Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Spat Between Candice and Amanda was NASTY #BB15

Gina Marie, Aaryn and Judd are rehashing what was said after the PoV ended.

Candice said something about Amanda having a big mouth, and Amanda shot back that Candice's mouth was so big, Howard wanted to put his cock in her's. (Amanda's mouth.)

GMZ:  Dude, it was fucking great.  And then Candice said something about Amanda and her flat ass and I was like who in the hell wants your fat ass Candice?  You nasty bitch.

Judd:  Candice snapped during the competition. She said that I need to let her have the HoH because everybody is coming after me hard core, hard core... I was like who?  Who is coming after me?  And she said Amanda and McCrae....

GMZ disputes this, saying no one is after him.

Judd:  I swear I'm not the MVP.

McCrae came in and GMZ clarifies that he plans to vote out Candice.

McCrae:  100%....

GMZ says Judd has some crazy idea that he is going to be nominated, even though it's probably going to be Spencer.

Judd:  It just makes you really paranoid when you could have won PoV and you gave it away.

GMZ is angry that Elissa is going to vote to keep Candice.  McCrae said that he tried to tell her that Candice is going home no matter what, so voting against the house is going to make her look foolish.  GMZ told Elissa that if she pulled her key out, she would appreciate Elissa voting the way she'd like her to vote, and now she is going against that.

McCrae is planning to do the "tan" dunk every hour on the hour with Amanda.  Aaryn points out that after Judd let Jessie win the PoV she came up to the HoH and "laid on top of Judd".

Judd:  Oh...I know.  I'm already worried people are going to think we're together...

Gina Marie's Cone of Shame #BB15

She has to wear it for 48 hours and gathered everyone to recite the rules.

GMZ:  This can't leave my neck for 48 hours.  I hafta eat in it, sleep in it, shower in it....I'm already spittin' all over it.

Andy:  It's going to be so stinky!

 You can tell she is loving it, and is a great sport about it.  She doesn't think Elissa can dye her hair with it on, so she will have to wait until it comes off on Monday evening to color her hair.  The cameras show us how serious the situation is right now.

(I wonder how she will purge wearing the Cone of Shame?)

Jessie is all Clingy with Judd Now #BB15

Jessie came in the room and asked Judd if he wanted to speak privately.  He seemed confused and said no, and she went over and wanted him to scoot over to make room for her.  Judd says he needs some electrolyte water--he feels strange now and his hands are a little numb.

Judd has said he needs electrolytes now at least five times.  Maybe drinking a two liter of Coke wasn't the best thing for his blood sugar, you think?

They say it was so hot out there in those costumes. Andy wishes that BB would cut them a break and have the competitions in the early evenings, when it's cool.

Gina Marie has to wear a "Cone of Shame" for 48 hours.  I picture it like an "Elizabethan collar" that a dog wears after surgery.  Like this:

But who knows.... Amanda won "50 Shades of Orange" and has to "tan" every time the music goes off tonight.  Like an orange chum bath, I guess.  I find that ironic because McCrae has said over and over that he really wanted to take a chum bath this year.  So I guess he will join in, right?

Aaryn added a sparkley accent to her camouflage hat and is actually playing very well, I think.  She is controlling her emotions and thinking strategically.  She is 100% focused on evicting Candice and is trying to convince Gina Marie not to nominate Elissa, but wants her to make her own decisions to keep her own hands clean. 

A few minutes ago Spencer admitted that he likes the jean shorts that he was given in one of the recent competitions.  He talked about his friend who wears jean shorts every day of the year with a tank top.  He told McCrae that this guy used to make $6,000 a week selling K2, synthetic marijuana, and "really got screwed".

I guess he means by the laws that made K2 illegal.  He said that he smokes a lot of it himself and is probably one of the Top Five users in the US.  He says he used to sprinkle it on his weed and if you smoke a whole blunt of it, then you probably would go crazy.  He demonstrated how he sets up his TV area for convenient smoking.

Jessie:  Damn Spencer, you sound like a damn druggie.

Judd:  Is this after rehab?


Spencer:  Before.

Then he addressed us all, saying that we should use metal implements to clean our pipes and bongs, spraying them with Pam first so the resin won't stick.

McCrae:  Oh dude.  I never thought of that.

Judd Won $5,000 #BB15

Spencer won the trip to the Bahamas.  (He will be sorry when he sees the value that is used for taxes---even Big Jeff took the cash value of the trip instead.)

Judd is upset about what happened, taking the trip and being accused of being the MVP, but Helen calmed him down, saying it was okay, that America loves him.  Judd swears that if he was the MVP, he might not tell everybody, but he would tell his alliance.

