Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - When Even Bathing Feels Dirty - 7-22-13 #BB15

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday night.  Today the house guests held the PoV Ceremony where Elissa used the PoV to save herself, and then the house guests learned who the MVP put up in her place.  It was Gina Marie, so everybody but her breathed a sigh of relief and got back to whatever it is that they were doing.

Judd is still the HoH, and Gina Marie joined her friends Kaitlin and Aaryn on the block.  Somebody is going home on Thursday night, and I think there will be several surprised people when all is said and done.

OK.  Let's go.

As the show opens, we are watching McCranda McBathing in the HoH McTub.  Yes, they are.  They are making miscellaneous conversation and the acoustics are horrible in there.  Amanda is wearing a lime green bikini and I assume McCrae is wearing a swimsuit as well.  They are facing each other and I know that McCrae knows we are watching them.

 McCrae says that she compares well against Candice, and she says that he has beat Howard because he won both a HoH and a PoV.  McCrae mentions that Howard throws competition, and Amanda confesses that she is horrible at all of the competitions.

McCrae says his BB character is a lazy pizza boy who wears his pajamas all day long.  Then they sat up and kissed a little and then McCrae pulled back and turned his head to the side.  Amanda told him he was fine, he didn't smell, but he admits to burping.  Amanda said she knew.  Of course.

Amanda:  The slutty realtor and the lazy pizza boy.  Who wears the same clothes every day.

McCrae:  So what?

Amanda asks what the M is on his T-shirt and he says University of Minnesota.  (All this time and she didn't know that?)

Amanda:  But you didn't go there.  You wear that and your flannel pants and your fisherman's hat.  You didn't know you would wear that every day when you came here?

Now she is laughing about what her mom must think  and imitates her saying "tell  me about your new boyfriend, your fiance!"  McCrae says to tell her he makes $136 every two weeks and then they start kissing again.   Amanda says she always feels so much bigger then him when they stand next to each other.

(Money, occupation and his size---can she emasculate him on any other levels right now?)

Finally we go to the backyard where Candice is in the backyard telling Andy and Jessie that one of her roommates won America's Next Top Model, but I think this was when she lived in California.  She did some type of modeling tour and went to Africa and started naming too many names and gave too many shoutouts so we had to go back to the bathtub with McCranda.

McCrae stood up for a minute and I see that he is wearing blue and white flowered swimtrunks that must be an homage to Dr. Will's famous BB2 shorts.  (Of course Dan's BB10 and BB14 shorts were his own homage to Dr. Will.) Amanda is playing with McCrae's hair and fussing over him and then finally we go to a break.  Thank god.

When we return we are still being tortured by the bathtub scene and they are talking about their DR sessions and she complains that McCrae always seems terrified of her and never touches her.  She says the portrayal is that she is chasing him.  They hear Howard get called to the DR and McCrae says he is so happy that Amanda didn't get put up on the block this week.  Obviously they all think that Howard was the MVP.  McCrae wants her to watch her mouth around everyone and stop making them both a target.

Finally we go to the Eames room where Judd is in a bed and Aaryn is perched on the edge, whispering with him.  She says that Spencer and Howard both told her that they had her back going forward if she stayed in the game.   Aaryn is wrapped in an orange towel and is having A LOT of issues with her microphone.  Aaryn wonders what Judd has been telling people, and he says he has been telling everyone that they have a few days left to decide, and something else that I couldn't hear.

Aaryn understands and hears the camera above the bed make a horrid racket and looked up at it, glaring.  It is very hard to hear but obviously they are talking about Spencer and Howard and what was said and their plans to deceive them.   I think they told her they don't have anybody else to work with.  They finished whispering and Judd plans to sit in the hot tub.

In the kitchen Aaryn passed McCrae and said she went upstairs earlier but realized that they were bathing so she "turned right back around". Lucky her.  BB tells McCrae to put on his microphone, and then tells him again because he doesn't have it with him.  He want to storage and Judd helped him get a few plastic razors from the cupboard and McCrae headed back upstairs.

