Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paranoia and Plans #BB15

Things are getting really interesting in the Big Brother house right now.  Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae, but her actual plan is to backdoor or blindside Amanda.  She told McCrae that she wants Aaryn out, but that is not what her intentions are.

At least, I don't think so.

Shit got real for Amanda, as she started putting two and two together.  She sat in the HoH Room with Elissa and was very emotional, talking about how everyone was against her, and wanted her out of the house. Elissa tried not to laugh, but sometimes she couldn't help it.  I'm sure she was thinking back to her first couple of weeks in the house and how ostracized she was.    Amanda asked her why she was laughing, and Elissa tried to cover up, saying that she doesn't even understand why Amanda would be upset, since she's not even on the block.

Amanda kept pointing out how she helped to save Elissa in the first weeks of the game.  Really trying to drive that home with Elissa.

But everybody knows that was a million years ago....

McCrae came up to get Amanda, and said Aaryn told him that Elissa and Amanda were yelling at each other.   Amanda said that was just Aaryn trying to stir up shit again.  She went downstairs with McCrae and they looked at the picture wall.  Apparently everyone thinks the Morphomatic might be involved with tomorrow's PoV, so they are staring at the pictures.

At one point Elissa walked by and laughed at McCrae for studying for the PoV.  It was almost more than he could take and he went to bed right afterwards, shaking his head at Elissa's insensitivity.

Amanda wondered about McCrae's odd "thumbs up" picture.

Amanda:  What does that mean?

McCrae:  I don't know...

A little later the rest of the house congregated, whispering.  They all agreed that no matter what happens, Amanda CANNOT win the PoV.

Judd was staring at the picture wall and Gina Marie assumed that he was admiring Nick's picture.

GMZ:  He's a good looking guy, right?

 Judd had to spell it out for her, that the competition might involve taking bits and pieces from each person's picture for them to identify.  He pointed out that some eyes were shaped differently, were rounded, angled differently, etc.

GMZ finally picked up what was going on and they looked closely at each picture, pointing out that Candice looked nothing like her picture on the wall.  GMZ says Elissa looks like a cartoon in her picture.  (True.)

Even though he just came back in the house, Judd is displaying leadership qualities and seems to be the catalyst for this group coming together, at least for this week.  Andy and Judd had a conversation earlier where they both told each other they could trust each other to the end.   Judd swore on everything he has that he was never the MVP.  Andy said he believes it was America...

Aaryn wanted something sweet and was bummed that GMZ's birthday cake was gone.  I don't think there are any Have Nots this week, which is a good thing.  I think the head cheese was overkill on Production's part last week.  Give it a rest, Alison.

Aaryn got what looks like a big spoonful of chocolate ice cream.

Spencer keeps an eye on the inmates house guests.

The camera guys got a little bit distracted by Aaryn getting a spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream, as you can see.

Gina Marie and Spencer did kind of a combo hand shake/high five before GMZ went to bed, pledging that they have each other's back.  I think they already picked players for the PoV, and were expected to have the PoV sometime in the next 12 hours, and will be awakened for it.  Spencer says they might as well go to sleep and get it over with, but GMZ worries they will wake her up out of REM sleep.

Meanwhile Amanda and McCrae smooched as Amanda cried.  She said "those girls are going to be so mean to me".  I think she meant the Jury.  Yep, they probably will.

And speaking of Amanda, I am seriously disappointed in her.  I know we all love to hate her, but I thought she had more game than this.  On BBAD right after the live show, she cowered in her bed, crying, while the rest of the house congregated in the kitchen to enjoy Judd's return and the pending Have Not Happy Hour.

She seemed to sense at that point that she might be the target, but instead of putting her social game into play to work on securing votes she acted like a big fat loser, scared to play the game.  I know Production has cracked down on the blatant pill-popping that we've seen this year in the game, so if the lack of pharmaceuticals is contributing to Amanda's meltdown that should be a lesson to all of you pill poppers.

I have a friend who has prescriptions for a number of drugs, but abuses them (in my opinion).  One big problem is Ambien, which gives her SEVERE mood swings that she doesn't even remember later.  We were flying to Europe together one time on vacation and she popped some Ambien after take-off, even though we had a number of mixed drinks at the airport.  She acted like a total monster on the plane, and said a number of very hurtful things to me, as well as a few innocent strangers.  I actually moved to a different seat for a few hours to get away from her.  (I played cards and drank wine with two cool French guys in Row 21.)

And she remembered nothing afterwards.  I wish I could forget some of the mean things she said to me, even though I don't think she would ever say them in her right mind.  But still...

Anyway Saturday should be interesting....maybe the Zingbot will make his appearance?