Friday, August 30, 2013

The Regrets Sink In.. #BB15

I think McCrae is smart enough to know he made a Big Fat Big-Boobed Mistake this summer right?

But then again, he was stupid enough to waste his game on her...

Amanda: How Dare Gina Marie Nominate Me! #BB15

Amanda marched up to the HoH to confront Gina Marie, and couldn't believe Gina Marie didn't warn her beforehand.

GMZ:  You're not allowed to tell people when you're HoH..

Amanda tells her that "they weren't going after her", but now "there is a big target on her now, after this".

Amanda:  If Spencer or Andy wins PoV, they're taking one of us off!

GMZ stands her ground, and tells her that she and McCrae are a strong duo.  Amanda says Aaryn was right, and she can't believe Gina Marie didn't talk to her about it first.  Gina Marie also said when McCrae came in the house he was winning things and had the fire to win, and now his game has gone nowhere.

Judd came in and said, "oh I guess we're all supposed to just give up and let you win".

Amanda:  Oh, now I I see how it is...

Judd:  I just heard you say to put me on the block!

Amanda started to get upset and left the HoH room, starting to cry (or fake cry) and say she doesn't care anymore, and just wants to leave now.

Judd:  Love you too, Amanda.

Gina Marie laughs softly in Judd's direction and says "well, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, huh?'

Amanda is starting to rage now, and goes into the Have Not room to cry and soon McCrae joins her.

 Amanda:  I just want to leave, I want this to be over.  You will stay here and you will win.

Meanwhile, in the Cockpit:

Judd:  The two of them think they're so much better than everybody else, like they can't be nominated.

And With That, McCranda is Nominated #BB15

As we join the show GMZ is hugging Amanda, and chickens are hugging people, and GMZ tells the group to try their hardest tomorrow at the PoV.

McCrae crawls in bed with Amanda, who is saying "this doesn't make sense", and that "she wouldn't do that unless she thinks she has the votes to get one of us out".

Spencer came in and did an Emmy-winning performance describing how shocked he was to pull Elissa's key out of the box.

After he left, Amanda jumped up and started talking.

Amanda:  Poopy was right...Spencer, Gina Marie and Judd are working together....we have to get Andy to play hard for the's the only way...

Wow.  Still clueless...

Amanda: The Calm Before the Storm #BB15

Amanda gets all fixed up for the Nominations tonight.  She keeps whispering to McCrae that she has a "strong feeling" that Elissa and Judd will go up on the block.  She and McCrae have been bickering today and she is trying to get him to pay attention to her, and is wearing him down.

Before McCrae came in the room she kept checking her look in the reflection, and doing a lot of hair flipping.  Not sure those shorts are a good look for her...

She even put on a black strapless bra for the occasion, as McCrae came in the room with  a box of Triscuits and the Bible.  We almost got quite a flash but the cameras turned to fish quickly when Amanda pulled the bra up.

To his credit, McCrae ignored her with curt "uh huh" answers as she kept asking him, "does this look good?"  She said the knit cap was too hot and complained about the temperature in the house today.

So Amanda put some other type of ornament on her head and got in McCrae's face, starting with the baby talking. 

Honestly I thought I would vomit from the baby talking.  I don't know why she thinks he thinks that is attractive.  I think McCrae may have more shame when this is all said and done, when he watches the CBS shows and reads what we all have to say than Aaryn will.

Spencer came in and Amanda told him she thinks Elissa and Judd will go on the block. Spencer played his role perfectly, saying that GMZ never told him he was safe, so he can't really relax.

McCrae has his cig all ready to go outside and Amanda tries to squeeze every last drop of attention she can get from the situation.

She is left with only the Triscuit box to pose with, a time-honored tradition in the BB house.

Outside Spencer plays it cool while listening to Amanda drone on and on about how to speak to the HoH so that it makes them think that what you want is what is best for them.  I guess that beard comes in handy for Spencer, as he keeps up the poker face.

Hey, Spencer won $10,000 today, and he's tiptoeing further and further in the game.  He can afford to eat shit now and then gloat later.

They are still dangerously low on cigarettes, and McCrae is having to share his smoke with Amanda.

Who made the rule that tacky hair ornaments were a necessity?  Damn that is hideous for someone who actually has such pretty hair.  And don't even get me started on the short shorts and whore heels Amanda wore for last week's PoV cceremony. 

I mean, what the hell was that?  And then she said to Elissa "Trash, sit down".  That was one of the worst things Amanda has done, as far as I'm concerned, since it happened right in the middle of a formal ceremony.  I don't know how Elissa didn't react to that in a manner that might have required a visit from the authorities.

(You know BB took their scissors when Amanda was taunting Elissa, don't you?  Yep, they collected sharp objects.)

The outdoor lockdown before the nomination ceremony is expected to start any minute now...

Everyone Loves a Newly-Stocked Storage Room #BB15

Gina Marie plans to make her semi-famous chicken parm tonight and she takes stock of what is in the fridge.

Gina Marie told Judd that she likes the one-shouldered look, and says he should wear it like a halter like Candice did.  Judd is really hot in that costume and seems like it is really bothering him.

 Once he was alone Judd tried to crawl inside the fridge to cool down a little.

He lifted up his chicken hat to get a little breeze on his scalp.

 The camera guys show us some of the fruit available to the BB15 cast.

Spencer and Andy joined Judd in Storage as they eagerly anticipate McCranda being nominated today.  It sounds like Judd wants McCrae to go....