Judd:  Don't leave any nasty black hairs in my sink!  Just kidding.

Judd looked outside and wonders why there are "25 people in the hammock".  He wanders around the kitchen looking for something and now we have to go back up to the damn bathtub where McCrae gives Amanda one of the razors and she demanded to know why he got two of them when she only asked for one.

Now we go back to the hammock and Candice says a lot of the things that Jessie is saying about her dating experience sound like "some L.A. shit".  As we go to break Jessie says he was in San Francisco and he was cheating.

When we return we see Judd smoking on the couch, and he is talking to Jessie and Gina Marie about overhearing Candice talking about "millions of dollars".  He says that Helen told Spencer that since he was in his 30's he should buy Marilyn a three karat ring, and that it would cost arond $30,000.

Judd:  I was like, what kind of world do you live in, where you pay $30,000 for a ring?

GMZ:  My ring was like $5,000.

Judd:  I never could afford that, and I wouldn't want to marry a girl who expected a ring like that.  When you can buy a decent house for about a $100,000.

GMZ says she can't afford that, but Judd says you can make payments on it.  Jessie chimes in that if GMZ moved to the south, like in Texas, she could get a nice house and a lot more for her money. Jessie asks GMZ if she is upset, and GMZ says she can't do anything about it.  Jessie says she was on the block too, and GMZ doesn't have to worry.

GMZ wants to know who the MVP is and wants to ask why she was nominated, and Judd says they'd all like to know who it is.  Jessie thinks that the MVP is there to hurt everybody, not just her, and it is part of the twist.  She says GMZ is in a great position on the block this week.

Now we see Judd in the bathroom mirror and he tells Aaryn what Jessie was saying outside.  Jessie was saying that the guy she was dating was 25 and trying to save money and Candice said that he should be spending it on her.  This upsets Judd  and says all Candice cares about it money.  Now Elissa comes out of the WC so I know why the faucet was running full blast.

Elissa says everyone is different, and Judd jokes they can all go hang out at Eddie Murphy's house.  Judd would rather hang out on his friend's deck then feel awkward at some rich guy's house.

Judd:  Am I right or what?

Aaryn is changing in the shower stall and we watch that for  a minute and then we see Elissa go upstairs to the HoH where Amanda is shaving her legs.  Elissa says that there is just small talk going on downstairs and BB tells her to put on her microphone.  Elissa is wearing Jessie's fedora because her "hair is so gross".

(Ew.  Wear your own hat, then.)

McCrae says he was so worried today that Amanda would be nominated and Elissa wonders who they think it was.

Amanda:  I don't think it's anybody in the house.

Elissa:  Do you think it's America?

Amanda:  Maybe.  But I think they changed the stipulations, or the rules or something, so that instead of getting MVP you go on the block or something.

As we go to break I hear Elissa murmuring about it.

When we return Andy has joined the HoH group and Elissa isn't there, and they are discussing how Spencer tries to defend Howard's constant trips to the DR.  He said that they want to talk about the showmance, but they all call bullshit on that.  Amanda points out that Candice doesn't go in there very often, and she is the one who would be chatting about the showmance, because Howard never says anything.

Amanda says both she and McCrae get called in there and they hardly ever talk about a showmance, and then she holds up her "ring" and says they haven't talked at all to her about it.  As they see Elissa coming back up the stairs Andy says "should we tell Elissa?"

Elissa comes in and says GMZ told her Andy was in the hammock and Andy laughs.  McCrae says that they were just saying that it is pointless to speculate about the MVP.  Andy asks Elissa who she is most afraid of it they win HoH.

Elissa:  Aaryn.....or Kaitlin.

Andy:  What about Howard?

Elissa:  Howard is kind of an unpredictable.

Andy brings up is frequent trips to the DR and McCrae chimes in that it worries him too.  Amanda says that she isn't sure who Aaryn is aligned with.  Elissa asks what Aaryn is thinking about now and Amanda says she has no one, and is a Party of One.

