Friday, August 16, 2013

Tennessee Has Hope For Judd's Return #BB15

East Tennessee's Judd Daughtery to get second shot at 'Big Brother'
By Chuck Campbell

Posted August 15, 2013 at 11:10 p.m.

Etowah's Judd Daugherty, after winning Head of Household on "Big Brother" on July 18, 2013.

It may not be “game over” for “Judd the Stud” after all.

Etowah resident Judd Daughtery was voted off the CBS reality show “Big Brother” last Thursday and sent to a sequestered location so he can be on the jury of former players who decide which of the show’s remaining two players will be awarded the $500,000 winner’s prize.

But at the end of this Thursday’s episode, show host Julie Chen announced that Daughtery, nicknamed “Judd the Stud,” and other jurors will have compete against each other next week for a chance to return to the game.

Chen didn’t reveal the nature of that competition.

Three other jurors will compete against Daughtery – Candice Stewart (who was also evicted last week), Jessie Kowalski, who was evicted this Thursday, and a to-be-determined player who is currently one of eight still in the “Big Brother” house but who will be voted out next Thursday.

Much to his surprise, Daughtery, who works in the property assessor’s office in McMinn County, was unanimously evicted last week. Although he had worked himself into a good position within the house since entering it as an underdog in June, Daughtery’s game got away from him in the week leading up to his eviction. He became distracted by the feuds of his fellow players, and he had put his trust in two players who had become convinced he had a special power in the house that he didn’t have. Those players worked with the others to arrange his expulsion.

Daughtery was popular with most of his fellow players, and several were sobbing as they sent the confused and betrayed Tennessean out.

He is also popular with fans of the show, who have embraced his mumbled drawl, his comical observations and even his T-shirt emblazoned with a huge image of a bear. When Daughtery was evicted, Twitter exploded with “Big Brother” fans who were outraged that he was sent packing due to a misunderstanding. Many fans also vowed to quit watching the show because he had been eliminated.

Or so they thought.

Meanwhile, player Aaryn Gries won the powerful “Head of Household” competition Thursday night, her fourth time winning the position. She will be safe from next week’s eviction, and she will pick two players who will be at risk of getting voted out.

Gries, a Texas model who has stirred controversy this season for her racist comments and caricatures, was the player who put Daughtery up for eviction last week.

When Daughtery won the Head of Household power earlier this season, he called Gries a “Texas tornado” and put her on the block, though his fellow players opted to keep her in the game and instead evict Kaitlin Barnaby.

Helen Kim: Boo Hoo. Boo Hoo. #BB15

This is a Flashback to the wee hours of this morning.

OK.  So last night Elissa saw the writing on the wall about her pending nomination, and threw a hissy fit, saying that she REFUSED to go to the Jury, and would  go straight home if she is evicted this week.

(I think Helen is the target, not Elissa, but whatever.)

So Helen pulled her own hissy fit, crying in the HoH to gain sympathy.  And to pound the nail in Elissa's coffin, if she can.  Because Helen Kim will do ANYTHING to win.

 Helen:  So I asked her, you don't want to be there to vote for me if I go to the Final Two?

Spencer must feel like he's in the 2nd circle of hell, watching this.  But I bet Andy loves it and will tell us so in his DR sessions.

Aaryn:  Look.  People are going to vote for the people who played the best game.  Judd will do it, Jessie will do it...

GMZ:  Who the fuck does she think she is?  Her husband's car costs more than my fuckin' parents' house...what the hell is she doin' here?   We all woke up in the same place today...what, she didn't take a shit today?

Amanda took the bait a little and reassures Helen that she has done a good job supporting Elissa in this game.  I'm sure Amanda hasn't forgotten what she heard about Helen trying to get rid of her...

Helen:  And Candice is going to be mad at me for evicting Howard...and Jessie is going to taint the Jury.  Boo hoo.  Boo hoo.

Aaryn:  This whole thing is a big publicity stunt to get the word out about Elisscercize.   Trust me, it's not about winning this game.


Aaryn:  Helen, anything can happen in this game.  Look at where I was, and where I am now and you know it's true.

