Friday, September 13, 2013

Did Andy Lose His Teaching Gig? #BB15

I've heard Andy say that he wasn't scheduled to teach this year, due to being on Big Brother.  So is the College's Facebook posting this morning confirming that, or are they telling us something else?

I've heard that angry "fans" have been calling the school to complain about Andy, so maybe this is the College's way of putting an end to those calls.

By the way, don't overstep your bounds as a fan and get involved in the contestant's private lives.  Don't call and harrass anybody's employer.  Try not to be a total asshole, please.

Thank you.

Final HoH Competition - Part #1 #BB15

This is a Flashback from just after the live show ended last night.  I would have watched it live if I knew the timing, but better late than never, I guess.

The Final HoH is always played in three parts.  In order to play in the last part, the house guests have to have won Part #1 or Part #2.  Part #1 typically involves endurance, and that was the case here.

The feeds came back just after 9:00 pm BBT, and it looked like a disco roller rink in the backyard.  The Final Three, if you don't know, are Gina Marie, Spencer and Andy.  Who would have ever guessed that, way back on June 26th?  Not me...

OK.  When we return we hear heavy breathing, so we know someone is already struggling.  In fact, all you can hear is breathing and the sound of roller skates dully thumping on the rink.

It is a battle of endurance on roller skates, but they apparently must hold on to a strap above their heads.  If they can't balance on the roller skates, I'm pretty sure that strap is a lifeline.  (Right, Spencer?)

 Spencer's little calves are kind of dainty in the skates.

I know this is way too many pictures of Spencer so far, but when ever I try to switch my camera shot to one of the other players the picture changes to Spencer.

Aaahh, there is Gina Marie.  This must be a breeze for her so far, even with an injury.  They are moving really slow, and other than the construction cones on the rink I don't see any elements to make this truly difficult.

In fact, maybe Roller Derby would be a lucrative career option for Gina Marie, huh?  I know there has been a resurgence lately in the popularity of that sport---I can see her really putting her personality to work in that line of work.  After all, who would dare to "step to" Gina Marie when she's in Beast Mode?

There's Andy in his Gymboree skating ensemble. I used to have huge colorful pom-poms on my roller skates---I think that is what they are lacking here.  I don't think anyone is gliding on their skates--just kind of marching, and no one seems to be having any fun.

Is that a vending machine in the backyard?

Why yes, it is.  For generic soda.  Yummy.


No one is talking.  Just breathing and stepping with their roller skates.  I'm glad Gina Marie is wearing her safety equipment, because she would easily win the Most Likely to Injure Themselves contest, right?

 I watched Gina Marie curl her pony tail earlier today.  The choice of a ponytail turned out to be a good one for this competition, with the helmut and all.

FYI I heard Ian Terry on Rob Cesternino's podcast talking about his visit to the BB house last week for the PoV.  He said he couldn't see Gina Marie's cut leg very well when he was there, because she was wearing the SuperHero costume over it.  The injury happened during the competition so I'm not sure how Ian missed that.

Ian did say that he asked the guys how they could control themselves around Jessie.  Like a teenage fangirl, Ian develops these crushes on reality TV personalities and then yammers on and on online and on podcasts about how he wants to "date" them.  It really is ridiculous how someone so intelligent about science and other topics reverts to a such an immature, clueless child with regard to sex and relationships.  For example, first his obsession was with Kristin Bitting from BB12, then RC Saint Amour from Survivor Caramoan, and now Jessie.  I don't know about Jessie, but those other two girls would NEVER even give a boy like Ian the time of day!  Kristin even called in to a podcast that Ian was appearing on and Ian had to be prodded to even ask her out to lunch.  Then after Kristin hung up Ian called out to his mom to help him book his airline ticket.  Yes, he did, and then no, he didn't even follow through.


Stop talking about it, and start doing it.  And with girls appropriate for your range.

I mean, let's face it---if you can be a summer TV sensation on a network program, win $500,000, and then go back to being a COLLEGE STUDENT in NEW ORLEANS and you CAN'T GET LAID ...something doesn't add up there.  Dan Gheesling has tried to coach him this year about rapping to girls, but maybe Ian doesn't really want to be successful in that area.

