Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jessie Begins Her Attack on Elissa #BB15

Jessie was taking a shower when Elissa came in the bathroom and they smirked as they greeted each other.

Elissa:  How are you doing?

Jessie:  Much worse, now that you are here.

Elissa was silent and got into the other side of the shower to change into her bikini.  Jessie went on and on about how good the hot shower felt, she could be in there all day. (Elissa is a Have Not.)

McCrae was in the bathroom and Jessie cranked it up, probably for his benefit.

Jessie:  So what are you going to do today, Rachel's Shadow?

Elissa was silent.

Jessie:  Nothing?  Well, that's what you've been doing this whole game...

(ha ha ha ha  I love the new mean Jessie.)

Elissa gathered up her things and left the room quickly.

Jessie Wants to Go Out With a Bang #BB15

Jessie just had a spat with Aaryn as she tried her hardest to stir up shit in the days before she leaves.  She told Aaryn that Elissa frequently called Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Amanda skanks, but then cozies up to them like best friends.

Aaryn rubbed herself with suntan oil and calmly said this is a game where you want people to think you like them.

Aaryn:  I like how you're trying to be so classy on your way out of here.

Jessie:  I'm going to go out like Rachel.

Aaryn:  Rachel is not my sister, so you're not insulting me with that.

Jessie:  I'm not trying to insult you.  Rachel was one of the most loved BB players of all time, because she said it like it is.

Amanda and McCrae came outside and Jessie started up with Amanda, too.

Jessie:  Did you know Elissa always talks about how slutty you are?

Amanda:  Yeah, I know..why are you doing this?

Jessie says she's spilling it all so that everyone knows what a snake Helen and Elissa are, and at least she has the guts to say things to someone's face, and not whisper and giggle behind closed doors.

Amanda:  You're trying to do Evel Dick...I get it....

Jessie:  Then just let me do it.  If you keep me around I'm going on the block every week...

Amanda:  I get it..

Now Jessie laughs about how she was listening in to conversations last night.  She says she heard Elissa say that BB is not a real problem, world hunger is a real problem.

Jessie:  Can you believe she was in there talking about hungry children and world hunger?

McCrae laughs.

Jessie:  I was like, I can't believe she put together a whole sentence!

Aaryn got back into it at one point, with Jessie making some comment about her wanting to be a TV star.

Aaryn: I don't want to be a TV star.

Jessie:  OK, then why do you have an agent?

Aaryn:  I have an agent because I get paid to do commercials.  You're un-fucking-employed Jessie.

Jessie:  Well, I have a college degree!  From University of Texas!

Amanda, laughing:  Then you're unemployed, and in debt too.

Jessie:  Nope.  I got grants for my education because I'm smart.

Jessie is threatening to shred Elissa today about what a poor imitation of her sister she is.  Amanda says don't you dare do that until I'm there to see it.  (ha ha ha)  Now Jessie starts talking about what a fucking liar Helen is...

McCrae hasn't said anything this whole time.  He just sits and smokes.  He might be a non-smoker soon, if he doesn't get Amanda out of there, since she ran out of smokes A LONG time ago and has been mooching from him ever since...

Damn, what an ass on Aaryn, huh?  Good lord.

 Gina Marie comes outside, unafraid of Jessie's insults, since Jessie is on her side now.

Jessie Faces the Facts #BB15

After Jessie's showdown with Helen I reported on earlier, the following hours were filled with whispers, lies, and (mostly true) allegations.  Oh, and a little spying, too.  This is a Flashback that happened sometime in the wee hours of this morning. 

Helen had a conversation in the cockpit where she was filling people in on what Jessie just said to her, and the accusations she made about Helen and Elissa targeting Amanda.  Jessie listened in at the door, and then ran upstairs to tell Andy.

She didn't get the reaction she wanted, though, as Andy admitted saying what she accused him of...basically he warned Helen that Jessie was upset with her and would be targeting them.

A little later Andy was sitting with Helen, Elissa and Aaryn and they were laughing about how Jessie still thinks she is staying this week, and Jessie was eavesdropping on that conversation, also.

Jessie told Andy that she heard everything, she knew it all. Then she went out on the patio and talked with Spencer and Gina Marie, telling them that she is going to the Jury this week, and if either of them makes it to the end they will get her vote to win.

Jessie surprised herself by being able to control her emotions tonight, and to handle herself with relative grace. (She did.)  Jessie tells them "sweet little Mom Helen" is a lying sack of scum.  She is not going to have an episode on the live show like Candice did, but plans to spend the rest of her time this week blowing "everybody's shit up and making them hate each other". 

Jessie tells them to sit back and enjoy the show.  She told GMZ that Aaryn always talks shit about her, and tells Spencer that Aaryn has been saying that she wants Spencer out.

