Thursday, August 8, 2013

McCranda Plans Their Future, Bickers #BB15

Amanda can't wait "to show McCrae his new home", where he will "help keep things clean".   McCrae says he will never pay for a maid, and Amanda assures him that he will if he lives with her.  Candice asks from down the hall if they are talking about moving in together and Amanda says yes.

Amanda is making grilled cheese and soup for them.

Amanda:  Can you see me making lunch for our kids?

McCrae:  No...

Amanda:  What?  Can't you see how maternal I am?

McCrae:  You are very maternal.

Judd whispers to Spencer to update him on the little fight he just had with Jessie.

Judd:  I told her she was the worst person I ever met.

Judd reports to McCrae that he has talked to Elissa and Helen so they don't think he was degrading women or anything.

Conclusion: Tonight's Live Show Will Indeed Be Live #BB15

Although a short tape delay might be in order, just in case some shit goes down.  Everyone is getting ready for tonight in their own way.

Judd is shaving, while Amanda brushes her chompers.  She got her period last night and that is the latest topic she is bitching about non-stop.   You can hear drilling and other construction noises from the backyard, even in the bathroom.

Candice is awfully chipper for someone whose eviction was supposed to be guaranteed for tonight.  Someone mentions Hot Pockets and Candice tells the group that "they don't know...she can fuck up a Hot Pocket at home".

McCrae brushes his teeth, too, if you're wondering.  Will he be a single man in a few hours?  We can only hope...

Andy took this empty paper towel roll and did a very funny experiment, bopping everyone on the head to see whose head was more empty.  It ended up being a tie between Jessie and Andy, I think.

Candice even did a little dancing, and told them about a nasty song that was her favorite in New Orleans.

Then she taught Andy and Elissa a little dance, with popping and snapping.  Andy displays little natural gift of rhythm, but his moves are actually better than they appear in these pictures.

 I don't think I've heard Jessie say one word at all, even when being bopped on the head by Andy with the paper towel roll.  I guess that means she is pouting about some perceived slight.  She usually is...

Judd just finished showering and says his skin is finally clearing up.  He is nervous about tonight but says since he is ready for a double eviction, he hopes they have one.

Helen is running through the house and the sound of her shoes pounding makes me want to slap the shit out of her.  Seriously if I was in there I might trip her or maybe shove her against the wall as she ran by.  We are about the same size, so it would be quite a match up, I think. 

Would I make TMZ like Spencer did?  Maybe, if Helen ran around enough to piss me off.  And probably, if she was chirping "hello!" at people as she ran by like she is doing today.  Helen Kim isn't capable of doing anything quietly.

Guess who's wearing the Bear Shirt tonight?

I was right about Jessie.  Candice asked her what was wrong and she is nearly in tears over something Judd said to her.  Apparently she was moaning in her sleep and Judd said it sounded like she was "getting railed in her dreams" and now she is upset about it.

 Jessie:  He's supposed to be, like my friend here!

Candice:  Well, did you talk to him about it?

Candice is probably thinking, bitch, I'm on the block.  Take care of your own problems.

Judd came in to floss his teeth and sensing confrontation, BB asks Jessie to put on her microphone.

 Sorry to post these, Judd, but it's funny.

Judd left the room and then Jessie unleashed, "crying" that she is so sick of living in an environment like this, where "no one is a good Christian" and "everyone treats everyone like crap".  Then fucking Helen came in and after she heard this, and ran to go get Judd so that he could apologize.

Judd came in and when Jessie asked him why he is there, he said "Helen told him to".  Now Jessie gets in his face about it and Judd said he was just kidding when he told her to "shut the fuck up" and that he was only making a joke to Andy about her moaning in her sleep.

Judd:  I thought you'd think it's funny, with the way you talk about butterscotch all the time and all.

Judd maintains a pleasant face as he tells Helen that Jessie is just looking for attention like she always does, and he is sick of it, and so is everyone else in the house.

Judd:  Just don't talk to me again while we're are always making excuses for drama and you make things miserable for me here.  Everyone hates you in this house.


Judd:  You should have tried out for the Real World, Jessie, it might have been a better fit for you.

Great job Helen!  Another successful maneuver!

(Judd better hope Jessie doesn't win HoH, right?)

