINALE #BB15

I know I say this every time, but Wil has really outdone himself with this one.  He wrote and performed the song, of course, and I think it is just as catchy as anything you hear on the radio.

You'll soon be singing along like I was to "Andy's a liar his pants are on fire".  I loved seeing Fat Spencer eating burritos and Cheetos and Amanda's saggy boobs.

And Elissa, of course.  Always laugh out loud funny.

Enjoy and rejoice that this horrible season of Big Brother has come to an end.

Last week Wil also released a blooper reel from the BB15 Saga that is fun to watch.  We get to see some behind-the-scenes footage of Wil in his many costumes in front of the green screen.

Thank you for entertaining us all summer, Wil.  Nothing feels as good as a hearty laugh, and Wil provided many of those for thousands of fans.

I'm sure even The Chenbot got a chuckle or two out of the Saga, right?

Gina Marie's SuperCut of Shame #BB15

Someone put together this horrific SuperCut of Gina Marie Zimmerman's many shameful comments this summer in the BB15 house.  There were quite a few that I had never heard before, and I certainly never saw Gina Marie whisper The N Word in Nick's ear.

I've listened to Gina Marie "apologize" several times this week during post-season interviews, and I think she owes Italians a big apology now, too, for blaming her heritage for her bigoted statements.