Sunday, August 11, 2013

PoV Costumes #BB15

So, if  you don't know, Andy won the PoV last night, so he has all of the power until Monday, when he will choose to either use it to blindside someone or leave the nominations as-is.

It was the "counting" challenge and there was a horror monster theme.  They all enjoyed it, apparently, and there was some girl singing something.  Andy says even the Production people standing on the roof were laughing at it.

Andy jokes that the singing competition show that the girl was from has probably replaced Big Brother on the CBS schedule.

These are the T-shirts that they wore.  So I guess Andy's wardrobe has grown by 25%, just like that.  (Blood!  Bolts!  Bandages! is what the shirts say.)


Andy has Choctaw beer (?) from his HoH basket, and according to him it has 5% alcohol.  Amanda asked him for a sip and said it was glorious, and that the guy on the label looks like Puck from The Real World.

The Candice vs. Gina Marie Smackdown is still a big topic of conversation.  Both Spencer and McCrae can't wait to watch it on TV, because they can't really remember the exact details.  Spencer thinks his own speech sucked, but McCrae thinks he handled the situation very well.

Spencer meant to thank Hugh Hefner, but he forgot.  McCrae thinks that Hugh is a fan of Big Brother since Kara Monaco was part of the cast last year.

(Really McCrae?  Oh c'mon...)

Spencer thinks by forgetting to thank Hugh, he might have blown his chance to go to the Playboy Mansion.

(Really Spencer?  ANYBODY can go to the mansion now....)

Gina Marie has fashioned her weave into braids or dread locks.  She spells her stepfather's last name for us, so we know his name is Rocco Saracco.  At least I think that is what GMZ said. We got FISH as Production tried to save GMZ from herself, but you just know some fans will be able to use that information to get into trouble.

Helen's mom doesn't speak English, she says.