Friday, August 9, 2013

Tennessee Mourns the Loss of Judd #BB15

East Tennessee 'Big Brother' player evicted by surprise 'blindside'
By Chuck Campbell

Posted August 9, 2013 at 1:17 a.m.

Judd Daugherty

Etowah’s Judd Daugherty entered the CBS “Big Brother” house in June as a distinct underdog with a sound strategy: be nice and play dumb. It worked like magic for the month of July, though ultimately Daugherty fell victim to the paranoia of his allies and his own sloppy gameplay, and he was evicted from the house Thursday night.

He now becomes a member of the jury, joining Candice Stewart, who was voted out of the game at the beginning of Thursday’s show in a “double eviction” night.

But just maybe it’s not all over for Daugherty: Host Julie Chen hinted that Thursday’s evicted players might not be eliminated from the game. In the past, “Big Brother” has returned an ousted player, and the motto of the show is, “expect the unexpected.”

Daugherty, 26, certainly didn’t expect his demise. He had what he believed was a solid alliance with Amanda Zuckerman, McCrae Olson and Andy Herren. And he thought he had the trust of a few others, including Helen Kim. In a twist this season, “Big Brother” allowed America to select a player to go “up on the block” (nominated for eviction), and America repeatedly voted for the bullying Zuckerman, who frequently berated other players and constantly demanded her way.

The producers didn’t tell the players that fans were making the selection, not other players, and Zuckerman suspected that Daugherty had been given the power and was anonymously putting her up on the block. When she revealed her suspicions to the opportunistic Kim (a self-appointed house “mom” type who has turned off fans for her passive-aggressive and seemingly phony behavior), the two concocted a plan to “backdoor” Daugherty, a slightly complicated process that puts a player on the block without any means to get themselves down. Most players on the block are allowed to play for “veto” so they can take themselves down. After the veto ceremony, however, a new player is sometimes put on the block without the chance to play for another veto.

Several other players hinted to Daugherty that Zuckerman was plotting to take him out, but he didn’t believe them and stayed loyal to his ally. Meanwhile, Zuckerman and Kim went through the house and recruited the other players (including Olson and Herren) to go along with the plan.

After Stewart’s eviction, Aaryn Gries won a “Head of Household” competition, giving her the power to nominate two players for eviction. She put up Spencer Clawson and Jessie Kowalski as pawns. Gries also won the veto competition and seemingly reluctantly went along with the “backdoor” plan, taking Kowalski off the block and putting up a shocked Daugherty. A live audience adjacent to the house audibly gasped and exclaimed in dismay that the fan-popular Tennessean had been tricked.

Inside the house, several players, who had built personal bonds with Daughtery, were visibly distraught, crying and hanging their heads to avoid eye contact with the shaken player as he pleaded with them to keep him in the game.

Yet they unanimously voted him out.

Fans on Twitter were outraged, especially at Zuckerman and Kim. Tweets included, “I could set the big brother house on fire,” “I feel so bad for Judd … This is terrible he doesn’t deserve this at all,” “I hate Amanda so much. She’s such a bully,” “Amanda has gotta go,” “I vote to evict Helen for getting Judd evicted,” “How the cast cannot see how Helen is so fake … is just depressing” and “Helen is so fake I can’t believe no one notices.”

Chen briefly interviewed the affable Daugherty, who works for the property assessor’s office in McMinn County, as he left the house. She asked him what went wrong with his game, and he laughed and exclaimed, “I got the good old blindside tonight! I don’t know what happened!”

What he doesn’t know is that Zuckerman mistakenly lost her trust in him and he mistakenly continued to trust her. His bad instincts cost him the game and the $500,000 prize (barring another twist), while her game continues, along with that of the eight other remaining players.

As a member of the jury, Daugherty will be sequestered from the outside world until the show ends in September. He won’t know the whole truth of what went wrong until then.

Mung Beans & Mackeral #BB15

Elissa is pissed off and is mad that she volunteered to be a Have Not.  Meanwhile McCrae and Helen are kind of excited, and chatted with Spencer about trying to grill them with spices.

Elissa is being a real bitch about it..."I think I'm gonna die".

Helen Kim Sleeps. #BB15

There is a loud conversation all around her, involving Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Elissa Aaryn and Gina Marie.  Yes, she is sleeping over GMZ's voice.

Being a BB gangster is tiring, I guess.

Andy is literally shrieking that the college bar that Jeff Schoeder used to go to (Stoney's) is near where Andy lives and they are going to go drinking there sometime.

Spencer proudly remembers getting the buffet comped during one vacation.

Helen Goes In For the Kill #BB15

Andy wants to wait a few weeks before they "strike", but Helen wants Andy to know that McCrae and Amanda will be the two reasons why the two of them will not win the game.

Helen thinks Jessie is a wild card because she is too emotional, and is a bigger threat then Spencer. 

Helen:  Do you think Aaryn would flip out if Gina Marie goes?

Andy:  I don't think so.  I think Aaryn is already irritated with Gina Marie.

Helen:  But when it comes down to it, and I probably shouldn't tell you this because you will win $500,000, but in the end you want to be able to say you made the big moves.....if you win HoH I'm going to want you to do it, and if I win HoH next week I might do it..

Now Helen and Andy both agree that McCrae will need to be evicted first--he can win an endurance at the end, and knows more about the game.  They would much rather take Amanda to the end than McCrae.

Helen:  I think there is one more week before all hell breaks loose...I really need Elissa to win HoH, so that she feels confident about competitions.  I need the people I am working with to feel confident.

Andy:  If this week ends with Jessie going home, then I think I won't have any blood on my hands.  If Spencer goes him this week, I'm going to kill someone...seriously...