One Year Ago Today - "Danielle Obsesses About Shane" - #throwbackthursday #BB15

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday on Twitter, I bring you this very popular post from one year ago today, when the topic of  Danielle Murphree drove Big Brother fans crazy.  The people who mocked her were in overdrive, but nothing was more crazy than the people who tried to defend her.

Last year at this time, Danielle was HoH, and in this post she discusses her "showmance" with Shane Meany, and also starts blabbing about "Trey", who may or may not have ever been romantically interested in Danielle back home in Alabama.  (Every year innocent people get dragged into the BB drama, and Trey was one of those people last year.)

You can read the entire post here.  Enjoy this throwback as we await the live double eviction tonight!

Will Portion's of Tonight's Show Be Taped? #BB15

This morning the house guests started milling around and arrived in the HoH room for the weekly lockdown starting around 9:30 am BBT.   Some of them grabbed breakfast, others just went to the HoH room to grab a spot on the couch or floor to catch some more sleep.

Nothing out of the ordinary at this point.

Then at around 10:15 am BBT, the feeds went to FISH.  This may or may not be significant.  When the house guests have the HoH lockdown on the day of the live show, Production is busy downstairs planning for the live show and competition.  They are checking camera angles, doing a sound check, etc.   In past years the house guests heard the BB theme song at full blast in the HoH room during the lockdown, so they could not hear what was going on downstairs.

Last week the eviction was taped around 12:00 pm BBT.  If they are going to do that today then we may not have the feeds back at all until after the live show concludes this evening.  Last week, however, around this same time the house guests were told to get ready, and the ladies were in a tizzy doing hair and makeup for whatever Big Brother had in store for them.   I specifically heard Candice say that they told her she had only 15 minutes to get ready.  That was not the case today, so who knows...

Candice has threatened to make some statements tonight, but I can't imagine she would "pull a Chima" and would try to get her point across in a dignified manner.  She's a Pageant Patty, after all, and is poised on stage at all times.  Even in a Clownietard, I think Candice will do what she plans to do with class and will not lose her cool.

But let's imagine what would happen if Amanda is evicted instead of Candice?  That may happen....I am as in the dark about what will really happen as anyone, but there is a distinct possibility she will get voted out.  I think all McCrae needs to do is mention it to Helen, and the deed will be done.  CBS better have that "bleep" button ready, huh?  What a show that would be!

I know America would LOVE to see Amanda get blindsided one way or another tonight.  I would love to have the old McCrae back, the one who had potential to win the game.

Hopefully the live feeds will return at some point and we can resume our normal live show schedule.


As always, there are plenty of people out there who "report" on Big Brother every year hoping to make a quick buck.  It drives me CRAZY to see some of the sensationalized misinformation being reported as fact every day on the internet.  

I can't do anything about that, and don't have time to start battles I don't intend to fight.  All I can do is keep doing what I've been doing.  I NEVER report anything that I didn't see or hear with my own eyes and ears unless I specifically state that is the case.  I do post plenty of opinions here that you may or may not agree with, but I do not bend the facts simply to get exposure.


Looking Back to the Beginning of It All... #BB15

At the halfway point of Big Brother each year, I always like to go back and watch the first episode again, knowing what I know now about the house guests and what will happen to many of them in the game.

All episodes of BB15 are available for viewing on the CBS website, with most of the commercials removed.

I particularly like seeing the house guests' homes and workplaces.  For example, we get to see Spencer hard at work at his railroad job, Aaryn playing on her farm, and Jessie playing volleyball and looking incredibly fit doing so.  And let's not forget watching McCrae deliver two pizza pies and zooming away in his beater.

Here are a few things I noted from the premiere episode that I totally forgot about until now.

*  Elissa's BB "dream board" that looks like a kindergarten student made it, complete with an incorrect spelling of Jun Song's name.

*  Andy wearing his "Garanimals" clothes to teach a class, and then telling us while he was packing his suitcase that his clothes were "way too cute to leave behind".

*  Gina Marie's mother in the restaurant when Gina Marie received her BB key.  I blocked that part out, apparently, and had no recollection of seeing her before seeing her picture in the HoH room.

*  McCrae showing us the newsboy hat he bought for $1, he says. This is the same hat that Howard took with him when he left the house, without McCrae's permission.

*  McCrae telling us that "he's not gay", but if he was he would "totally tear Howard apart".  (WTF?)

*  McCrae without the succubus Amanda attached to him, monitoring his every word and action.

*  Amanda commenting that Nick was the most attractive man in the house, due to his confidence.

