Monday, August 5, 2013

Aaryn Toys With Judd #BB15

Judd is laying on the HoH bed with Aaryn, while Gina Marie lays next to them listening to Christina Aquilera.

Aaryn is hating on Jessie big time, and wants Judd to start saying things in front of Jessie to drive her crazy.  Things like commenting on how hot Aaryn looks  to make Jessie jealous.

Aaryn:  I'd love to make her can I do that?

Judd:  She's already almost done it twice.....I don't see how she would be jealous, she don't even like me...

Judd doesn't agree to this plan, but says Jessie is so emotional he has to watch himself with her.  She has flip-flopped a number of times over the last week and he wonders when she will turn on him.  When she approached him about voting out Amanda this week he just told her that it was too early.

Judd would rather see Elissa leave before Jessie, but says they need to wait and see who wins HoH.  Judd says Amanda has got to stop freaking out and grilling people, blowing up and starting fights.  Aaryn told Judd that Jessie tells everyone that she is just using him.

 My new favorite tweeter was watching this, too, and had the following to say.

I'm not even going to pick on David's spelling...we know what he means here.  And Judd's friends are watching the live feeds, too.

 Here is the latest update on Amanda's tan and "engagement" plans.  She is planning on having her "bachelorette party" tonight (***retch***) and Elissa has been making a cake for her.  She made frosting this morning and announced that it was very fattening and was not part of her usual diet.  She used powdered sugar, butter, and half and half.  Once she was finished she added pink Crystal light powder for color and flavoring.  Everyone who tasted it said it was delicious..

Amanda also told Helen and Elissa a story that Big Brother didn't want us to hear.  It was a story about Amanda freaking out because she didn't have her medication, and how she went in the DR and kept asking them about it, and what they kept saying to her.

I can only guess that the story ended with her getting her pills, but maybe Big Brother has been listening to Aaryn point out to GMZ her suspicions that Amanda is not taking the proper dosage of Adderall.  Aaryn has noticed that Amanda started taking double the amount she first took in the house, and had a stash of pills stored in the bedroom.  Aaryn also explained exactly how Adderall works, and said that Amanda's reactions to things and other behavior indicate that she may be taking way too much.


David has something to say about this, too.

Update to Last Week's Live Show Scandal #BB15

I've been looking for last Thursday's live show in the CBS On Demand queue, and it's still not there.  Not sure why that is, but I just watched it again on the CBS website.  (You can read about last week's live show scandal here.)

Now that I know the truth about the first 45 minutes being pre-taped at 12:00 pm BBT, it was fairly obvious from viewing the episode again.  For example:

1. The house guest's energy is really low.  Some of them looked like they were about to fall asleep in the couch.  Yes, I'm talking to you McCrae.  They just aren't used to being energetic at that hour---staying up until 4:00 or 5:00 am on a daily basis is the norm for many of them.

2.  The audience response did not sound authentic.  Whenever it ended it was just too abrupt.  It sounds really fake now that I know the truth.  Even when Julie announced next week was a double eviction, the response was lackluster and that is not normal.

3.  Julie didn't say the live HoH competition was next.  Instead she said the "live HoH competition is just around the corner".  She's right, if the corner is six hours away.

I wonder what the plan is for this week's live show?  Surely Production knows that pre-taping a double eviction show is going to ruin it for us.  Even though the double eviction shows are always nerve-wracking for me, the fact that we can see the house guests learn about the night's schedule in real time is what makes the episode so exciting.  We're all in it together and there is nothing like it.  (Particularly when I can turn on the live feeds moments after the show ends and join the drama in progress.)

I believe that Production was worried about what Howard would say last week, rather than any uncontrollable outbursts from the audience.   Hopefully they feel like they can control Candice from "keeping it real with a Candyland moment".  After all, she's a pageant girl.  She is used to being on stage in the midst of a pressure-filled situation.

Here's the thing:  All of the house guests were obviously told to wear the same clothes for the HoH competition after they evicted Howard, so surely they knew something was off-kilter with the schedule.  McCrae, Judd, Helen and Elissa are all regular watchers of Big Brother, so I would expect them to discuss the schedule change at some point.

Did anyone hear them talk about the change in the live show schedule after the fact?

The PoV Ceremony is Over. #BB15

And Spencer is in the hot seat now.  Gina Marie is thanking him for his cooperation and says she definitely owes him some favors in the game now.

Spencer is going to try and lay low this week and not get in any fights.  He thinks everybody is planning to evict Candice and Gina Marie hopes that is the case.

GMZ:  That frickin' bitch is going home.....and that costume is a joke and if you act like a child, you are going to leave like a child and I can't frickin' wait.

Later, after Spencer left, Gina Marie tried furiously to scratch her fleas, just out of reach under the cone.

