Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Exterminators Had a Sit Down with McCrae #BB15

Andy started calmly telling McCrae how he and Spencer, Gina Marie, and Judd formed an alliance called the Exterminators, explaining the circumstances.

(Note that Andy is wearing a new shirt from his HoH basket, that features flamingos and gnomes, your basic garden sculptures.)

When Andy said the word "Exterminators" Gina Marie guffawed, and then reeled it back in.  This is a bad moment for McCrae and I think they all wanted to be respectful.

Andy:  We targeted Aaryn, Amanda and Elissa.  I was the vote to evict Amanda, and I blamed Elissa.

McCrae:  Oh FUCK!  I knew it!

Andy:  We're not allowed to tell you how we're voting tonight, but we're telling about the alliance so you will know...

McCrae:  I knew it.  Oh FUCK!

McCrae is being calm during this, standing up and pacing and then returning to his seat.  He knows he got got, and can appreciate it from a game perspective.

Andy:  That's why Judd was so upset when you won the PoV...he wasn't mad about cutting his leg, he just didn't want you to know in case he stayed....we really wanted to go to the end together...

McCrae nods.

Andy:  And I knew you would take Amanda to the end, so I had to make other plans besides working with a power couple...

McCrae now repeats several times that Amanda knew something didn't make sense, and she knew something was up.

McCrae:  I wouldn't have taken Amanda to the end.  (Really, McCrae?)  But I'm glad about my goodbye message to Elissa....I told her that deep in my heart I knew you voted Amanda out, and not her....oh FUCK!

Andy:  It was really easy for us to meet....Elissa went to bed so early, and you and Amanda just went in that room and laid there, so we would talk outside for hours.

Gina Marie asks if McCrae heard her say "Exterminators" one time when she didn't know he was there.  He didn't remember that.

Andy:  We did stupid things sometimes, like we put the Raid Ant and Roach Killer in the middle of the table and left it there...

Gina Marie guffaws with laughter and McCrae laughs too.  It's funny.

Andy:  We were all super scared that Judd would tell you everything, so we stuck to him like crazy...he still would have gone home, but we didn't want him to light your fire..

McCrae:  Oh WHY didn't he?  That's what I needed....

GMZ:  That's why I had the Friendship Bracelet with you, to make sure Judd didn't talk to you...

Andy:  We're just super smart..

McCrae didn't suspect all four of them were working together...he didn't think Judd was involved, but he thought the other three might be working together.

McCrae:  FUCK!  I'm gonna have to apologize to Elissa...

GMZ:  Well, you don't have to....

The Beginning of the End. Finally.... #BB15

So by now we know that Andy is now the HoH, and he also won the PoV.  Spencer and McCrae are on the block.  I'm not sure what Andy's intention was with that, but perhaps he was wary of McCrae's ability to work a deal with Spencer to vote out Gina Marie.

I am watching Flashbacks from last night, and I do think McCrae will be voted out tonight.  Spencer wanted to let him know, somehow, and I'm sure Spencer is also counting his Jury Votes at the moment.  I just watched him do a number on Gina Marie about how Andy could beat her in the end if she took him to the Final Two.

I think Spencer has covered his bases in every direction.  And I think he could be a threat to win over either Andy or Gina Marie.  He can give a better speech at the Finale than Gina Marie (but of course, even David Girton could do that...) and he hasn't pissed off as many people in the Jury as Andy has.

The PoV obviously featured this new item, now included in Gina Marie's Nick Shrine.

 This creepy-looking Uhas Fly is now perched on the bed that Nick shared with Gina Marie about ten thousand years ago, displayed proudly with the Nick and Gina Marie "love letters" that OTEV the Weepy Chipmunk (or whatever he was) delivered in the backyard.  And the blue hat, of course.

But where is Nick's coffee cup?  And did Gina Marie ever learn that Judd had been wearing two of Nick's T-shirts that he left in the laundry pile when he was evicted?  Judd didn't want Gina Marie to find out about the shirts, because she would take them for the shrine, and he needed some shirts to wear.

He planned to give them back to Nick at the wrap party.  Sure you will Judd, sure you will.