Elissa:  But if she's going to go next week, she may as well go this week. Because if she doesn't that is going to start a battle with Candice and if we all want to make this solid, like a smooth transition......we  can still get to Final Seven and battle it out.

Andy:  But Candice will never vote out any of us over Howard.

Amanda:  Oh, no way.

Andy says she will freak out if Howard is going to go and Elissa says then Candice is just going to have to freak out.  Amanda says if Howard or Spencer win HoH they would nominate herself, and probably Elissa.

Amanda:  I think they've turned against us already, to be honest with you.

Andy agrees and says they were at the bottom of the totem pole and are going to try to flip something.  Amanda points out that they are making alliances with everyone in the house.  Andy says Kaitlin is starting to freak him out and the cameras go to the backyard couch, where Judd is talking to Helen.

Helen is very close to Judd on the couch, and says that Candice doesn't know about it, and neither does Andy.  Helen says she will talk to Candice, but she will go along with whatever the hosue wants.  Judd tells her that Kaitlin said if she won HoH she would nominate Helen, and that is what is confusing him.

Now we go to the hammock where Candice is shouting out to Marylin, Spencer's "girlfriend" that her man won't shower.  Now we see Judd root around in what looks like the first aid kit and then we go back to the HoH where Andy is building the case for Kaitlin, mentioning her PoV win and the two close HoH competitions.

Finally Amanda said she couldn't take it anymore and told Elissa that when Judd was in isolation he heard Kaitlin say that she would nominate Helen if she won HoH.

Amanda:  We need Helen here!

Then they say that Kaitlin went right outside to talk to Howard one day and she told him that people were saying he was a professional football player, so they know she is the information leak.  Elissa looks confused and is kind of hiding behind a white furry accent pillow, taking it all end.

Andy adds that he walked up on Howard and Kaitlin whispering and then Howard made a big point later with Andy of saying thank you for interrupting that, because she wanted to talk game.  Now Amanda says that both Spencer and Howard have made two different final four deals.

Elissa:  I think Spencer and Howard just want Aaryn to go because of what she said about Howard.

Amanda points out again that Judd heard Kaitlin say said she wanted Helen out, and that Howard told her that he wanted Helen and Elissa out.  Andy backs up this story and Elissa wonders when this happened.  Andy said yesterday and Elissa seems to be listening.  McCrae says that would be an extra vote on their side and Elissa wants to be sure that Aaryn wouldn't work with the other side.

Helen came in and they all chatter to catch her up in the conversation.  Amanda drowned out everybody else and Andy chimed in to bring up extra points, like Howard's constant DR sessions.  Elissa starts to get on board with it, saying maybe Howard was the MVP this week and nominated her.

Helen says that Judd just told her that Aaryn is willing to throw HoH or let us pick the nominations if she wins.  McCrae says Aaryn has no one in the house now and Amanda says she is following her around.  They are overselling it a little bit now, saying Aaryn is giving up everything to be there and Helen is pushing, too.

Elissa says that Kaitlin is a worse threat as far as winning things, but doesn't feel like she can even talk to Aaryn.   Gina Marie comes in and they tell her to come on in, that they are just waiting for the booze to be delivered.  Andy says that everyone in the room can agree that GMZ will not be going home this week.  As we go to break Gina Marie says she appreciates that and that she loves them all.

McCrae:  You've got five votes right here.

When we return GMZ is talking with her feet up in the HoH and is just getting warmed up with the babble.  I know all of them are wanting this to end quickly, but as usual  GMZ is just one long run-on sentence.  Helen breaks in to say that she or McCrae would never nominate her, and GMZ goes on and on and on.  There is some cursing, for sure, as she mentions who she had "pin pointed" from the first day.

GMZ:  And who knows, maybe I met my husband!  Ha ha ha..just kiddin'!

Elissa:  Yeah, you and Nick will get hitched after this.

GMZ:  You think so?  We're going on a date!  In October we're goin' to the Monster truck rally.

She was trying to say "Izod" and Elissa kind of rudely told her it was a clothing store and GMZ said it was the name of the convention center in Jersey where the rally will be held.

