Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mike Boogie Chats with Jeff Schroeder #BB15

Jeff sat down for a live interview with Mike Boogie yesterday afternoon on the CBS website.   Jeff says this is the last Big Brother Chat of the season, in studio.  I think that means Jeff will be doing interviews in the backyard after the Finale, like he did last year.

Why did they put that polka dot lamp right next to Jeff's head like that?  It is a constant distraction in every picture.

Mike is still in the bar and restaurant business, and tells us to visit The Phoenix in Beverly Hills.  Mike says Jeff has been known to have a "few sips" of beer, particularly when Jordan is driving, and they laugh about it.  I get the sense that they see each other and are quite friendly.  I remember hearing Mike talking to the BB14 cameras and saying hi to Jeff and Jordan, adding that he looked forward to meeting them, and invited them to drop by one of his establishments, so I guess they have become friends in the past year.

They also talk about Fantasy Football for a minute, and the Patriots, Tom Brady, and whatever else guys like to talk about this time of year.  Mike's son Brady is just turning two and Mike says he has a crazy head of hair.

Mike Boogie doesn't watch the live feeds, but has been watching the CBS shows and has a lot of insight into the game, and has opinions as usual.  He thinks it is funny how some of the players come out to LA every year, getting out of limousines and acting like they're Big Time.

Mike:  When you get in that house and find out you can't eat what you want, there's no music, books, TV, and you have to share a bed with two other people....shit gets real, real fast.

He says the format of the game changes every year a little bit, and you have to play day-by-day and can't plan too much for the future.  Players who think they have it figured out before the game starts really don't know what they're doing, and don't know the game.

The first year Mike played was in 2001, on BB2.  That was the first year the show had a major format change, away from letting the public vote out someone every week to the house guests doing the voting.  Things were very different back then, and Mike recalls one of the competitions involved floating a Tupperware bowl in the pool and trying to toss CDs in it.  Jeff got a big laugh out of that.

A viewer asked a question about Spencer and Andy having to backstab each other in the end.  Mike says he has no hard feelings against Ian for backstabbing him.

Mike:  That's how you play the game....I actually have no respect for people who won't backstab, because that is part of the game.

Both Jeff and Mike hate the way the whole house voted together this year.  Jeff thinks this makes it hard for him to get behind one of the players and root for them.  Last year Jeff said he was jumping up out of his seat rooting for Frank in the competitions, but this year is different due to the voting.  Mike agrees that he's started pulling for people but then had to change his mind after hearing about some of the non-game crap this year.

 Of the Final Three, Mike would choose Gina Marie to sit next to at the Finale, because she has sent so many people out of the door angry, and due to her "poor speaking skills".

Jeff:  Yeah, if you give her a minute to talk, she sure takes it...

Mike:   Oooo is one big run on sentence.  In fact that's her name,  Gina Marie Run-on-Sentence Zimmerman.

Mike also thinks that Spencer would be someone in the Jury who won't hold a grudge when he places his vote, so that is another reason he would take GM to the end with him.

Of course they talk about Gina Marie's obsession with Nick.  Mike says that as someone who was voted out early twice, he likes it when they give an early evictee a shout out, letting someone know that they haven't been forgotten, but admits Gina Marie's fixation for Nick is a bit stalkerish..

 Mike says that we really shouldn't judge her though, because until you've been in that house you can't know what it is like.

Jeff:  So you think it's gonna go down?

Mike:  What...her and Nick?  NO!  There ain't enough alcohol in Burbank to make that happen!

Jeff:  Maybe at The Phoenix!

They laugh.  It's funny.  Mike says he would have tried to align with Nick in the house, and maybe Katilin.  He says that if Nick had calmed down and played a little more lightly in the beginning that he could have done a lot of damage in the game.

Jeff brings up Helen telling Aaryn that she is just like Janelle.  Mike says he doesn't really get why Janelle is so revered, but says other than both having blonde hair, he doesn't see the similarities.  He says Janelle would never flip someone's mattress.  Jeff says Janelle is a legend, and he thinks Helen was just trying to pump Aaryn up by saying that, and probably wouldn't repeat that comment outside the house.

