Sunday, August 4, 2013

CBS Show Promoted on Last Week's Show is Cancelled #BB15

Last week Poppy Montgomery from Unforgettable did a taped hosting of the Have Not competition, the one with the police evidence.  Hollywood Reporter has announced the show is cancelled.

You can read the entire Hollywood Reporter article here.  It sucks that BB had to waste a hosting opportunity on a failing CBS property.  After all, last week James Rhine was in town.   He would be a great host for that competition--he used to work in security.

James used to be a security manager of a Nordstrom's here in Atlanta.  That is how he met Sarah, his ex-fiance and partner on BB6.  She worked in the Lingerie department and I guess James did a little surveillance in that area.  I actually shopped with Sarah a few times and she is exactly like you would think she would be.

Anyway, I digress.  There are several long term fans of Big Brother in the house who would have been thrilled to meet someone like James, who made a big impact on the game but has blended back into their own life without becoming a Reality Cartoon.

And the kids from BB Canada were in town, too, just begging for attention.  They could have hosted, and created a big splash of attention, right?

Amanda's Dad Speaks, Part Deux #BB15

In July Amanda's father Robert Zuckerman did a Q & A interview with TV Fishbowl that is quite interesting.  If you've been following her family story, her father has gone through a series of stages as he watches his daughter on Big Brother 15.

The first interviews he did were overwhelmingly supportive, but a lot has happened since then.  He has gotten in a few intense Twitter wars and has now protected his Twitter account.  I was following that for awhile but did not cover it here out of respect for her family.  I only wish I had a father who was half as cool as Amanda's dad, so I gave him a break.

You will want to follow this link to read the TV Fishbowl article.  Robert discusses the McCranda showmance, and also says he wishes his daughter would lay back and not play so aggressively, and to tone down her sexuality.

No doubt, huh?  Amanda's mother has stopped watching the live feeds altogether, and some of the fans have made her little sister cry on Facebook. 

We should all remember that the house guests are human beings, with families who are likely mortified at least half of the time.  Let's not take it out on them....

Here is the link to the full article again.  Thanks TV Fishbowl!

Another Lonely Tanning Session #BB15

The music went off just now, and Amanda dragged ass out of bed with McCrae right behind her.  She is lucky to have someone to support her with this, but as usual seems to take this support for granted.

She went in the bathroom to put on the white bikini, which is now orange, of course.

She pressed the buttons a few times, and McCrae called out to BB that the tanning booth isn't working.  I think they were yanking her chain.   They took their own sweet time starting the tanning spray since Amanda took her own sweet time getting out there.

 When the spray finally started it was cold. She squealed when it hit her butt, too.

 When it was over Amanda went in the bathroom and turned on the shower to get the water nice and hot.  She used a blowdryer to warm herself and Big Brother told her to "stop that".

Amanda:  What?  It's been six hours since my last tanning session...I can shower!

She went in the DR to ask them about it.

The DR said no.  Amanda went back to the bathroom and tuned off the shower, using the blowdryer to warm herself.

Looking orange, huh?  I think Amanda's about half-finished with this punishment.  But if she has to wait six hours to shower after the last tanning session, we're all going to enjoy her tan for long after today, right?
She was rubbing her legs with a towel and Big Brother said "Amanda, shut it down!"

Amanda:  I'm fucking sticky, all right?  The fucking toilet seat is sticky, ok?

Ha ha ha.  The crew would probably work for free this weekend.  Just for the chance to torture Amanda.

The Live Show Scandal #BB15


Last Thursday, the live feeds shut down in the morning, and were not restored until after the live show.  I was watching the live feeds that morning as everyone scrambled around getting ready.  I heard Candice say that "they only had 15 minutes to get ready", so I knew something was up.

As the live show approached I was nervous.  Something was strange about the whole thing.  I knew that any sort of double eviction would have been promoted in advance since it would lead to high ratings.  I was scared as I waited for the show to start.