Candice will have to wear a  "Clownie Tard" and Aaryn is so happy that Candice will be wearing that when she leaves.

Aaryn:  Now I know why Clownie came into my life, he came in so another clown could leave.

 Aaryn says it was the perfect competition for her to host, and Spencer says she nailed it.  Then he started trying to find out if Aaryn's dad would let him and his dad go hunting on her family's ranch.

Gina Marie is all riled up and is saying Candice acts like a child and deserves to go home dressed like a child.

Jessie gave a shout out to Christina Aquilera for making music that got her fired up to win.  She listened to "Fighter" and some other song about having the wind in her hair right before the competition started.


The PoV is Over! #BB15

And Jessie won.  It was a "frog gigging" competition and Gina Marie is steaming mad at Spencer.  He went for a Bahamas trip and she says he is going up in Jessie's place.

Candice won a Clown Suit and GMZ is thrilled that she will have to wear that outside with Julie Chen when she is nominated.

Judd took a prize and let Jessie have the PoV but GMZ said that was the right thing to do.  Judd says that Candice told him that Amanda is running around the house telling everybody he is the MVP.

In the Have Not room McCrae is mad at Amanda.  She started yelling at Candice after the competition and McCrae said Amanda should have just let Candice talk.

McCrae:  Now we have so much work to do.

McCrae says that Elissa and Helen are happy that Amanda just started a shit storm--they are looking for a reason to keep Candice and evict Amanda.

Amanda is sniffling and McCrae says now that Jessie is off the block, "Miss Flip Flopper" may turn on them again.

Those outfits are cute. I would love one for Halloween.  I'd be a Frog Gigger.

McCrae:  Like, I don't get it!  What are you trying to prove?

Amanda:  Just leave me alone McCrae.

Now Andy comes in and tells her she will be safe, but she needs to start "watching her fucking mouth".

Nick and Gina Marie, Sitting in a Tree.... #BB15

Aaryn is sitting in the HoH Room, eating chocolates and thinking.  On the pillow next to her is one of Gina Marie's mini shrines to Nick Uhas.

The framed picture is of Gina Marie and Nick, and was included in her HoH room by Production.  As a joke, obviously, but I'm sure GMZ isn't in on the punchline.

Aaryn looked over at it and then knocked the picture down on the bed.  She left it there, too.

Jessie came in and they chatted.  That is apparently one of Gina Marie's "performance costumes" that BB put in her HoH Room, too.   Aaryn can't believe what Amanda just said to her, that she only thinks about herself and should not be so selfish.

Aaryn:  If she's so sure she has the votes to stay, then why is she so worried about being on the block?

 Jessie:  I'm only going to say this once, but what is best for the house is always best for Amanda.

 Aaryn:  Right.

Jessie:  I think McCrae is MVP.

Aaryn:  But why would he put himself up?

Jessie:  To control that Amanda gets to play for PoV..

Aaryn:  You might be right.  I thought her tantrum was way overacted this time.

Jessie:  It looked faked.....construed...

(Don't you mean contrived?)

Aaryn says that Candice cannot win the PoV, she cant come off the block.

Aaryn:  If she does, I won't vote for you Jess.  I'll vote for Amanda.

They say they only need four votes to do that, but Jessie doesn't think that will happen.

Gina Marie comes in and sits, and they say it might be hours before the PoV competition starts.

She noticed that her picture of Nick "fell" and went over to make things right again.

Gina Marie announces she's going to do her hair and make up every day, since as the HoH she will be getting a lot of camera time and will be in the DR a lot.

I guess that explains the shoes, huh?  Good lord.

What to Do...What to Do.... #BB15

Helen and Andy met in the storage room and conclude that they probably need to vote out Candice, so that Gina Marie won't freak out.

Andy hates to lose Candice, but thinks they can work better with GMZ and Aaryn.  Helen agrees.

Andy:  I still think America may be voting...don't tell her I said that.  But she might be portrayed as a villain..

McCrae comes in and they discuss it.

Andy:  We just think that Amanda might be portrayed as...

McCrae:  Arrogant?

Andy:  Well, like a Dr. Will or either love her or hate her..

McCrae:  Especially if she's in there saying she screwing over the pizza boy.

Andy says they have to work quickly to calm Aaryn down, or they will lose her.  He says she felt threatened by something Amanda said to her and thinks she will go up if Amanda is saved by the PoV.

McCrae says Judd and Spencer are both going to go for prizes, and he can't really blame them.

(What if we have to see Spencer wear a unitard?  My eyes...)

McCrae went in the bedroom and he and Judd did a little rapping about "sticki icki".  McCrae said that he was going to go around the house and start making some deals with people.

Judd:  That sounds sketchy as hell!

(Pronounced like "hay-ell".)