***just kidding about that part***

Whispers and Schemes on a Monday Morning #BB15

Everyone has been running around getting ready for this morning's PoV ceremony, where Jessie will use the PoV to save herself and someone else will go up on the block in her place.

Spencer, most likely.  But maybe Elissa....

Meanwhile, a lot of whispering has been going on.  More than usual, I think.  Candice and Elissa smirked and whispered as they stood in the mirror.  Andy was in the shower at the time and asked what the two of them were whispering about.

Elissa:  Your eviction, Andy!

Then Jessie started getting ready for the meeting.  She'll have significant camera time for the first time in a long time.  She's wearing the Bear Shirt, too.

Then Judd came in to brush his teeth, and Jessie made the pitch to evict Amanda this week, saying that it is going to be so hard to get Amanda out of the game.  She is so manipulative, and tells lies.

Jessie:  She's a 28 year old real estate agent from Boca Raton Florida.  Do you really want to lose $500,000 to her?

Judd indicated that no, he did not.  But theoretically Judd isn't planning on losing to anybody.  I heard him tell Spencer earlier that he didn't want to go down on Jessie's sinking ship.

Judd wanted to know if Helen was behind this plan...and not just BS'ing about it.  Jessie counted votes to evict Amanda, saying they only need four votes, and if they decide to do it, they just have to stick to that and not discuss it any further.

Elissa changed clothes in the hallway and is worried that the cameras caught a glimpse of her chest.  She says she was wearing a tube top but it slipped down.  She wants to go in the DR to find out.

Judd assured her that the "live feeds are probably down this close to the meeting" and this seemed to make Elissa feel better.  He laughed about it with Andy, and Elissa just got called to the DR.

Aaryn says she feels so sick every morning in that house, and has felt that way for two weeks now.  Hmmm.  How long has Clownie been in the BB house?  A few weeks, right?  She also commented that even though her toothbrush is clearly marked with her name, it was wet when she used it the other day.

Helen is aggressively brushing her wet hair and we all know that is a big no-no if you want to have healthy hair.  The necklace is kind of fug and makes clinking costume jewelry sounds while it rattles around on her bones.

Elissa came out of the DR and told Judd the feeds were down, and he said he thought so.  (Ha ha ha, the feeds are not down, but I guess the live feeders did not get to see her wardrobe malfunction.)

Candice is making bacon, family-style.  I would too, if I was on the block.

Andy Holds Kleenex, Cleans Himself #AndyHoldingThings #BB15

Here is Andy holding a Kleenex and honking.  But what did he do with it afterwards?

 Did he throw it on the floor?  What is he grimacing at?

Even with a buzz cut, shampoo is still necessary, I guess.

Kaitlin is Where the Action Is.... #BB15

and Jeremy?  Not so much....

After being evicted, Kaitlin brushed herself off and headed to Las Vegas, where her father lives.  Then she went to LA with James Rhine and spent her time partying with Big Brother cast members from the US and Canada.  (You can see that here.  And here.)

Then where did she go?  Well the following tweets said it all.  Kaitlin went to the Sturgis Motorcyle Rally in South Dakota, representing Budweiser, the King of Beers.  (What is Sturgis?  You can read about it here.)

If you've ever seen the Budweiser Girls at a sporting event, or at spring break, then you have an idea what the job entails.....looking hot, wearing skimpy clothes, getting paid to have fun.

And Kaitlin's "clothes" are the skimpiest, right?  But somehow she comes off looking more wholesome than the other girls.  That's a good trick.

But what is going on here?  Oh my.

Right around the time that Kaitlin started tweeting her "Welcome to Sturgis" tweets, Jeremy tweeted out this sad Instagram picture.

Kind of reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting.   Two house guests, different worlds....

David Catches Waves, Dishes Dirt #BB15

David Girton is still my favorite tweeter among all of the ex-Big Brother 15 house guests.  He tweets a blend of information about his surfing experiences that contains authentic surfer slang, but is not condescending about it.  He also gives us his unfiltered opinions about BB15 as he watches the show.

Here is a sample of what David had to say when he watched last night's CBS show, plus a few other bonus comments.

He loved Judd laughing during the nomination ceremony.  I cracked up myself, watching that.  Judd seemed to lose it when Gina Marie called out Candice for being a snitch and a tattletale.

David is not an Amanda big surprise there.

He's not cool with Andy's behavior, either.

He had fun with his new Big Brother Canada friends. I'm guessing "off the NOX" is good, right?  If the Canadians really wanted to experience California I think they should have gone surfing for a day with David.

Oh and'd better make sure your feet aren't "gronk" if you want to impress David.

He's been watching Aaryn flirt with Judd, and chats with the fans about it.  This fan thinks Judd is an "alcoholic smoker" who would need "magic powers" to attract Aaryn.

 Just a guess, but I think David is over Aaryn now....