Well, something was up.  The network was scared, too, but for different reasons.  They were worried about evicting Howard in front of a live audience, not sure whether there would be some sort of disturbance that they could not control.  Including Howard's own comments, I'm sure. 

They actually taped Howard's eviction around noon BBT, and then all of the house guests sat around and waited for the "live" HoH competition.  So the first 45 minutes of the "live" show last week were pre-taped, and the people who had tickets to attend the live show were turned away without any explanation.

Princess Glammy has the story here, including the fascinating details regarding one shunned audience member's impressive investigatory skills.  As a Super Fan who will never attend a live taping, I find the details behind this whole thing very intriguing.

As Glammy says in the linked post, we might see more of the same this week, when Candice is expected to be evicted, and also when Aaryn and probably Gina Marie are evicted.  (IF they are evicted, that is.)

Glammy mentions the Chima Coup E'tat situation in BB11.  That week, Chima was the HoH and everyone in the house knew that one of them had been chosen by America to have "special powers".  Chima wanted Russell out of there and said repeatedly on the live feeds that if someone messed up her plans, Julie Chen better have the 7 second delay button ready, because she was going to need it.

Production heard this, and listened.  They actually filmed the entire live show earlier in the day, and turned the audience away.  If you don't know, Jeff Schroeder won the Coup d'Etat and used it to take down Chima's nomination and replace Russell with Jessie.

Jessie was evicted, leaving a trail of screeching and wailing women in his wake.  And of course Chima lost her shit within a day or two and was ejected from the game.

I'm going to watch last week's live show again today after learning all of this.  I knew that the energy level of the house guests felt a little off, but I wonder what the Super Fans in the house made of all of this.  They must have suspected something, right?  Particularly if it happens again.

It kind of sucks for Howard not to have a real studio audience to greet him.  The people who filled in as the studio audience were random employees on the lot who had to be instructed to cheer and clap.  They probably don't even watch the show...

Amanda's "50 Shades of Orange" Begins... #BB15

Shortly after Candice unveiled her Clownietard, some disco-type music pumped through the speakers and McCrae started cheering.  Everyone gathered by the backdoor in preparation for the entertainment to come.

Note that Candice put on the Clownietard collar after being badgered by Judd about it.  Ha ha ha.

McCrae:  This was the best PoV ever!

Helen:  It's the PoV that keeps on giving!

When the backyard opens they notice the hammock is gone, and Spencer shouts out to "play the music some more".  Judd called for Jessie to join them and Elissa was babbling non-stop about Amanda "having to do Mystic Tan" and how "it is so amazing".

The tanning booth is surrounded by velvet ropes.  Amanda is in the DR right now, wearing a light blue robe, but I expect her to join the group shortly.   McCrae starts fiddling with the back of the booth and we get FISH, probably as they give instructions about the rules.  Or maybe they just scolded McCrae for meddling with things.

In the bathroom Candice is trying to decide which to wear, the skirt or the collar, as Amanda comes out of the WC wearing what I guess is her tanning bikini and a shower cap.

Amanda likes the skirt, rather than the "neck thing", saying at least Candice can pull the skirt around where ever she wants to.

Amanda covers herself with a robe.  I don't think Candice acknowledged her at all.  She keeps talking aloud to Big Brother about her skirt vs. collar decision and doesn't say anything about Amanda's predicament.
Everyone outside gathered for a front row seat of the tanning action.  Note that Elissa and Candice are in the bathroom looking at the Clownietard.  On purpose, maybe?

Amanda shifts so that the tanning spray can be applied evenly.

She has something in her mouth that must be a safety thing.  (I've never spray tanned---I have the old fashioned natural version.)

 I think she just jacked the bottoms up a little to get more cheek coverage.  She knows we're watching, of course.

