Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rachel is Mad, Damn Mad! #BB15

As a matter of fact, she's not going to watch the rest of the season, she says.  I guess that means no promoted guest blogs or podcast appearances. 

I know Elissa is her sister, but isn't Rachel still a CBS girl?

Brendon needs to take her to Disneyland tomorrow.  Chin up Rachel.  You still hold the Reilly title.

After Being Awake for An Hour, The House Guests are Apparently Exhausted... #BB15

The HoH lockdown is over, and all of the guys have gone back to bed, along with Gina Marie.  There is a good chance that the 2nd HoH competition will be endurance, so resting up for the action is not a bad idea, actually.

I wish I could take a nap, but I put some coffee in my smoothie to help me stay awake longer tonight.

Amanda said she probably won't cry tonight, so I guess she is somewhat resigned to her fate in the Jury. 

Amanda must have gone to bed with eye makeup on, because her eyes look dark and smudgy.  She looked at herself and commented she needed to "do something to her eyes".

Judd cocoons in his bed, ignoring Big Brother's announcement to clean up the bathroom today, especially the mirror.

Spencer and McCrae nap as Amanda and her Plumber's Crack sift through her luggage, organizing things.  I think she just picked out a royal blue strappy top or dress to wear tonight.    Amanda makes no move to pull up her trousers, even though she must feel them falling down her ass.


Gina Marie slept downstairs last night, in the bed she shared with Nick.

 And Elissa busied herself with a very good yoga workout.

Unless you are a practicing yogi, you just can't appreciate how difficult it is to remain in such a deep knee bend for as long as Elissa does.  That is the reason for her strong quads----no need to lift weights when you can hold poses like this.

This pose is just ridonkulous.  She's not even wavering, her balance is perfect.

This is my favorite Triangle Pose, love the sideways stretching.

If nothing else, Elissa should have inspired you to at least try yoga, if you haven't already.  There were a few men in my yoga class who said the classes were recommended by their golf instructors, in order to improve their flexibility, I guess.

But guys, please wear something other than just gym shorts in yoga class.  Nobody wants their peaceful practice interrupted by seeing your junk peek out of your shorts. 

Camel Pose feels good, too.

The Nastiness Escalates #BB15

I thought the fight was winding down, but both girls still had more mileage left in them.  (You can catch up here.)  At one point GMZ invited McCrae to get involved, but he just responded by looking down and admitting he was a pussy.

(NOTHING is more unattractive than a wussy man.  NOTHING.)

Amanda had been threatening to take the Blue Hat back from GMZ before she leaves, since it is actually McCrae's hat.  But GMZ stayed calm, asking McCrae to confirm that they made some sort of swap for it weeks ago.

GMZ:  So if she takes it, I'll just go in the DR and say she took my property, and get it back.

Gina Marie started playing Jengo with Andy, and I guess Amanda wasn't satisfied, since she marched over there to get in GMZ's face.

Whew...Gina Marie comes out the winner from these photographs, doesn't she?  They were both screaming at each other the whole time, but the pictures will remain for eternity on the internet.

Amanda is typically an attractive woman, but the following pictures make her look like an unkempt cave woman.

Judd had to step in and break it up.  At least he had the balls to do that.

 GMZ sat down and mocked how crazy Amanda acts, and then she said this:

GMZ:  Brush your teeth!  (implying Amanda had bad breath)

This set Amanda off again, so she went over to the wall to point out the dark spot on GMZ's picture, which Gina Marie explained as her cap.

 GMZ is one person in that house who can't be talked over by Amanda.  She just went on and on about how proud Amanda's family must be, with the You Tube clips of her tits flopping around all over the internet.

All the while continuing to play Jengo with Andy, whose picture might be in Webster's Dictionary right next to the word "Wussy".

 McCrae must be embarrassed, right?  By this whole episode?  By the entire summer?  By the way he ruined his Big Brother game over a nasty who-ore with a chronic yeast infection?

(BTW, the infection might be a reflection on McCrae himself, right? Do we have a doctor in the house?)

 GMZ:  Yeah, she's got that shit on replay, watching it over and over...your mother must be so embarrassed.

Amanda:  I'm sure she is...

GMZ:  I sure would be.

Elissa is upstairs in bed, watching this.  Listening too, since the girls screaming at each other both have big mouths.

GMZ:  Well, my mommy isn't disappointed in me, watchin' this....she'd be proud of me for speakin' my mind in here.

Then GMZ brings up Amanda's poor sportsmanship, crying after every competition, and then says that McCrae had to pretend to lose so she can win.

Amanda wants to end this now, but GMZ keeps going. 

Amanda, to Production:  Don't you screen these people before they come in here?