OK, so I digress.  Sorry.

Ian did say he begged Production to let him stay in the house overnight, like Dan did in BB Canada, but they wouldn't agree to that.  He told them to "go to the hotel and get his bag" but Production apparently had other ideas.  Ian also said the house STUNK and was absolutely FILTHY.

Rob didn't ask him what it smelled like, though, which I think was a missed opportunity for Important Inside Information.  Ian also said if Gina Marie wins BB15 he is going to be very upset.

(It was a great podcast and I recommend it if you have the time. You can watch or listen to it here.)

You can see that line of cones in the lower left of the screen.  They are trying to skate in between them, but Spencer is having a VERY hard time with it and has been bobbling all over the place.  The strap just saved him as he struggled to maintain his balance.

Gina Marie gives encouragement to Spencer, and after a moment Andy does too.


Spencer just almost lost it and clings to the strap, trying to regain his footing.  There are bubbles blowing around the rink that don't show up very well in the pictures, but getting a bubble in your mouth would not be pleasant.  Maybe that is why they are all being relatively quiet.

OK, now Spencer has a few rotations that are very dicey, he trips, and then he is down.  Spencer is out and Gina Marie tells him "good job".

Spencer admits he "hit that shit hard" and GMZ guffaws with laughter.  Now the rotations speed up quite a bit.  Maybe Spencer was slowing them down.  Andy wishes they had music and GMZ burps very loudly, and says "excuse me".

Andy just spun around in a dangerous way and GMZ calls him "a trickster".  She's got to know she has this one in the bag at this point.

OK, now this is creepy.  It looks like the fortune teller machine, except it is manned by a raggedy-looking hobo-type of figure.

Then there is a big blast of fog that envelopes the rink.

The air clears quickly but as you can see it could be blinding for a moment or two.

GMZ, yelling with delight:  Is that all you got Disco Man?

Andy, laughing:  Yeah, is that all you got?.....Just kidding...that was a lot.

Oh, and now the heavy rain starts. And it is HEAVY rain.

GMZ:  I'm gonna get my stitches wet!

Andy:  Oh, are you kidding?

GMZ:  You know, those frickin' bubbles didn't help!

I guess the soapy bubbles mixed with the "rain" make for a slippery mess.

OK, Andy is having a really hard time now every time he meets the cones.  I don't think he can pick up one skate so he is kind of spinning and dangling and can barely recover before the next batch of cones comes around.

Spencer offers encouragement from the sidelines, but clearly Andy is in trouble.  Personally, I think both GMZ and Andy will take Spencer to the end, so he can probably relax this week.  Maybe.

Andy takes a bad spin around the cones and says  "OH MY KNEE!  FUCK!  FUCK!"  and then continues spinning.  Then, as you can see in the upper right corner of the following picture, the foam starts falling.

The foam really starts to pile up in the right side of the rink, and we have a quick TRIVIA so Production can talk to them.

And then Andy is down, and Gina Marie keeps spinning around, waiting for the confirmation that she won.  We have a quick TRIVIA, and then it's over.  (Note that if they broadcast Production's voice over the live feeds, they have to pay them as performers, so that is one reason why we aren't supposed to hear them talk to the house guests.)   Spencer helped GMZ take off her hand guards and Andy describes how his knee popped out.

Andy:  It was fine for awhile...could you have held on much longer?

GMZ:  Not for much longer...I was hanging dude!  I was freestylin'!

Then a big load of glitter fell from the sky and Gina Marie squealed, falling down and rolling in it, eventually making a glitter angel.

GMZ:  I love glitter!  I love glitter!

I'm not sure how long the competition was in play before we joined it on the live feeds, but the entire post covered a span of 30 minutes, so this was a quick one.

Later they all agreed McCrae would have dominated on this competition.

GMZ:  And Nick?  That was his specialty!  He would have killed it!

(i.e. Nick is a professional roller blader...)