Someone asked what it was like in the Jury House.  Mike says he's never been there.  In BB2 they didn't have a Jury...when you got voted out you just went home.  (And the Jury came back in the house to vote on Finale night, too.)  Mike won BB7, and was evicted last year before the Jury started.

 Jeff has been to Jury twice, so he takes the question.  He says it is actually very relaxing, and is a good transition before leaving the game for real life.  He says there is a pool, a big backyard, and even though your head is still in the game you get to kind of get over things.

Mike:  Where is the house this year?  It's pretty John might be the nicest Jury House so far.

(OMG with the damn John Blaze references....that is so last year...)

Mike says he thinks Spencer is underrated, and has been kind of pulling for him throughout the game.  He likes how Spencer never had a meltdown, even though he has been on the block week after week.  He always let the other nominated person lose it and melt down, and should be given credit for that, because that is playing the game, too.

Mike also thinks Spencer can think better than the other two, and would probably do a better job at the end with his speech.  (An interesting comment since Andy actually teaches people how to make speeches.)

Mike:  Gina Marie is just a mess, and I don't think Andy will own it.  You have to own it and I don't think he will, and Spencer will do that.

Jeff:  Andy's so emotional, too.

Mike says that Andy's goodbye messages were so nasty, too, and he should have known better than to send someone like Amanda to the Jury after telling her he backstabbed her.

Mike:   Andy really stuck it to the Jurors on their way out.


A viewer asked them what they thought the Big Move of the game was.  Jeff says he really hates everybody voting the same way every week  Mike thinks the first Big Move was when Elissa put up McCrae and Amanda together, and the second was when she voted for Amanda to stay.

(Gina Marie is the one who nominated McCranda, but whatever....)

Mike:  After all of the comments about having the Joker face all summer and if Amanda had stayed, can you imagine what would be going on now?

Mike says Amanda is really the only house guest who "gets" the DR and was entertaining for the fans.  He thinks Judd ended up being entertaining in the DR but didn't intend to be.  Mike wanted to like Judd, but thinks he just seemed nervous all of the time.

Jeff mentions Dr. Will appearing on the show to "question the Jury".  Mike says he saw Will last night but Will didn't mention it.  He doesn't really understand what the purpose of that visit would be and will ask him about it.  Jeff says he has never met Dr. Will and Mike is surprised.

Mike:  He's more about laying back at home and watching movies and eating Fro Yo now...

Jeff:  Well I have a Fro Yo card! Maybe we can work somethin' out!

Mike liked McCrae in the beginning before the "black cloud of Amanda" took over.  He thinks having a player like Ian in the game opened doors for players like McCrae.  McCrae is not really a nerd, he says, but has the long hair and is a big Super Fan of the game.

Jeff showed some pre-season footage where he asked McCrae to leave a message for himself if he wins the game.  McCrae told himself some sort of blah blah blah about saving the money, and then Jeff asked him if he was going to buy a new car.

McCrae:  Yeah, a new car!  And I'm gonna drive like I've never driven before...peace and love!

Jeff:  Pizza and love!

They were both delighted with that and did a fist bump in the video.  Mike watched the video and said he doesn't think there is any way that McCrae will move to Boca with Amanda.

Mike:  I mean, if you're serving pizzas in Nowheresville Minnesota and someone like Amanda hits on you in the BB house....of course he's gonna jump on that!  But moving to Florida with her...I don't think so..

Jeff:  Well, if its a choice of making pizzas in Nowheresville Minnesota or having a sugar momma and going out to get some sun...

Mike:  I'm takin' the latter!

Jeff gives Mike Boogie a BB beach ball and Mike acts very excited about it.   Jeff tells us to go to and check out the vast array of Big Brother merchandise for sale.

Jeff says he'll see us in the BB Backyard on Finale night and Mike throws the beach ball at us as the show ends.