GMZ:  They have circuses, and all that shit.....so we're goin' in October.  Yeah.

Helen tries to wrap up by saying they all loved her and GMZ starts up again, poking some fun at Amanda.  Helen says she brings so much love and light to the house and Andy says she will leave over his dead body.  Then GMZ brings up how great of a competitor she is, and how she does the best she can do...yadda yadda yadda.

I guess Elissa had to dye her hair as a punishment?  Or isn't washing it because she would have to dye it?  She just said something about never dying her hair after GMA brought up the prizes and punishments at the PoV challenge.  And she brings up Nick again, going on and on and really she is nuts.  Mixed nuts.

She jokes that when she saw her face pop up on the screen she had a moment of being happy that she won, but then realizes she was nominated.  Elissa can relate to this and now they babble about sweet tea and Sprite and Aaryn comes in and sits down.  Aaryn reports where everybody is and they all wonder where Judd is.  Amanda is eating a piece of string cheese and Aaryn says she is so excited to have clean sheets tonight, saying that sleeping on clean sheets is one of the simple pleasures in life.

Now we go to the storage room with Amanda and Helen.  I think they wanted to talk privately, but Candice burst in and as we go to break Helen says they were hoping to have booze in there.

When we come back Elissa is in storage talking to Helen and Helen asks if she can tell Judd that Elissa is on board with the plan to evict Kaitlin.  Elissa worries about Candice, Howard and Specer and Helen says they want Aaryn out, and they can't tell them ahead of time.

Helen:  We can't split the vote...we can't take that chance.

Helen says that if Aaryn did win HoH she would want Candice out.  Elissa says Howard told her that he had been in the DR a lot because of the showmance but now she thinks he might have been lying, and he was the MVP.

Elissa:   He probably wouldn't win it again, right?  Because he nominated me?

(ha ha ha)

Helen says they are totally screwed if Howard wins HoH.  Elissa says he looked really winded when he was running with Helen and she thought he was faking.  Now Helen goes over all the facts again and Elissa says this is crazy, it sucks.

Helen:  There is too much about him...too many rumors...we can't take the chance.

Elissa says she gets so mad at people that she doesn't even want to talk to them.  She worries what Aaryn will do if she wins HoH, and Helen says she can guarantee that Aaryn won't put Elissa on the block.  She's going to talk to Judd and they can guarantee.

(Like Helen guaranteed Kaitlin that she would be protected, just last week?)

Elissa thinks Spencer must be sincere, because he was upset about Aaryn's racial comments that upset Howard and made him cry.  Helen points out that Spencer has flat out lied to them several times, and how he told Helen that Elissa would ruin her game and that she needed to go.  Elissa can't believe that a guy who says he is that good as a person could just look at you and tell lies like that.

Helen:  But he did!

Elissa agrees, but says again that so much information is conflicting.  Howard told her that he would never nominate her, but Helen points out they all think he just did, as MVP.  Helen warns her about Candice, saying that she announced today that anyone who was working with McCranda would "go down the tubes".  Elissa wants to step away from the picture so she can study everything.  She's confused right now and when you spend time with people you get used to them, and forget about their character.  Elissa can't get past Aaryn's racial comments and Helen agrees that is terrible.

Elissa says people are saying that she nominated herself last week, and how ridiculous that idea is.  She would never stress herself out like that.

Helen:  But even if you did, who cares?

Elissa denies it again, and says it is all lies.  Helen points out that Kaitlin is a much bigger threat, and Aaryn is willing to make a deal.  As we go to break she says that Aaryn will always be a bigger target than they will, and they can "get her out next week".

We return to the backyard where Spencer is discussing the value of gold with Judd and McCrae.  He says the price skyrocketed and has dropped, but there has still been a huge increase.  Buying stocks is so scary because you "can't see that".  Howard says his friend told him that you don't wait for people to come and sell you something, you go to successful people and and ask them what they do, and put your money the same place they do.

Howard seems to think that after a few years, "the value will double every year".

(No no no no no no  no.)

