Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Run Helen Run. #BB15

The days of being irritated by Helen Kim on the BB15 live feeds may be coming to an end.  Tomorrow is the live show, and the house guests appear to be on an indoor lockdown already.   Helen is running through the house and does a great job of running past all of the bedrooms and through the bathroom, feet pounding.

As usual, Helen seems to have no idea how much noise she might be making, or who she might be disturbing.


I have to say that Helen is in great shape, and if she can work out this regularly and strenuously while being a Have Not for the second week in a row, then there isn't much excuse for the rest of us.

Also, if they are already building the competition in the backyard, we may indeed be in for another endurance test.  Elissa has been hoping that the competition is "the wall", since that would give her a big advantage.  Unless of course she is too tall for it, which might give Gina Marie Zimmerman the advantage to win.  I also heard McCrae say that due to her low body fat Elissa has a very low tolerance for being cold, which might come into play if the endurance competition involves water and wind.


When the house guests talk about "the wall", they are referring to endurance type challenges where they stand on a object and try to hang on through rain, sleet, or snow.  Here are a few examples from the FeedWatcher Archives.

BB12 - The Surfboard Wall (won by Matt Hoffman)

BB13 -  The Ski Wall (won by Dani Donato)

BB14 -  The Ship Wall  (won by Danielle Murphree)

Aaryn Tweets Again.... #BB15

Aaryn certainly has a lot to say in her latest round of HoH tweets.  Something tells me Aaryn may not intend to keep her 3AM alliance going...


I took these pictures of Aaryn yesterday and didn't know what to do with them.  I guess dumping them here is as good a place as any.  The more I see those damn eyebrows, the more obsessed I get with how ugly they are.  Why, Aaryn, why?