Sunday, August 25, 2013

So, Was Helen Kim Pushed During the HoH Comp? #BB15

A talented Super Fan grabbed this shot of a hand behind the scenes, just before Helen "fell" off her perch during the HoH competition.

I'm not sure what to think about this.  I was watching the live feeds when this happened, and just a second or two before both Helen and Candice fell, the ledge moved so far back in the wall that the back of their calves were smashed up against the wall, tipping them forward.  Several of them made a sharp sound when this happened, like an "oh shit" type of noise.   I assumed this threw off their balance since they couldn't lean back.

I guess I'm saying I don't think Helen was pushed, but clearly there were crew members behind the wall for whatever reason.

After Judd fell off some time later, I heard him discussing matters with Spencer and McCrae in the dugout.  He was telling them what life was like in the Jury House with Candice for two weeks, and he said maybe Candice just jumped off the wall so she could go back to the Jury House with Helen, since it was so plush.

But I think Candice had to lean forward like Helen did and this threw off her balance, particularly if she looked over at Helen falling off.  Sort of like how you can fall during yoga class if you look at the other people in Tree Pose or Warrior Three.

The competition will air on tonight's CBS show, so let's all keep a sharp eye on Helen's fall.


On the CBS show, they showed Helen falling only from a camera angle to Helen's right, which is the opposite from what we see above.  And they edited Candice's exit to occur well after Helen's fall.  In fact, they inserted a commercial between the two, so that they could include clips of GMZ talking about Candice.

Suspicious?  What do you think?

The Zingbot Legacy - America's Favorite Sassy Robot #BB15

In honor of yesterday's visit to the BB15 house by the Zingbot, let's remember the Zingbot's visit to the house last year.


The Zingbot enters the house - Last year I was watching the live feeds when the Zingbot  entered the house, as you can see from this link.  Yesterday the feeds immediately went to TRIVIA, with no glimpse of the sassy robot.  This link is fun because some comment that I made about Danielle really bothered some of the readers, and they really let me have it in the comments section.

 Frank:  I'm just enjoyin' watching the card tricks and talkin' about the Zingbot passin' out!  - This is a recap of the BBAD show the evening of the Zingbot's BB14 visit.  You might recall that the Zingbot actually passed out last year, right there in the backyard.  Jenn City snapped into action and helped the girl in the costume get to the Medic.  I remember Jenn saying later that it was so exciting to speak to someone new that she was asking the Medic where he was from, etc.  The house guests also discussed the issues the Zingbot had during BB12, since Britney was involved in both Zingbot visits.  Apparently the Zingbot had an Episode during BB12, and started screaming about getting out of that costume.

Ha ha ha.  The Zingbot is so unsafe.  You'd think they could ventilate the costume better, or strap an AC source to it somehow.  I guess they just don't give a shit, so they put a Production Assistant in there every year and hope for the best.

Bonus:  The Zingbot Appearance on The Talk after Rachel's BB12 win.  I'm not sure if these You Tube links work anymore, but seeing the fear on the The Talk's hosts as they waited for their Zings was hilarious.  I hate to spoil the surprise, but Rachel won a free honeymoon on this show.  Can't say I'm a big fan of the pageant hair, though...   Also, I think Elissa is in the picture I took of Brendon sitting in the audience, sitting next to Brendon.

PoV Aftermath - Now What? #BB15

Elissa was a No Show to this party, as the house guests blew off steam and played with some of their new Baby Zingbot birthday party bag toys.

Aaryn pretended the party hats were attached to her, making "point and shoot" sounds.   FYI I heard Aaryn say this week that she and her mother plan to visit the doctor together to get some plastic surgery.  I was sad to hear this because I am a fan of natural-looking women, but Aaryn said she would probably get C-cups.  I guess that's not too bad, but I am somewhat of a trend-spotter and I see a fake-boob backlash coming up in the next decade or so.

Judd is wearing the fedora that Howard tried to take with him when he left the house.  Howard did get away with one of McCrae's hats (the beige newsboy cap) but Judd noticed the fedora with Howard's luggage when he was packing his things so Judd snatched it up.

There was a delicious-looking cake for the Baby Zingbot party.  Aaryn mentioned it and said she wanted to try it cold, since it's been in the fridge for a few hours. velvet.  The frosting may not be cream cheese frosting, but I'd still eat it, wouldn't you?

Aaryn stood right at the kitchen counter and ate her piece of cake.  That Aaryn has quite a sweet tooth on her.  Always grabbing some ice cream and snacking with abandon.  At first I thought Gina Marie planned to eat this whole huge piece that she cut off, but she actually went and put it in the Storage Room freezer.  I don't think she wrapped it up, but whatever.

I'm guessing she'll see that cake again, in the wee hours of the morning, one way or another.

Aaryn and GMZ had a little meeting about how to handle things.  Aaryn is sure that the two of them can figure things out, because "they always do".  They have to find a way to keep GMZ off the block, and they both agreed that the best approach would be to give Elissa her space on Sunday.

GMZ:  I don't like to look like I'm kissin' her ass, and she doesn't like that either..

GMZ plans to talk with her on Sunday night, to check in with her.  They both think Andy will be the new nominee but of course anything can happen in the BB house.  And of course we're talking about Elissa here, so who the hell knows.

McCrae does brush his teeth, in case you are wondering.  He was quite thorough, actually, in a manner that would make his dentist proud.

Judd had some sort of glow-in-the-dark ring and he tested it in the bedroom, and seemed delighted with the result.

