Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The HoH Competition is Another Crap Shoot #BB15

They are rolling balls down this little see saw and aiming for containers placed at the end.  Aaryn did really well and Spencer called her a "ringer".

Candice says it will be "way harder" tomorrow night, and will probably be longer.  Elissa agrees and says that they might have to stand on something.  Aaryin doesn't want to try it again since she did so well last time.

(My live feeds are acting up today---every time I click the "Go to Live" it takes me to about 20 minutes back.)

Helen didn't do well when she tried, but McCrae did well.

***UPDATE***  Since Production told Gina Marie that she should practice this game too, I am now thinking this will be the PoV competition we will see live on Thursday. GMZ can't participate in the next HoH competition, but she will be an eligible player for the PoV.

Everyone is Buzzing Now...What is Up? #BB15

Apparently Gina Marie has been MIA for awhile.  They think it might have something to do with an upcoming competition and have started looking around the house to see if anything is missing or different.

Production made an announcement during FISH, and based on that Judd sent someone in to get Jessie up. 

They were told to be camera ready, apparently, and the girls are working on that now.

Maybe they will do the first eviction tonight?  To facilitate Candice's "speech" during before the house guests that she has threatened to make?

Here is Judd making his peanut butter and turkey sandwich.  Yes, he really eats that.

And Candice has taken her Clownietard to Candyland, but fashioning the top into a cute halter.

Jessie came in and sassed Judd about waking her up,. but Judd said she needed to be camera ready, but she "looks pretty already".

Will Elissa have the time she needs to get ready?


Julie Chen is Up to Something #BB15

She posted this on Instagram today.

Maybe she will press it and a bunch of new house guests will come in and tag out the old house guests.

You never know.  I know we are supposed to expect the unexpected, but there's not much of that left.

Spencer Runs His Yap, Alerts the Police #BB15

I honestly don't know what to say about this.  I have made "jokes" about Spencer having bodies in his basement, but certainly did not expect this.

You can read the TMZ story here, along with the many spirited comments.

Also, from what I understand EOnline published a version of this story that they stole from Spicy's website, but they added damning information that they pulled out of thin air.  It was a shitty freelance journalist, so that gives you an idea about the type of quality journalism EOnline provides.  You can read Spicy's article here.

Go get 'em, Spicy.

Gina Marie's HoH Blog - "Whooo hooooooo!" #BB15

If you've ever wondered if Production edits the HoH Blog, this one should put those fears to rest.

Shout out to Nick, who is "routing" Gina Marie on from home, the Hamptons, Malibu, or Palm Beach.

HoH Blog: GinaMarie

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 10:10am

OMG BBVX this weeks been crazy!!!! i can't believe I'm had the honor of being HOH!!! Its awesome my BB Bunny gave me my key hahahah soooooo awesome it was perfect !!!

the only thing that could of made being HOH perfect was having Nick here to share it with me :-(((. I miss him like crazy . but i know he's routing me on back home and is super duper proud of me … if you ever see that "Blue Hat" it means i'm thinking of you and knowing your still with me in this crazy house . Nick you made me feel so special and always made me smile and laugh. you are such an amazing guy . i don't know how I'm living here without you lol. just know i'm playing nice, staying cool, and working hard for us . i'll see you soon !!!

First night as HOH was AMAZING!!!! everyone got to see my pic and all my cool ass stuff ! Being HOH is amazing !!! but it not all sunshine and rainbows … you know you have to nom 2 house guest and thats one of my hardest jobs. but it a dirty job an somebody's Got to do it !!!

Last but not least i Finally got my hair dyed thanks to Elissa . she rocks !!!! It came out amazing . Whooo hooooo !!!

i'll leave off on this note . I coundt be happier living in the Big brother House . I met the most amazing people and maybe even found the man of my dreams ! i coundt of asked for anything more , even though theres ups and downs and you miss your family and friends back at home. I feel truly blessed for bing here and living my dreams . I thank you all so much , I may not be the best writer but i try lol. thank you to my friends and family back at home in staten island new york … thank you all so much you i love you !!! Well i guess I'm all done … i love all you BB fans… keep watching its gonna get even more wild and crazy ohhhhh and it you like think of me and give me some luck so i can be the next MVP lol. thank you all so much

Spencer Has High Hopes for Gina Marie and Nick #BB15

This is a Flashback from the wee hours of this morning, after the previously recapped post about the house guest's "numbers".

Amanda, Judd and McCrae went out to the couch to smoke, and Spencer joined Gina Marie in the hammock.  Their first topic of conversation was Candice, who is on the block this week, of course.

They comment that she isn't even doing anything this week to make them want to keep her in the house.  Spencer says that she attacked him like a wild animal last week and he can't stand hearing her voice.

(Candice uses a rather annoying "baby" voice that may or may not be authentic.  I'm often annoyed by it on the live feeds, so I can understand where he's coming from on that.)

Spencer is surprised that GMZ didn't nominate Elissa instead of him, since Elissa was the MVP who nominated Nick, and GMZ says she was worried about who Elissa is working with in the game.