*  Judd saying that he thought he "died and went to heaven" when he met Gina Marie, because he told us when he was packing his suitcase that he was hoping to meet some "hot, Italian women from Staten Island".  (Based on what I have heard Judd say, I think he was picturing a JoJo type of girl.)

*  Judd was the first one down off his popsicle in the first HoH competition.

*  Spencer complaining about Gina Marie already, saying she is the only person who "laughs with an accent".

*  Julie Chen wore what I think will be her prettiest dress of the season, colorful and flowing.

*  David was the last person to walk in the house (and of course the first one to leave).

*  Jesse bragged about her leadership qualities, and listed all of the things she was in charge of in school.  Who knew?

Spencer's Employer Issues Another Statement #BB15

The new avalanche of chatter that exploded this week regarding Spencer's "joke" about child porn has caused Spencer's employer, Union Pacific Railroad, to issue another statement regarding the matter.

This is from their website, updated yesterday.

I know many of the bloggers and other fans interpreted the July 6th statement to read that Spencer had been terminated.  This is NOT the case, as Spencer is not a direct employee of Union Pacific.  He is a member of a union that has a contract to perform services for the railroad.

They CANNOT terminate his employment without cause.  Spencer took a leave of absence this summer to compete on Big Brother, and if the railroad wishes to terminate his employment when he returns there is a series of steps that it must follow to TRY to make that happen, all governed by the laws of the contract, or collective bargaining agreement.


1.  I can't go into too much detail about this, but in one of my positions with a Fortune 100 company I had 45 employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement in my department.  One of them apparently peed on a tree during the work day in full view of people inside a nearby building.  The people were mortified and called me directly to report what they saw....and they saw a lot.  I had to meet with attorneys to practice my testimony on behalf of the people in the building, who chose not to appear in court due to the circumstances.  The testimony included describing the employee's penis that people claimed to see.  I kept giggling as we practiced and the attorneys were mad at me, telling me we could lose the case if I messed up in court.  I even had to tour the bathroom inside the building to see if it was clean and suitable for use if the employee had chosen to ask to use it rather than peeing on the tree. 

Long story short, this infraction was not enough for the employee to lose his job.  He came back on the job and got paid for the time he was on suspension.  Not because I giggled during testimony, but because his act did not qualify as an act worthy of termination under the contract.

2.  Making inappropriate statements under the guise of a joke while filming a reality show is likely not cause for termination at the railroad.  Making racist comments while not on the job is likely not one, either. It's not like Spencer is part of Investor Relations or an Internal Auditor or some other position where he represents the company in a formal manner.  He works in a rail yard that he has already described as a "locker room" environment.  If you think crude and inappropriate jokes aren't part of any locker room in the US, then you are hopelessly idealistic.  Think about the cable guys or beer doesn't matter what their personal beliefs are, as long as they lawfully do their jobs.

3.  Of more concern to Spencer might be his comments about pot and K2 smoking, as well as the helpful tips regarding paraphenalia he has discussed on the live feeds.  I would imagine this would indeed violate the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, if indeed he is partaking in his off hours.  We may be legalizing marijuana use for medical and/or recreational use in many states, but having a job like Spencer's where safety is an issue will NEVER relax the rules regarding drug use that impedes your ability to do your job.  No one wants a train disaster, do they?

4.  This is one example of why I am not pro-union, although I did enjoy working with 99% of the union employees I managed.  The system does not allow star performers to succeed, because it is generally based on seniority.  When layoffs are necessary, it is ALWAYS the people with the least experience who are terminated, even if their performance is stellar.  Personally, I believe in a meritocracy where hard work and grit pay off as far as advancement in the workplace, rather than whoever's butt has been in the chair the longest.  Plus, we have OSHA, Worker's Comp, and many other programs to protect worker's rights that were not available when the union system began to grow.  I'm not an expert, this is just my opinion.

5.  Finally, regarding the legalization of marijuana....f you would like to get involved in "the movement" you can easily find groups in your state that are trying to introduce legislation and educate voters on the facts.  Even buying a T-shirt will help the movement and trust me, when you wear that shirt it is a real conversation starter.  My friend and I bought "legalization" T-shirts from a local organization  and the night we wore them out in the bars we had a line of people trying to talk to us about it.  New friends, free drinks, even a date with a cute attorney for my friend.

It's all happening now, and you can be a part of it.