Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ian Terry Was in the Backyard Today #BB15

I heard Rob Cesternino ask Ian if he would be visiting the BB house during last Thursday night's podcast and Ian said "I have school".

I really thought it would be Hayden, in order to cross-promote the upcoming Survivor series, but I was clearly wrong.

Everyone is all banged up from the competition.  McCrae and Judd both have scrapes on their legs, and Gina Marie is in a lot of pain on the couch, crying.  Now it's not just her broken toe, it is her leg, too.

The Competition clearly had a Super Hero theme.  Andy says that Judd said Ian didn't even look at him out there, and seemed happy that McCrae won.

Andy:  I hope Ian didn't hear the whole 'we would have preferred to have Frank in the backyard' discussion.

Spencer said he would have preferred to see anybody but Ian.  The guys are chattering non-stop about what to do, and when Judd comes in the room they continue to do that, but switch the names around.

Andy and McCrae went downstairs to talk with GMZ while Judd stayed up there and talked to Spencer about how nervous he is about going up on the block.  Spencer told him not to worry, and pointed out all of the women in Jury who would give Gina Marie their vote.  Judd seemed to calm down a little, but I know he is going to freak out all week.

(The eviction will be taped on Tuesday, and the live feeds will be down so we will miss some of the drama..the feeds should return after the Wednesday CBS show airs..)

GMZ got called to the DR and slowly made her way off the couch and across the room.

 When she went down the DR hallway she said she would see them all later.

Andy, to the DR:  She'll be in there in about 10 minutes!

(ha ha, because she is moving so slowly)

Later I heard Spencer say the Medic said she needed stitches.

Andy and McCrae discussed what to do... and the dangers and threats of making either choice.

Judd couldn't wait to get out of his Super Hero costume, apparently.  You can see the scrapes on his right leg.

 In the kitchen the guys talk about Ian.  McCrae is so excited that he just got to meet him.  Spencer says it is funny that it sounded like Ian really liked Jessie.

Andy:  I wonder if he hates me because I evicted her!

Spencer:  Dude, I know I sound like a broken record, but Jessie was hot.

McCrae:  Her ass.....her ass was just insane.

Spencer:  And my favorite was when she wore those green shorts with the white trim....those shorts drove me crazy and she knew it.

McCrae:  Yeah, she said she won Miss Rump Roast at spring break, or something like that...I dunno.

The PoV Comp is Over... #BB15

and McCrae won.

So it is likely that Judd will go up in McCrae's place.  I have heard Spencer say to Andy that he thinks Gina Marie might be a bigger threat in the home stretch, due to her success with endurance competitions, and the fact that Judd gets winded easily.

McCrae says that Judd already approached him to campaign.  Spencer hopes that he and Andy can agree which one to vote out, so Spencer won't have to break the tie.

All of the remaining players think they are going to the end with Spencer, so he is in a good place, I think.

I've also heard him say that he wanted his HoH reign to be successful, and he needed McCrae to go in order to feel good about it.

Aaryn Makes the Big Time #BB15

Well, it's not many former Big Brother house guests who are mentioned alongside the likes of  Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian, Chaz Bono, Justin Beiber, John McCain, and bombs in Syria.

But there she is on today's TMZ viewer poll, with over 20,000 concerned citizens TMZ readers weighing on on the "Black Prom Date" scandal.
You can get up to speed on the whole saga here, here and here.  I'm all about providing the facts. 

You're welcome, America.