Amanda Dreamed of Her Ex-Boyfriend #BB15

She is telling the entire group about her dream about her ex-boyfriend, making sure to add that in the dream, her mother was very upset with her about breaking up with a "lawyer who made a good living" for "someone like McCrae".

Elissa:  Your Jew?

Amanda:  Yeah, Adam.

This is McCrae, listening to Amanda talk about the dream.  I'm sure McCrae's mother would love to visit him in a dream and  pass along her feelings about his "engagement".  Just sayin'...

The dream was very involved and involved a woman being murdered, and it turned out to be her.

After Amanda left Spencer came out with a breakfast sandwich for himself and also McCrae, who was super-appreciative.

Spencer told McCrae that the girls are definitely targeting all of the guys, and if McCrae is on the block with Amanda, the girls will vote him out.  (That is an interesting view, because many of the fans think McCrae will be able to use Amanda as a shield.)

McCrae says please keep this quiet, but he would like Elissa to go next.  He is very worried that evicting Judd was a big mistake, helping the girls' alliance evict another man.   Spencer agrees it was not a move that was best for McCrae, under the circumstances.

McCrae:  I know Amanda was dead set on Judd being the MVP, but if I find out that when this is over that he wasn't, I'm going to be really upset.  Like, really upset.

(McCrae is going to be upset about a host of other topics when the game is over, right?)

McCrae:  If I find out Elissa was MVP, I'm going to think that was the worst move of the whole game.

Spencer:  I don't know if wearing a Bear Shirt from Wal-Mart is enough to win  you MVP---he said there were only 2,300 people in his whole that enough votes for an MVP?

Behold Andy's New Shirt #BB15

It was in his HoH room, but I think it was one that was confiscated before the game started in June.  Production let him have the kitty cat shirt, but they didn't let him have this one when the game started.

Those are ribs and organs on there, including a heart.  My dog has a Halloween costume that is similar, from Target, but it is black and the heart is in the traditional shape.

Amanda's ass is hanging out this morning.

 Apparently Andy's "power moves" this week will be to nominate Jessie and Spencer.  Jessie is apparently the target, but if Jessie wins the PoV Gina Marie will go up in her place and Andy will convince Jessie that GMZ was the target all along.

I wonder if Andy asked Helen's permission to execute this plan?

Ooooo  now Amanda says why not put up Helen if Spencer wins the PoV?  McCrae points out that Dan put Memphis on the block as a pawn, and says this would prove their loyalty to Helen when she stays in the house.

Amanda warns Andy not to say anything to anyone about it until the PoV is over.

Hmmmm.  Interesting.

An Update on Howard... #BB15

In the week since Howard left Big Brother, he has continued to struggle and fight, but this time his struggles related to setting up a Twitter account.

For some reason, Howard had great difficulties with this, and needed "God" to help him accomplish the task.

Personally, I believe that people need to fight their own battles, and be accountable for their own actions and outcomes.

Oh, and it's "accept", not "except" Howard.  Unless this is some Bible verse that I have no knowledge of....

About Last Night.... #BB15

So, you might know by now that Andy Herren won the 2nd HoH Competition held last night, after the live show ended.  This was the competition that used the ramp and rolling ball structure that they practiced with on Wednesday night.  (You can see that here.)

I'm not sure that was a good move for Andy, because he didn't need to win and since the MVP twist is over, there will be no mysterious third nomination.

I'm bored already thinking of his nominations, because last night on the live feeds they were all talking about "doing what the house wants".


I would love Andy to make an unexpected power move, like putting up one of the duos of Amanda & McCrae or Helen & Elissa.  However based on the game Andy is playing, it would be too early for him to rock the boat.  I guess he might target Aaryn, but really who knows.

I am super disappointed that Judd was voted out last night.  He was one of the few decent people left who was playing the game.  Most people would say the MVP twist screwed him over, because he was being blamed the last two weeks for America's vote.

I am going to say that Amanda is the one who nailed Judd's BB coffin shut.  Not only was she convinced that Judd was MVP and nominated her, but she spilled a secret that Judd told her that led to his downfall.

When Judd was in isolation, he told people that he overheard Kaitlin in the hallway saying she was targeting Helen.  When Helen heard that, she turned her back on Kaitlin and pushed for her eviction.  McCrae and Amanda ended up discussing this with Judd a week or so after Kaitlin left, and they agreed to keep his lie a secret.  They also realized how smart Judd is, and McCrae wanted to use him as a backup when Amanda left the game.

But Amanda can't keep a secret, so she had a few glasses of wine and before the evening was over, she started telling people about Judd's lie.  It made Judd look sketchy, and diabolical---the direct opposite of his simple, country boy persona.  So let this be a lesson for future contestants on Big Brother:  a secret is a secret is a secret.  Know your role and shut your hole, because their will be plenty of time after the game is over to confess your sins.

I believe America will have another vote in a few weeks, to decide which of the Jury members will come back in the game.  I would hope that America could vote to "tag team" someone by having Judd replace them, but I know America could not handle that type of complicated concept.


I guess we'll never know for sure, but after the live show Aaryn told people that she and Judd kissed after the halfway party on Wednesday.  (The feeds were shut down for a few hours and the house guests had pizza, cake, and danced their asses off to loud music.  Oh, and they got drunk, too.)

What will Jessie do with that information?  FYI this is gross and tasteless, but yesterday Gina Marie told Spencer and Judd that Jessie left a pair of panties with nasty skidmarks on them laying on the bedroom floor.  McCrae showed them to Judd and Spencer and they talked "crap"  (pun intended) about Jessie for a few minutes.

I think Jessie will find out about this, too, and then who knows what will happen?  I don't think she wants to tangle with GMZ though, because that skank fights DIRTY.  Case in Point:  Her LOW BLOW about Candice being adopted on Candice's way out of the door last night.