Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Recognize These Characters? #BB15

Do you think Nick is nervous?  I think the showmance "reunions" will be one of the most interesting parts of tonight's live finale.

From following David's Twitter account, he was over Aaryn a long time ago, and was bitter about her showing interest in Judd inside the house, no matter how trivial that interest was.

Howard isn't interested in Candice, but Judd said he thought Candice really liked him from hearing her talk about him in the Jury House.

Nick and Gina Marie....that's what everyone wants to see play out tonight.  I expect him to be a total gentleman during the show, and also to plug his fundraising effort whenever he can.

I don't want to be mean (?) but it sure seems like they booted the best-looking people first, doesn't it?  Maybe it was the "Let's Get Rid of the Lookers" strategy.

It's a Wrap. ***whew*** #BB15

As usual I will cover the post-season interviews and party action.  I think we'll all be glad to put BB15 in the rear view mirror and squeal out of the parking lot...

Cards and Cursing #BB15

The house guests spent their last evening in the Big Brother 15 house getting liquored up on beer and playing cards.

Gina Marie isn't drinking, of course, but is doing her share of cursing like the boys.  Andy is one of those drinkers who constantly has to announce that he's wasted.   I could have figured it out on my own, though, based on the sloppy conversation topics.

For example Andy dealt a hand of cards, but then repeated at least three times that he didn't give a damn about his cards.

As the cameras whirred around Spencer kept saying "who in the hell works at night like this?" and as they heard pounding in the backyard he wondered "who the hell does construction at night?"

Gina Marie keeps picking at the wound on her knee and Andy loudly tattles on her, causing Production to yell "stop that!".   She keeps right on doing it and announces that her wound isn't healing properly.

Spencer does the math and says that she only had the stitches for "about a day and a half" and she says she doesn't heal very well, anyway.

Then they start talking about how Ian was openly rooting for McCrae to win the SuperHero PoV.

Spencer:  Fuck the underdog!  And fuck Ian!

Andy:  I know...fuck Ian!  What's he done, anyway?

Then the talk turns to McCrae and how he spent all summer in bed with Amanda.  Spencer takes a few minutes of his precious time to insult Amanda's genital area and obviously has little respect for her.  (Why would he, anyway?)

Spencer shows the group the status of one of his own leg wounds and Andy announces that he doesn't plan on opening up any of his healing cuts or scratches.

Unlike Andy, Spencer just drinks and doesn't announce how buzzed he is.  He's buzzing, though, no doubt about it.  He sang a little song about loving his dog Murdock and Production let us hear it.

I would imagine that will be a happy moment when Spencer goes home to meet Murdock.  Last year Dan Gheesling filmed his reunion at home with his dog Frank and little Frank ran all over the foyer he was so excited to see Dan.  It was cute and made me feel better after hearing Dan talk about trying to discipline Frank after he and Chelsea got married and moved in together.  Frank was used to doing whatever he wanted whenever he wanted to, and Dan had to establish himself as the leader of the pack.

Murdock won't care what Spencer said or did this summer.  He just wants his Daddy back home.

When Spencer went to the bathroom Gina Marie and Andy had a quick whispered moment and then shut right back up again.  Maybe they were saying they think Spencer knows that the two of them have a deal to take each other the Final Two?  Or maybe they were saying Spencer still thinks he has a chance to win BB?

I'm actually expecting Andy to win the Final HoH live tonight, since it should involve completing the evicted house guest's sentences like it does every year.  Andy spent more time bonding with each person in the Jury, while GMZ kept to herself longer.  If Andy wins, I won't be sure what he will do until I see it happen on the live CBS show.  But who knows, Gina Marie may get lucky and win the Final HoH.

Gina Marie actually ate something.  She warmed up half of a quesadilla and then dipped it in whatever dressing is in the bottle.

When she ate we could hear the fork hit her teeth.  Is that an eating disorder thing?  Maybe not to have the fork touch your lips?

 She had two bites and then walked away.  The cameras were watching, and so was I. 

Andy came in the kitchen and ate half of a quesadilla, too.  He was dipping it in sour cream and drunkenly announced that GMZ makes the best quesadilla ever.  I'll bet Andy says that every weekend at 3:00 am at Taco Bell, too.  I have heard Andy tell "when I was drunk" stories all summer, and most of them have to do with throwing things off the balcony at the gay bars in Chicago.  And by "things" I mean glass bottles and mugs.

Spencer announces that of all of the girls in the house, Gina Marie had the most marriage potential.

GMZ:  Thanks.  But what about Helen?

Spencer:  Helen was older....

Gina Marie starts making  another quesadilla and this huge blob of margarine is the starting point, apparently.

Personally I think the point of using a non-stick pan is to avoid all that buttery stuff, but no one has complimented my food as Andy has for Gina Marie's cooking.

She crumbled up some veggie burger patties and added them to the pan.  I think you can use any sort of leftovers as the filling and it could be delicious.  Especially if the diners are as drunk as Andy.

Then she added lettuce.  I don't quite get that, but I'm sure the drunken men will eat it.

Andy and Spencer sat on the couch and discussed Judd.

Andy:  He insulted my intelligence so many times, and I was just like I can't wait to vote you out.  He sat right there and told me that I was pretty funny for a gay guy and I would probably make 5th or 6th...

Spencer:  You should have just been glad he thought you were funny.

Andy doesn't want to drink a Heineken and Spencer berates him, saying that Andy wanted Spencer to drink with him, but has such a low tolerance he can't keep up.

Get ready for a shock:  Gina Marie actually ate part of the quesadilla she just made.  She refused to take her plate over to the couch, telling Spencer that she doesn't eat in the living room.

Spencer came over and inspected the food, asking "is that carrots in there?".

GMZ:  No, that's lettuce.

Spencer thought about it for a few moments and said he would eat it anyway.

Andy continues to declare how wasted he is, and thinks he may have a hangover tomorrow.  Gina Marie gets weepy on the couch about her knee, saying she thinks she is getting a keloid scar.  The guys are very supportive, saying that it is part of the normal healing process, and not to touch it or mess with it.

She hopes that BB gives her some of her tanning spray for the Finale. I guess she plans to spray the open wound with it?  Bad idea, Gina Marie.  Bad idea.

She went in the bathroom and pulled "an Elissa" by turning the water up full blast before going in the WC.  I can only guess she's coughing up that quesadilla.  I might have heard choking noises, but maybe not.

I'm pretty sure I heard a double-flush, and nose-blowing sounds twice.  Note her hair all laid out on the ironing board....

When she came out she ran the blowdryer over her wound.  What the hell, Gina Marie?  She's obviously worried about Nick seeing it, or touching it, which is really sad, too.

She just kept picking at it.