GMZ:  You know, I was gonna do that, but if I did I know Helen would be pissed as shit....and Amanda would be pissed...McCrae....fucking all four of them, 'cause I know they're working together.  I'd get a new asshole if I put her up.

GMZ says they tried to get her out for three weeks and it didn't work.  Spencer says he understands, and there may be a time in the next few weeks when he needs something from her, so it's okay.  GMZ thinks that Jessie will be the next to go, and that two more people have to leave before the Jury is seated.

Spencer:  Two more weeks and it's easy money, and I can both use that shit.  I'm gonna buy a new car, put the rest in the bank and take Marilyn to the Bahamas (he won a trip), buy her a nice ring....gonna spank that booty a few times...

GMZ:  I want Nick to spank my fuckin' booty.

Spencer:  I hope he fucks the shit out of you, Gina Marie.

GMZ:  I hope so too...but he's scared of me...

Spencer:  I know he will just fuckin' rock his world.  I hope ya'll get married and invite me to the wedding.

GMZ:   Oh yeah, definitely.

Spencer:  Me and Marilyn will come up're gonna love that girl.  She's sweet and she'll think you're funny as shit.  You can imagine...a girl who's gonna put up with me has got to be cool.

GMZ: Oh, you're not that bad Spencer.

Gina Marie describes how nurturing she is, and how caring.

GMZ:   That's why guys walk all over me sometimes.

GMZ:  But with Nick?  When I first met 'em he was all cocky and shit, but I said, you wanna be cocky?  So I fuckin' stepped it up and he was like, oh shit. I was like, you're some big womanizer and you can't handle me?  When I came out in that stripper outfit, he almost fuckin' died!

GMZ:  Oh my god.  He doesn't know what's gonna happen to him.  I don't wanna scare him, though..

Spencer:  It's like, he's been eating granola his whole life, and you're gonna be like Frosted Flakes.

Gina Marie loves that and has a good laugh.

Spencer starts talking about how he loves to touch Marilyn's thighs, when GMZ alerts him that she has to burp.  She proceeded to execute one of the loudest belches I have ever heard.  McCrae acknowledges that he heard that over on the couch and GMZ is proud.

Then she started whispering about Aaryn getting into fights with Jessie and being pissy with her this week.

GMZ:  I don't want to go down on that sinking ship again...

Spencer:  We've just got to keep our fucking mouths shut around here....

Gina Marie: Yo, I'm Tweetin' #BB15

Well, Gina Marie's HoH tweets did not disappoint...

Let's just review a few of the many hashtags Gine Marie has used:

*  #poshlife
*  #freshposh
*  "boom
*  #bbblondes
*  #glamourousLife

And of course

*  #nickandgm
*  #blue hat

The House Guests Discuss Their "Numbers" #BB15

This is a Flashback from the wee hours of this morning, around 1:20 am BBT.  McCranda is lounging in the Cockpit with Spencer and Judd and having general chit chat.

Spencer would like the person who played the best game to win BB15, and doesn't care if this week is a Double Eviction (it is!) as long as he isn't the one leaving the game.

Spencer:  I don't want anyone who is sour on the Jury...

Judd:  Or butterscotch......sour butterscotch...

(A call back to Spencer saying weeks ago that he thought Jessie's cooch would taste like butterscotch.)

 Spencer: Yeah.  Aaryn apparently told Jessie that I said her pussy would taste like butterscotch, and she has brought it up to me every single fucking day since then.

Judd:  What?  What the hell does she say about it?

Spencer:  Well, I said in my first week's goodbye message that I was sorry to see her go, that her pussy probably tastes like butterscotch.

Amanda:  You DID NOT say that!

Spencer:  I did.  I swear.  I mean,  it didn't stick and I had to redo it, but I said it.  And I told some people about it and apparently it got back to Aaryn.  And Jessie says, you say my vagina tastes like butterscotch..

Amanda accuses him of saying that she would taste like peanut butter and jelly and Spencer denies it.

Judd:  That's what you told me...not just peanut butter and jelly, but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with the bread and the whole thing..

Spencer, laughing:  On wheat bread, toasted.

Amanda:  And after Jessie said that, did she ask you to lay in the hammock with her?

Judd:  Jessie loves any type of attention, so I'm sure she loved you sayin' that about her.

Spencer:  I'm well aware of that.  I was telling McCrae the other day that she was the type of chick you could date for six months and one day she would say she's moving to Seattle.  So I said to her that I had a dream that she would move to Seattle for a great opportunity and she said "yeah?"

Judd:  She's the kinda girl who would stay overnight at your house and you tell her you hafta get up early, like at 7:00 am.

Amanda:  And she stays at your house?

Judd:  No, you watch her drive, and then you drive in the other direction and then turn around and go home and go back to bed.

McCrae laughs and Amanda wonders if things like that really happen.  Spencer says he's done that tons of times, and one time he told a chick that he didn't have time to drive her to work, so he dropped her off at her boss's house and went home and went back to sleep.

(That girl should thank her lucky stars she didn't end up buried in Spencer Clawson's basement, right?)

This type of information is all new for Amanda, and she can hardly believe what she is hearing.  Spencer says he has opened his gate and parked in the backyard before so the girls didn't think he was home after he slept with them.