In the kitchen Elisa is whispering with Helen who is wrestling with some sort of noodles.  Andy threatens to go in the DR and tell them "he is still here, dammit"!

Elissa:  You tell him you're on this TV show, Andy.

Today BB scolded them about the meaning of "stop that" and Helen says they have a ton of spaghetti noodles now and she cooked way too much.  I think she made a sauce, too.  Elissa is a snacker and I see her eat a piece of dried mango, and now is into a can of nuts, picking and crunching.

Andy is describing someone on BB Canada who was the first member of the jury, saying he would be so enraged in his DR sessions, yelling "about  "AJ".  Kaitlin appears and massages a ziploc bag chock full of spaghetti noodles and is dishing some out into a bowl.

We hear an audio leak of McCrae talking, but I don't know if it is from another room or the DR.  He was talking "about her, and who her alliance is".  Now a few seconds later we hear the kitchen noises again, as the all wonder where the booze is, and if they will get any.  Helen is going to bake some cookies and wants to sit in the hot tub if they get booze.  Elissa says her cramps are so bad but the medicine they gave her has caffeine in it so she can't take it.  Helen suggests Advil.

Elissa:  It won't help the bloating or the pressure.

Helen:  But maybe you won't feel it.

Now in the backyard there is a crowd scattered here and there.  Howard is playing pool with Jessie and Candice and Andy sit on the couch and talk with McCrae and Spencer.  Candice hasn't bathed in a few days, since Friday. The Have Not water is so cold that they dread it.  As we go to another break Judd is joking about asking Gina Marie if she wants to bathe with them.

When we return McCrae is talking about watching the live feeds.  He told Spencer that he watched a lot last year, and was "pre-gaming 'it".  The sound is so bad that they aren't capturing the voices very well, and there are a lot of "house sounds".  Judd doesn't think they will get booze tonight, and even if they get it they never get enough for him to get drunk.

Judd:  Unless somebody doesn't want their's...

When Candice is bored she just wants to eat, but knows this is not an option for her right now.  Across the yard Amanda is laying on the hammock and McCrae is sitting on a lounge chair alongside, talking low.  Amanda doesn't even think Howard told Spencer he is the MVP and they bring up AGAIN how often Howard goes to the DR.  McCrae checks the "engagement ring" and when he walks off Amanda says he made it too tight.  It is impressive for a handmade bauble. 

Now Helen is playing pool with Jessie as Amanda goes inside and starts whispering with Elissa.  Elissa seems to get now that Howard and Spencer are trying to flip the house, and Elissa says what if Kaitlin stays and wins HoH and wants to get rid of Candice.  Elissa says everything Spencer has told them has been total B.S. and Amanda repeats that he has at least two final four deals that she knows about.

Elissa says Howard nominating her was, like the dumbest move ever.

Elissa:  It was like, the dumbest move ever.

Now Elissa is remembering things Howard has said to her that she is questioning now.  She says that Jeremy still needed to go last week, though, and she seems fully on board with the plan now.

Outside at the hammock Candice is climbing in with Howard as we go to break.  Let's see, it's late Monday night and Candice last bathed on Friday.  ***gross***

When we return Candice and Howard discuss what she will do if she makes HoH.  She will evict either Aaryn or Kaitlin and says they will almost be at the jury point.  Howard points out that she can't make personal decisions, or that will get her "ass voted out".  He says Kaitlin is a much bigger threat to win things, but Candice just can't get beyond her hateful comments.  Howard says having Aaryn in the house increases their percentages of winning.

Howard:  We can save Aaryn for later 'cause everybody hates her.  You're puttin' the personal stuff ahead of thinking about the game.

Candice brings up McCrae winning things and Howard said any of the strong guys didn't want to win the popsicle thing, and Howard "let him win the honey thing when he saw the word he had".  Candice says if she goes on the block she's going to hate him.

Howard:  You not gonna hate me and you not goin' home.  So stop talkin' to me.

In the final moments of the show Howard says Aaryn isn't a good player, and never talks game because she is "always at everybody's disposal".

Candice:  How many times has Kaitlin talked game to you?

