Monday, September 2, 2013

Did You Watch Breaking Bad Last Night? #BB15

If you did you will know what I thought about when I saw Gina Marie holding her CD...

Did you ever think GMZ and Elissa would be the last women in the BB house?  I didn't...

The PoV Ceremony is Over...No Biggie #BB15

The first thing we see is the lump that is McCranda back in bed, just like any other time on any other day. 

There was a buzz of activity in the kitchen, where Elissa made a fresh pot of coffee and the guys focused on making lunch.

Gina Marie is still hyper-focused on her hair color supplies, and Elissa has to explain AGAIN what GMZ needs to ask for so they can touch up her roots this week.

 Elissa has some of what they need "in her box", but she doesn't know if Production will let them use it.  Spencer makes himself a roast beef sandwich and asked Elissa if she wanted one.

Elissa:  I don't eat anything with blood in it..

Judd announces he is going to "nuke a hotdog", and then elaborates he loves hot dogs, hamburgers...basically "any American food".

Spencer really wanted someone to sit outside with him while he eats, and asked Andy if he can hold off on taking a nap long enough to sit with him.
Spencer wonders if Amanda is crying, and then says he's glad McCrae didn't pull any crap during the PoV ceremony.

Andy:  What kind of crap?

Spencer:  You know...the whole I'm in love're a little older than him, but when you're 23, pussy can make you do strange things....

Andy:  I think we're in for some fireworks this week...I think Amanda will have some ups and downs this week.

Spencer agrees.  Judd comes out and says at least he tried to get McCrae to use the PoV on Amanda.  He jokes that maybe they should tie the votes this week and Spencer laughs.  He's back on the block again, it seems.

Andy is wondering what he should do if he wins HoH this week...should Elissa go or McCrae?  He thinks both are scary in the game, and can win.  Spencer wonders what the odds would be for McCranda to stay together after the game is over.    Judd worries that Elissa already has America's Player locked up, but Spencer says he just wants to take it one day at a time.

Andy knows that when Elissa puts on her game face she is a fierce competitor, and he wonders if losing Amanda will make McCrae fight harder, or just give up?

Judd:  I think he'll fight harder...that's why I wanted him to use the PoV on her this week..

Judd dreads the thought of one of them having to go in the Jury House with all of those girls, and having "to hear all about Oprah" again.

The PoV Ceremony is Coming Up Soon.. #BB15

but there is not a lot of activity in the house.  Judd took a shower and shaved his body hair.

Then he listened to Britney Spears and chatted with Gina Marie when she returned from her DR session.  She said that she saw Amanda come up the stairs to talk to her last night, but she turned off the lights and pretended to be sleeping.

Judd told her that Amanda said Gina Marie wants her out because she's jealous of her showmance.

GMZ:  What?  I'm jealous that she's gonna marry pizza boy and Nick is so fantastic?

Judd also reported that Amanda was telling him all of the places that she and McCrae have sex in the house.

Judd:  They said they had sex in Candice's bed...that one that I slept in when I came back that was all messed up...and in the photo booth, because they didn't know there was a regular camera in there....I feel like I need a tetanus shot now...

 They both said they want McCrae out next, and they think Elissa feels the same way.  Judd told GMZ that Amanda threatened to take something with her when she left but Gina Marie reacted strongly to that, saying she's "gonna have to fuckin' find it". 

I can only imagine it was one of the Nick Shrine items.

Meanwhile McCranda slept, and then BB awakened them to say it was time to get ready for the PoV ceremony.

Look how filthy Spencer's side of the room is, even though he just "cleaned up" last Thursday.  He said he has piles of clothes on his floor at home, too.

I think you're either one of the people who is a slob, or one who isn't, and it is probably very difficult for one to live successfully in the presence of the other.  Gina Marie was talking about how filthy the McCranda household would be, with overflowing ashtrays and dishes piled up everywhere.

This is the point in the season when the "cleaners" pledge not to clean up after the slobs in the BB house.  If we end up having a Spencer / McCrae final two I can't imagine the filth that will accumulate all over every surface.

Oh, and when Amanda got out of bed she took off her pajama pants and sat naked on the bed facing McCrae (and Spencer) and put on a pair of panties.  Classy.

Gina Marie's "Reality" Connections #BB15

If you've watched the BB15 live feeds, then you may have heard Gina Marie discussing her local Staten Island network of reality star friends, that reaches as far as exotic locales such as New Jersey and Long Island.

Gina Marie has said that Alex from BB9 married a friend of hers, and has been discussing a girl named Brittany Conner who is on a New Jersey-based reality show, and also Amanda from Long Island Princesses.  She said Amanda was the one who got her hired for some of her modeling opportunities.

She has also discussed "Joey Fitness" from The Amazing Race, and was describing his watch business last weekend.  She said that he owns a company called Juiced Watches and he gets the local reality stars to wear them and then rakes in the cash.

Here is an example of what the Juiced Watches look like.

It looks like a plastic watch, right?  But you know what they's all in the marketing.  And look who is helping them market the watches on their website?

Yep.  It's our old pal Gina Marie Zimmerman.  And she has been friends with these guys for a long time.  Way back before The Amazing Race 20.  You remember that season, right?

The season that featured The Amazing Brenchel.

 And also "Joey Fitness" and his friend Danny.  But wait, who is that dancing between them in the opening credits?  Could it be?

Yep.  That's Gina Marie Zimmerman, getting her groove on in the club.

You may recall that there were rumors floating around that Joey Fitness would be on Big Brother this year.  People were angry about it.  (Well, I was angry about it.)  But for Robyn Kass, Gina Marie was right under her nose, right?

Here is the intro that was shown before every episode of The Amazing Race 20.  If you blink, you'll miss Gina Marie.  But there is no doubt that is her....right there at the 19 second mark, shaking her ass.