(That is what the garage is for, people.)

Judd asked McCrae if he's ever done anything like that before.

McCrae:  No..I've only slept with like, three different people.

Amanda:  In your life?

McCrae says yes, and Amanda asks "really?".  Judd and Spencer are kind of speechless and I hear Judd mumble the word "fiance" sandwiched in between a bunch of other mumbled words.  Spencer tells him to look up at the camera and say their names and Judd says "slander, slander" in a sing song voice.

(I feel it is important for you to know that during this entire conversation, Spencer is putting one of those little flossing contraptions in his mouth.  Personally, I don't feel that tooth flossing belongs ANYWHERE but the bathroom sink.  If you are a regular flosser, then you will understand why.  If you are not a regular flosser, than you probably have really bad breath due to all of the decaying food and plaque under your gums.)

(I am not trying to imply that, due to flossing, Spencer's breath is clean and fresh, mind you.  I have no idea about the state of Spencer's mouth odor and I am happy to report that.  Maybe his breath smells like butterscotch.  ***ugh***)

McCrae:  Yeah...two of them were one night stands.

Spencer:  Oh, good for you bro.  Most of mine are...I have very few repeat visitors.  Or customers...whatever...

(The jokes just write themselves, people.)

Amanda, laughing:  Well, don't tell America that!

Judd, to McCrae:  Well, you're making me feel like a slut.

Amanda:  Three people?

Judd reports he has been with between 10 and 20 "people".

Judd:  I mean, I'm not sure...somewhere between there...I've not really counted...

Spencer: Yes, you have.

Judd admits that a bunch of them were one night stands and asks Amanda "is that bad?"

Spencer:  I would bet 80% of the women I slept with were just one time..

(Were they dead afterwards Spencer?  Was that their last day on earth?)

Judd:  I'd say about 85%. for me.

Amanda:  Do you wear condoms with your one night stands?

McCrae:  No..

Amanda:  YOU DIDN'T??  I can't believe you just admitted that!

Spencer:  Dude, I don't ever...

Amanda:  WHAT?

Spencer:  I feel awful even tryin' to put one on.

McCrae laughs and Spencer says that is something you practice in high school but then you're just like, fuck it.

Amanda, to McCrae:  I can't even believe you didn't even know where those two bitches had been and you didn't wear a condom!

McCrae:  No...

Amanda:  Then you need to get tested before we have sex..  I always wear a condom before we get tested...

Judd, to McCrae:  What about that girl you were with the week before you came here?

McCrae:  There was no girl..

Amanda:  WHAT???

Judd, laughing: I'm just fuckin' with you..he never told me that....I'm completely lyin'...

Spencer launches into a story about this "hot chick hobo" he tried to fuck one time.

Amanda: WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT.  You fucked a homeless girl?

Spencer: No, she wasn't homeless.  She was tryin' to ride the rails to get to Florida.  And she was very sexy..she was from Bulgaria.  Her name was Yana (he spelled it for us) and she was wearing boots and wind pants...

Gina Marie comes in and interrupts them to say good night and Amanda just can't get over that they "fuck random chicks without a condom".  GMZ is eating fiber pills and says they taste like candy.

GMZ:  I eat, like six a day but I've only had three.

Amanda:  WHAT?  I've never had any...I'm scared.  But I should because I never poop.

Spencer:  Well, any way, this chick was wearing like, construction boots and we had to do it quick so I just pulled her pants down and fucked her from behind.

Amanda:  I can't believe you fucked a homeless girl with no condom!

Spencer gave her a McDonald's hamburger in exchange for the transaction and he said he could feel her IUD when they were doing it.

Spencer:  My friends said I was a hobosexual.

They all laughed and Spencer told Amanda that McCrae's two people that he had unprotected sex with will not give her an STD.  Amanda points out that they were tested before they came in the house for STDs.  Amanda says they test for drugs and other things, too.

Spencer says he has been with 46 women.

Judd:  You've been with remember?

Spencer:  No, I don't remember.  I remember the number but I don't remember all of the chicks.  I can recall way less than half of their names.

Amanda can't even  guess how many people she has slept with...she doesn't know her number.

Judd:  Like 10 or 20?

Amanda:  Yeah, 10 or 20.

McCrae:  Bullshit!

Spencer:  It's not bragging if you have a pussy.  Anyone anywhere with a pussy can find someone to put their dick into it.

McCrae:  I call bullshit on that...I heard you say at the pool one time....

Judd:  Over 50?

Amanda:  What did I say?

Spencer said he would believe any number over 70, and McCrae agrees.

Amanda, laughing:  It was 15 or 20.

Judd:  You said all of the Miami Dolphins!

Amanda:  Yeah, the second string.

 Judd:  The whole team?

Amanda:  No, it was 15 or 20.

Spencer gets up to leave, saying he's tired of this "spool of lies".  Judd wants to go outside to smoke and the group breaks up.   It turns out that Amanda is naked under the blanket and she and McCrae bicker about the two people he slept with unprotected, and the real number of people she's slept with.

Judd:  I can't believe I drank after Spencer last night...I feel disgustin'....