FYI According to Rachel, Elissa will not be leaving the game.   I'm just guessing, but I think in a pinch Production might let her talk to Elissa, if they need to.  Maybe a recorded message to snap out of it and to stop embarrassing Rachel.

Who would have thought Rachel could be apologizing for Elissa?

One question:  Who are the "bad people" that Elissa is "stuck with"?  I don't think that part helps, Rachel.

Junk in the Trunk #BB15

Did Production issue hot pink booty pants to the girls this week?  Would there be any other reason for this incredible coincidence?

Exhibit #1

Amanda, with some junk in the trunk.

Exhibit #2

Aaryn, who did not appear to be packing junk in her trunk.

Tropical Storm "Erin" Has Formed #BB15

Oh how I wish they had spelled it "Aaryn".

Tropical Storm Erin is expected to make her big move in the next six days, and will either strengthen to a hurricane, or weaken to just a big bunch of showers.


 These guys are keeping a close eye on Erin and her potentially-destructive path.

A Poor Fashion Choice for Helen Kim #BB15

What was Helen thinking, borrowing Gina Marie's dress for the live show?  Did she lose a bet?

Here's how Gina Marie rocks the dress---it's an ugly rag, but at least GMZ wears the dress, instead of the dress wearing her.

And let's compare Gina Marie rocking the stripper dress, with what she wore for the live show.

I'll bet Elissa told both of them they looked "amazing".  That's what frenemies are for, right?


After the show McCrae apparently admitted that he threw his last HoH round to Amanda, so that she could win HoH.

And Elissa was saying that if she is evicted on Thursday night, she will just go home and skip the Jury.  Helen bawled afterwards, probably upset about losing Elissa's Jury vote.

Of course Elissa won't do that.  She is just a drama queen in addition to being a poor sport and a horrible competitor.   If CBS shows what she said to Aaryn and Gina Marie during the live show last night on the Sunday night CBS clip show, it's not going to be pretty.  She apparently objected to having to sit between them, because they are "both disgusting", or something along those lines.

Aaryn is already mentioning Helen as "being gone" next week, so that is a strong indication of what she plans to accomplish this week, in her 4th HoH reign.

One Evicted Juror Will Re-Enter the Game This Thursday #BB15

Julie Chen told us last night that one of the four evicted house guests (including this week's evictee) will compete for the right to re-enter the game this Thursday night.

We've done this quite a few times in past seasons of Big Brother, so I find it laughable to hear people say BB US is "copying" BB Canada.  For example, the following house guests have returned to the game after being evicted:

* Amy -  BB3
*  Kaysar - BB6
*  Crazy James - BB9 
*  Brendon - BB13

 Both Kaysar and Crazy James won the right to return via America's Choice, but Brendon had to compete to do so. He didn't have to compete very hard though, with the likes of Lawon fighting against him.  I don't remember Amy's situation, but I do remember her telling the house guests that she had been vacationing in Mexico and at a convenience store people in line recognized her and discussed her love of cheese.  (No way the BB15 got to have this level of random human contact, though.)

It is likely that the evicted house guests have not even been to the Jury House yet, and have been sequestered separately leading up to the live competition, coming up this Thursday.  In BB6, they brought back Kaysar relatively early in the game, and you might recall that the very first evictee, Ashlea (Janelle's partner) chose to self-evict from sequester, rather than to sit around for another three weeks for a potential chance at coming back. 

During BB13 Brendon told everyone that he had spent the time at a house in Palm Springs, and I remember getting the impression that people lived in the house at the time, and he was their guest.  The homeowner had been told that their guest was a big boy with a big appetite, so that she could stock up the pantry.

Brendon said they had a pool, so he worked out by the pool and ate continually during his week off from the game. (I covered a little of this here.) 

I kind of like the idea of Judd kicking back in some multimillion dollar tropical oasis, somewhere in Orange County.  Hopefully his minders put on a good show for him, a simple man from Tennessee.  I think Brendon said he was allowed to watch DVDs, and I think he binge-watched some drama series but I don't remember which one.