Amanda gets out and her tan looks good, but how good will it look after doing this every hour on the hour?  Other than that, this seems a lot better than having to dip in chum and then have to shower off.  I'm sure whoever has to clean the backyard would agree with me on that.

Amanda is speaking, but we can't hear what she says because the damn audio is tuned into Candice baby-talking Big Brother about her damned Clownietard.   We can hear the bathroom sink running at full blast so we know that Elissa Slater is either peeing or pooping right now.  Just thought you'd like to know.

Finally the audio changes and I hear Aaryn say that "it's not a real spray tan", so maybe it will wash off.  Amanda says that her feet look like she dipped them in a bag of Cheetos.

Andy Holds His Seat #AndyHoldingThings #BB15

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Candice Unveils her Clownietard #BB15

This Flashback happened last night about 7:00 pm BBT.  Candice "won" the Clownietard costume which she must wear for one week.  She obviously had no idea how to play the gift exchange PoV competition.

She should have known that trading for the PoV when there were still people on the block who would take their turns after her would trade the PoV for something awful.

I know Candice is going to hate wearing that wig all week---when Kristin had to wear an Afro with her Hippietard during BB12 she said it was itchy and made her head sweat.  I guess on the plus side it will save Candice many hours that she usually spends fixing her hair every day.

She says at least five times that the outfit is too small and that they are getting her a smaller one.  I guess she wants it to be skin tight.  McCrae asks her to save the first costume, so "he can wear it".  Poor McCrae was really looking forward to experiencing some Big Brother punishments and he didn't even get to play in this PoV.

Candice is trying to be a good sport, but this is going to be a crappy week for Candice and I'm sure will need every ounce of strength to get through it without snapping.

Candice:  It's part of Big Brother to have to wear this....


She can't really breathe wearing that nose, so Big Brother told her that she could take breaks from wearing it.  (Not trying to be a bitch, but couldn't she breath through her mouth?)

No one is enjoying this more than Aaryn and the "real" Clownie.

The nose makes a honking noise and Elissa likes that.  I have also heard Elissa say she wanted to wear the unitard, but I can't see her wearing that wig, can you?  They gave Candice a choice between wearing the skirt or a big collar and she chose the skirt, obviously.

Candice:  I have to wear it for a week....or until I get evicted, obviously.

Aaryn is Shutting her Hole, and is letting everyone else do the talking.  Really, what else needs to be said at this point?

Judd objects to the skirt, holding up Clownie and saying that Clownie would never wear a skirt.

Clownie wears the collar, not the skirt, as Judd points out.

Candice:  When I get the tighter one, I might switch to the collar, yeah.

(I would think if the Clownie tard were skin tight, she would want to wear the little skirt, for obvious reasons.  But whatever.)

Candice wants to do a DR session with Clownie and Judd keeps yammering about Candice needing a collar and  a hat to look just like Clownie.

Judd:  Clownie would never leave home without a collar around his neck.  (ha ha ha)

Candice:  But that collar just choked the fuck out of was too much sensory stuff, with the nose, the wig...I just couldn't...when I get my tight sexy one, then me and Clownie will be twins.

Judd badgered her into showing them how the skirt looks as a collar, and she does it.  (Damn Judd is being a bitch!  I love it!)

Elissa wants a crinoline skirt, too, and speaks into her microphone, saying they need a tighter unitard and another crinoline skirt.

BB:  Elissa, Stop That!

"Andy Holding Things" Sweeps the Nation #BB15

And by "nation", I mean three or four persistent posters on Twitter, but whatever....

As usual the Big Brother Super Fans always find ways to amuse ourselves, and right now there is a hashtag growing in popularity called #AndyHoldingThings.

Here are a few examples of the fine work these Twitter users are putting together.

And this one is bed with McCranda.  Don't recall this happening..

And now that Miss Cleo is involved and is using photoshop, anything can happen, right?  They even have logos now to authenticate their work.  I think Andy will be thrilled to see all of this creativity focused on him.