Saturday, August 10, 2013

Scenes From This Morning #BB15

These are pictures I took this morning of the house guests.  The PoV Player Pick or maybe even the PoV competition is happening now, as I type.

McCrae got up "early" and sat around, thinking.  He really wanted to speak with Andy but had a hard time getting his attention privately.  Apparently Production messed up the audio during the Nomination Ceremony last night so they all got called to the DR to re-record what they said.  McCrae had to say "Aaryn, you are safe".  So we should all look for that on the Sunday show.

(What did I tell you about the effing Audio Crew this year?  Fire those jackasses..)

McCrae enjoys his coffee next to what may be the Douchiest Memory Wall Picture that Ever Douched.  Who made McCrae do that in the pictures?  Let's fire them, too.  How embarassing.

Amanda came out with a Morning Voice and immediately started asking McCrae what he wanted for breakfast.  He responded with the usual "I don't knows" and she decided to make eggs and enough bacon for a crowd.  McCrae begged for onion in the eggs but Amanda  said she was going to use salsa, which contains onion.  Then she packed a sack lunch for him to take to school.  (Just kidding about that part!)

Amanda went to the DR to tape her nomination voice-overs and McCrae stirred the eggs for her.  The sight of that really makes me want to vomit.  It is a pan full of would-be chickens!  Gross!

Andy appeared wearing yesterday's shirt, in case you are keeping score at home.  Amanda put the bacon in the oven to cook, saying that is the best way to cook it for a large crowd.  She learned that from the cook on some chartered boat trip she took.  

Elissa came in and started early, bitching about how slop makes her stomach hurt.  She thought she would have to "go to the hospital" last time, so she is dreading the same feeling this week as a Have Not.

Amanda came back and scolded McCrae for overcooking the bacon.  Helen took the blame, saying she's the one who told McCrae to leave it in for a few more minutes, because she likes crispy bacon herself.  Then all of a sudden Amanda said the bacon was cooked just fine.  Bitch.

Elissa stirred up a bowl of something vigorously.

Andy:  Who wants to see me put my HoH laundry in the storage room?

Sometimes when I look at Spencer I am surprised when his soft southern voice comes out of his body.  His voice is nothing like you would expect it to be.

Look at him, watching everybody.  If his job with the railroad falls through, he might want to apply at a nearby federal prison.  I can see him doing that type of work, and maybe enjoying it.  Maybe even getting to use one of those sticks to slap some people around.

Did I tell you you could leave your cell?

Ha ha ha. Just having fun Spencer.  Please don't come over here and kill me.

 Elissa showed everyone her "milk and brown sugar" breakfast so she could get just a little more complaining in about it.  She better watch out or Spencer may come over there and club her before throwing her in The Hole for the rest of the week.

Ha ha. I slay myself.

Jessie pouts.  Of course.  And you can see Helen Kim POUNDING through the house getting her daily exercise in.

There are ants in the kitchen now, in addition to the "rat droppings" that Aaryn saw earlier in the week.  For two girls who used to hate each other, Elissa and Aaryn do a pretty good job of small talk.  They have similar interests, discussing "scrunch bottom" bikinis and Victoria's Secret.


Elissa noticed that Spencer has the same shorts that Andy has, and Aaryn asks him if Marilyn picked out that color.  Spencer admits he picked them out himself, knowing that he has a lot of gray clothes and the color might be nice.

I always love it when the camera guys participate in the conversation.

Amanda is now getting dinner started, and is rinsing boneless chicken breasts before putting them in a pan.  Elissa wondered why she rinsed them, so they discussed topics like blood and bacteria on meat.

(If you can't go vegetarian, please consider trying Meatless Mondays, for your health, the environment, and to save the lives of innocent animals.  Thank you.)

Amanda cut up a huge pile of onions and took her time separating the rings and putting them in the pan.  She did not appear to have any issues with tearing as she handled the onions.  So maybe she's not human, after all. 

Then she chopped up potatoes and dumped them in the pan, too.

Aaryn and Elissa discussed Judd as they did their morning beauty routines.

Aaryn:  I don't miss him playing us, but I do miss his energy, and just having him around.  He was so funny and I'll bet outside of the house he would be a great friend.

Elissa:  He was the first person I connected with in here.

Aaryn:  I don't understand why he didn't want to hug you.

(On the live show I heard Elissa whine "I had nothing to do with this, Judd" as Judd made his way to the door, so maybe he shunned her when she approached him for a hug.)


This year I am also tweeting the live shows, and also the live feeds from time-to-time.  When I am trying to make a living at my real job I monitor the live feeds and stop to tweet when I hear something good.  Here is an example of my tweets--sometimes I post info later here, and sometimes not.

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Prepare to Be Disgusted #BB15

McCrae is trying to rest before the PoV, and is disturbed by a proposal Helen made to him recently.  Apparently Helen wanted to make a final three deal with him, that did not include Elissa or Amanda.

McCrae says it is great news if it's true....if he believes it...

But Amanda is more interested in the filth growing in McCrae's left ear.

Amanda ran down the hallway to get a Q-Tip and McCrae enjoyed a blessed moment of silence while she was gone.

She dug out something gross, and made sure that McCrae acknowledged it, and also that we all saw it, too.

McCrae doesn't feel good, but doesn't want to take medicine for it.  Amanda nagged him about this for a few minutes.  He doesn't want to take Pepto Bismal, and his feet hurt, too.

Amanda wants to know when the last time McCrae changed his underwear was...he said "two days ago", so Amanda did the math and calculated that his undies are three days old.  (***Ew***)  Then a few minutes later she said that something she was thinking about was "turning her on" and mentioned that she stopped taking The Pill before she came in the house.

Amanda: I brought one pack in with me...should I start taking it?

McCrae:  I don't know.  

Amanda:  It takes awhile to start working.

FYI I read online that Amanda and McCrae had actual intercourse when the live feeds were down during the drunken Halfway Party they had on Wednesday night.  None of the fans saw this, of course, but I guess live feeders heard them allude to it afterwards.  I did not hear it with my own ears, but what Amanda just said kind of leads me to believe it is true.

They compared arches and McCrae said that she has "crazy arches".

The camera show us the lovely Gina Marie sleeping in the Have Not room.  They actually got so close up that we could see snot glistening in her nostrils, but I was not that quick with the camera.  You're welcome!

Spencer is having Sleepy Time, too.  Dreaming of unicorns and butterflies, I'm sure.

Clownie never sleeps. He is always watching...waiting...

He is in Aaryn's hat---remember Hat Gate #1, when Candice supposedly sat on Aaryn's cowboy hat on purpose?  Spencer actually made that up but that didn't stop Aaryn from ripping Candice a new one.  Ahhh...the memories.  (You can see the Mean Girls in action here.)


Back in the bed with McCranda, McCrae advised Amanda not to make any more jokes about Aaryn's weight, because she already has body distortion issues.

Amanda reacts strongly to this and says she was only joking, and Aaryn knew that.

Amanda:  How come Andy can joke all of the time about evicting people but I make one joke and you yell at me!

(We all know joking about someone getting fat is NOT the same thing, right ladies?  Hell no.)

Amanda got out of bed and kind of stormed out of the room.