GMZ starts doing a funny routine about Amanda acting on the show, trying to be the star, talking about using McCormick Spices.    Andy can't help it and cracks up.

Amanda yells that Andy is needling GMZ, and encouraging her behavior.

Andy:  I'm not laughing at anything in particular...I'm just laughing.

Amanda says GMZ tried to start this with her tonight, and then she starts with the fake crying and leaves the room.

****AND SCENE***

After Amanda left McCrae sat there for a few minutes, and then silently left the table, presumably to go find Amanda.  Then GMZ giggled and high-fived Spencer.

Gina Marie Gets Nasty with Amanda #BB15

I could just as easily have titled this "Amanda Gets Nasty with Gina Marie", to be honest.  About 9:15 pm last night Amanda came out of the DR while Gina Marie was talking about what bed she was going to sleep in.  I guess Amanda smirked or made a face, and that set Gina Marie off.

Note that they were all sitting around the table, playing with Play Doh.  Yes, that's right.  Play Doh.

First Gina Marie commented on how Amanda thinks GMZ is stupid, and brings up some colorful examples of this.  I was kind of surprised that GMZ had been holding this all in, but it certainly came out here.

Amanda took something out of the oven and loudly proclaimed that she just had a "great DR session", and wasn't even thinking about Gina Marie.

 Then GMZ brought up how Amanda tells everybody that GMZ tries to make herself vomit.

GMZ:  I was sick from the slop and the fro yo!  And that's it.

Amanda:  Your best friend was telling everybody that!  Your best friend!  (Aaryn)

At one point Amanda said the word "bulemia" and we went to FISH for a quick moment.

Gina Marie took it all in stride, and fought back by calling Amanda a "who-ore" who jumped in bed with the first HoH the first night, and she would have done the same thing if the HoH had been Jeremy.

(ha ha ha)

Amanda pointed out several times that Gina Marie is "33 and single".

GMZ:  Yeah, and I live with my parents!  You wanna bring that up too?  I broke up with my fiance!

Amanda:  That was three years ago!

GMZ:  It was two years...get it straight.

 Amanda brought up that GMZ's fiance left her for someone younger and more beautiful.  She also mocked the fact that Gina Marie walks around the BB house with "full makeup and eyelashes".

Gina Marie pointed out that at least she's not on medication, like Amanda.

Amanda:  Maybe you should be!

Whenever GMZ paused, Amanda encouraged her to "keep going...go ahead".  Clearly Amanda loves the spotlight, and knows this will be on TeeVee later.

Gina Marie pointed out all of the thousands of guys Amanda has banged, based on the stories she tells about "this one and that one" and "getting knocked up by another one".

At several points GMZ seemed to remember that McCrae would still be in the house after Amanda leaves, because she said that "McCrae is a cool guy and she likes him", probably trying to do a little damage control.

Amanda kept asking GMZ if she is "worried about something", and GMZ denied it.  (i.e. the vote tonight for eviction)

I want to point out that all four of the guys were silent during all of this, just enjoying the action.

The accusations and insults were flying back and forth at a fast pace.  You can tell Amanda loved every second of it.

 Then Gina Marie said this:

GMZ:  And you're always with the yeast infections....yeah, like you're not a dirty who-ore.

Mentioning "yeast infection" was just too much for Judd.  I think he's laughing under there.

 Then Gina Marie started talking about Amanda's tramp stamp.

Amanda, grinning:  Yeah, that was a mistake.

GMZ demonstrates how it looks like Amanda backed up to something dirty and rubbed on it.

 Then she started mimicking Amanda, saying that "I drive an Audi, but I can't afford to get the tattoo removed".

GMZ:  What is it, $300?

This must have hit a nerve, because Amanda went over to the picture wall, pointing out Nick and saying "this beautiful guy didn't want you" and wanted her out of the house because she was so crazy.  She also mocked "the shrine".

GMZ:  He turned you down the first night!  Ha ha ha ha.

Now GMZ mocks Amanda saying "I'm gonna fuck in every room in the house!"

GMZ, to McCrae:  You better get fucking checked after you leave here, buddy.

(ha ha ha )

GMZ:  That's why you have the yeast infection all of the time...some extra cottage cheese on your fucking vagina....


Amanda:  You're 33 and single because you're nuts!

GMZ:  At least I'm not on medication for being nuts, am I?


Amanda:  You are NUTS.

GMZ pantomimes calling the DR, saying "It's time for my medication" in a dopey voice.

 FISH.  You can't talk too much about medication...maybe HPAA applies?

 If you only watch one flashback today, THIS IS THE ONE!  Enjoy my friends, we are in for a treat tonight as this horrible season winds to a close.


I thought this little fight was over, but I was wrong.  See more here.