Jessie:  It's kind of a relief...to think that Helen told me she was like my big sister, and then to hear her stab me in the back like that.....when I get to the Jury me and Judd are going to have a nice chat...

GMZ tells her she thinks Judd was genuinely fond of her, and then this devolves into a discussion of Nick, and how he cried and said he wanted her to meet his family.

Jessie:  Me and Judd were not like that.

GMZ:  I need to go fucking floss my teeth and pee and poop...

(No, I'm not making this up.)

(But have you ever seen GMZ look this good?)

After GMZ leaves Jessie tells Spencer that Amanda and McCrae are working closely with Helen and Elissa, and that Andy goes around and tells everything to all four of them.  She says Aaryn is a rat, too.

Jessie:  And I'll be in there rooting for you..

Spencer:  Thank you..

Jessie Makes Waves, Angers Helen Kim #BB15

This is a Flashback from last night, around 11:30 pm BBT.  A crew of house guests were in the HoH talking smack about Jessie, when suddenly Jessie appeared.

Jessie sat quietly while GMZ made an excuse for leaving.  Elissa turned to leave, but in a BIZARRE turn stopped at the door to ask Jessie if she was taking "any medication" this week.  Jessie seemed bewildered by the question and needed clarification.

Elissa:  You've been over analytical this whole week, so I'm wondering if you've been taking something...

Jessie:  No....I'm offended that you would even ask that...

Elissa:  Oh, you're offended?  Okay.

(The DR ought to back slap Elissa about that....it might be okay to ask a friend about their medications, but this is being broadcast.....some sort of confidentiality must apply, right?)

Even though she was outnumbered, Jessie appeared calm, and turned to Helen after Elissa left.  She called Helen out for telling Amanda that Jessie was the one who wanted to evict Amanda in the last two weeks.

Helen got LOUD in her denial, really patronizing Jessie and trying to pull rank on her with her dismissive comments.  At least three times she announced she was leaving, and stomped to the door, before turning around to dish up some more denial.

Jessie got specific, mentioning how Helen was "over the moon" when she thought they only needed one more vote to evict Amanda.  I think her calmness showed that she was telling the truth, while Helen just got angrier and angrier.

 Look at Helen's face.  She is LIVID.

After Helen finally left Jessie told Andy that Candice was encouraging her to "hook up with Judd to get his vote" so that they wouldn't even need Andy's vote to evict Amanda.  Andy is just listening..

As they leave the HoH Suite Jessie tells Andy she is always the fall guy for all of their schemes and lies.

Jessie:  And for Elissa to ask me about MY medications?  She needs to look in the mirror.

Wil Heuser Presents: Big Brother 15 - The Saga Episode #7 #BB15

Is there some kind of award that Wil can win for this series?  Can he submit this clip for consideration somewhere?  Because he has really outdone himself with this one.

I saw Wil tweet during last week's live show that he was ready to start filming immediately, so I know this one would be good.

In this episode, we see:

*   Julie Chen backstage, preparing for the show
*  An impressive group shot of the remaining house guests.
*  Spencer, looking so real it is scary.
*  Candice, as a murderous Clown
*  Nick's hat, in a very special cameo

And Wil's version of Elissa is honestly laugh out loud funny.  I know people have a compulsion to through "LOL" and "LMFAO" out all over the place, but I honestly cannot control the laughter when Elissa takes the stage.

I've said enough.  Just watch and enjoy.  Bravo Wil!

Andy's HoH Room #BB15

Usually, the CBS Sunday night show includes a short clip of the new HoH entering the HoH Suite for the first time, along with all of the other house guests, who may or may not be forcing themselves to appear interested.

CBS did not include footage of Andy's HoH Room reveal last Sunday, probably because of all of the Judd Blindside hoopla and all of the Man Crying.

But maybe they didn't show it because it was just plain weird.  I mean, allegedly.

CBS just tweeted out this link where you can watch a free clip that is under two minutes long.  However I will highlight the parts here that I think you need to know, friends.  These are the main two items shown in the CBS clip.

That pile of gray rags is Andy's "security blanket" that he has slept with his whole life. 

Andy:  I didn't want to bring it here because I was afraid I would lose it.

(Is that really what you were afraid of, Andy?)

Here is Andy, clutching his precious "blanket", which by now is just shreds of cloth.   The little box is full of Andy's "dead baby teeth" that his mother has been keeping for decades now.

Andy's letter was from his mom.  I'm not sure if she was trying to be funny, or what, but the letter sounded like a fill-in-the-blank letter that could have been written by just about anyone.

Let's get another look at those teeth.  I know that you can't help your parents quirks and habits, but why did she feel the need to send him the teeth for his HoH room?  Couldn't she have sent him something to make his life more comfortable, or a treat of some sort?  Maybe bake him some cookies or something?

Suddenly the kitty cat T-shirt is making more sense to me...