Get a load of this mess in the bedroom.  That is the McCranda nightstand, littered with debris.  How can people live like that?  If this were real life I would blow up the picture and scour it for used needles and pill bottles, and maybe condom wrappers, then maybe try to sell it to TMZ.  But of course it is always good clean fun in the BB house.

Amanda thinks it "might work".  They want "Poopy" to sleep in the same bedroom with Spencer and Judd, to keep a lid on those guys, I guess.  

 Judd had a nice conversation with Gina Marie, telling her he would never vote to evict her.  He did share that he wants Aaryn to leave, and GMZ swore she would never disclose their conversation to Aaryn.  That little yellow thing she has is one of the toys.  It appears squishy and has a little string on the end of it.

 Check out the "love letters" from OTEV that Gina Marie proudly displays over her headboard.


 Aaryn came in the room with a bunch of green grapes and Judd begged her to feed him one.  She scoffed at him instead and Judd ended up grapeless.

Judd said he just wanted to play a clean game and get back to where he was in the house before he left.  Personally, I think a new tactic is necessary, but at this point Judd has got to be a shoo-in for America's Favorite, right?

Andy sat with Spencer in the Cockpit and fretted and fretted over the Zingbot's comments.  If Andy is having a hard time with being called a Floater by a fake robot, how in the world is he going to deal with the the online BB community when the game is over?  I'll bet he has more meltdowns with the BB Superfans than Ragan Fox did after BB12.  But then at least he could beat someone at something, right?

FYI there is a person inside the Zingbot costume, but the voice is pre-recorded and can be heard in the house through the speakers.  So all the person in the costume has to do is wave his or her arms around and point at them when he or she hears the word "Zing".

Aaryn doesn't feel well, and begged Judd for some of his "stomach medicine".

Amanda just came back from the DR, wearing no pants.  The girl has no shame whatsoever.   I heard McCrae discussing Bob Zuckerman, her father, but I'm not sure what the point was. I think McCrae will be in a great spot with Amanda's father after the game, because no one can blame any of Amanda's behavior this summer on him.  I think the Zingbot said something to McCrae about him being Amanda's lackey or slave.  I think it might have been more fun to make fun of dirty hippies, but whatever.

 Judd went upstairs to chat with Elissa and they had a nice conversation with several hugs.

Andy barged in and came in and stood there, interrupting.  Judd started talking about putting Gina Marie up and Andy chimed in, supporting him.  Judd said he caught Amanda smiling at Aaryn ear-to-ear, and is obviously pushing nominating someone who will win against Aaryn.

Judd:  I'm team evict Amanda and McCrae.  I don't believe their lies...

Andy jumps right on this, saying that anyone who could turn on him that quickly doesn't deserve his support.  I must note that Andy just met with Amanda in the storage room, whispering about this plan to nominate GMZ in McCrae's place.

 If Elissa puts up GMZ, then of course Andy, Amanda and McCrae would vote her out instead of Aaryn.  Poor Judd is oblivious to what the real plan is, and who the real players are.

Post PoV Competition - The Zingbot Stopped By the #BB15 House

I took these pictures right after the live feeds came back after yesterday's PoV.  Once again, the Zingbot made an appearance and the PoV competition involved saving Baby Zingbot.  There was a birthday party theme and the house guests were wearing party hats and they carried gift bags.  I don't think Spencer played in the PoV, but it looks like he got a gift bag.  Is that a fake tit in that package?  Or a whoopie cushion?

Judd congratulated Amanda on her win.  To her credit, Amanda did not seem to be gloating very much.  There was an air of calm in the room as she and McCrae knew they were safe for another week.  Amanda said she tried to not even look at Elissa when she won.  During Monday's PoV Ceremony Amanda plans to say "nobody comes between me and my man" when she uses it to save McCrae.

Except I think she will say "pizza boy" in order to be consistent with her many DR sessions discussing McCrae. Just a guess.

The competition was really difficult, and Judd had a hard time breathing.  I think the medic had to visit the backyard to give them oxygen.  I got this from something Aaryn said later, that the competition made her feel like an old woman.

 What are the odds that the Zingbot didn't mention Clownie?  Maybe Clownie will make another suicide attempt in shame.


This is Gina Marie talking to Elissa in the HoH bathroom, in the reflection across the room.  I thought Elissa was naked for a moment but of course she is wearing a bikini.

Amanda showered and McCrae talked to her quickly about just laying low for the next day or so, and he advised her not to try to push Elissa into nominating someone like Gina Marie.  Amanda agreed, but c'mon now.  We all know Amanda will not be able to help herself, particularly when wine is involved.

There aren't any Have Nots this week, at least not yet.

Upstairs Elissa got weepy about the situation, saying that she "needs a special power now", because next week she will be going home.  (actually Elissa, you will go to the Jury House with your buddies Candice and Helen).

Elissa:  Everyone who goes against Amanda goes home!

(That is Judd she is talking to.)

It's hard to cry effectively with all of that Botox.  As a matter of fact, I think crying is the worst Botox look. 

Obviously there is a lot of anxiety now in the house, since someone besides Amanda will now be nominated in McCrae's place on Monday morning.  If I had to guess, I would say Andy will be sitting next to Aaryn on the chopping block.  I heard Elissa venting about him after the PoV, obviously irritated that he already started to pester her about her plans.

I haven't heard too much talk about what the Zingbot said to the house guests, other than Andy.  Apparently Andy's "zing" involved him being a floater.  Andy was VERY upset about this, and told McCrae that if "he watches this and America thinks he is a floater, and he is evicted by Elissa's hand, he's going to have a nervous breakdown and kill himself".

Better keep that medic on call...