Howard: None!  And that's another reason why she's a threat!  You know she ain't talkin' to you about it!

Candice:  She's not a gamer..

Howard:  I know she's not a gamer, but she can win games and let other people tell her what to do.

Candice's earrings are shockingly small tonight, and are about two inches in diameter with black spots on green discs. 

Judd: Hey! Come Read Mah Tweets! #BB15

I know BB edits these tweets, because last year Ian recited at least three tweets that he made as HoH that were never published.

These are a little bland, but I heard Judd say this afternoon on the live feeds that he didn't know what he would tweet.  He was going to take a shower first but BB told him that wasn't necessary.

McCranda Frolics in the Backyard #BB15

The faux grass is super hot in the sun so they try to walk across very quickly.  The morning music was the Brady Bunch theme song and the "Good Morning, Good Morning, it's time to start the day" and McCrae keeps singing them.  He loved all of the wake-up music today and Amanda hated all of it.

Amanda has that fugly tattoo on her backside, but she also has a tattoo on her right side, just under the bikini string.  It looks like it might be a sentence or something.  I can't even guess what it would say.

She tells McCrae that she glued the stones to the top of her bikini top, and he says he would be more impressed if she actually made the top.

She tells McCrae about being cast on Big Shot Live, which is a CBS web series.  She worked with Todd Glass and Natasha Legere and says she played the receptionist, but also announced prize winners.  She went out on Sunset Blvd. every day with a full camera crew to announce the winners of some daily prize.

McCrae:  Sweet.

Later Amanda name-dropped knowing Rosario Dawson and says they had the same Ugg boots.  They worked on a movie in New York and she met David Boreanez and claimed to have dated him.  (She said "the guy who played Angel", so I am assuming that is who she was referring to.)

She was describing Todd and Natasha as being on Chelsea Lately and asks McCrae if he watches that.

McCrae:  Sorry.  I'm not a fan.

(Then why does he even like Amanda?  Because she seems to be trying to be just like her, right?)

I heard Amanda sing a little bit of a song from Rent and she sounded really good.  She says she knows every word to every song in that movie.

Idina Menzel is her favorite actress and claims to have at similar singing voice.  She loved her in Wicked and they sing a few lines from Popular and she says Kristen Chenowith sang that and is her second favorite stage actress.

I can't believe they are letting her talk about all of this.  She just outed someone as a lesbian and mentioned Rosario complaining about the director of Rent the Movie not giving the cast any direction.

Maybe the crew is mesmerized by her huge knockers.

Judd Jacks Nick's T-Shirts #BB15

Jessie's cleaning spree continues as she dumps a whole load of clothes on the pool table that have not been claimed.  She also brought items from the bathroom that were "just sitting there" and Andy said, "well, that is Candice's make-up bag".

Andy carried a stack of towels to the bathroom, and presumably Candice's makeup bag.  Nobody needs a confrontation over that, do they?  Ain't nobody got time for that.

They found two T-shirts from H&M that Jessie says belong to Nick, and she encourages Judd to take them.  Judd's first impulse was "hell yeah, I'll take 'em".  But then you could tell he considered it, asking Jessie if stuff from H&M is expensive.  Then he asked if it would be wrong to take them, and Jessie said no, of course not..

Judd:  I don't have many shirts because so many of 'em got took.  I'll give 'em back at the wrap party.

Sure you will, Judd.  Sure you will.

Helen came out and wanted to know if she could tell Elissa something that would get her to turn against Howard.  I'm not really up to speed on Helen at the moment.  but she was satisfied with what she heard and went back in the house.  (I haven't watched any of last night's BBAD so that is still on my to do list.)

McCrae joined them and they laughed about Gina Marie for a few minutes.

McCrae:  I think she likes me and Amanda.


Judd:  Well, she likes you.

This seems to surprise McCrae, which I find shocking.  Judd says he thinks jealousy is the reason for it and McCrae says they have to win the HoH this week...they have to so Spencer and Howard can go on the block.

They all HATE Spencer now and Andy says he can't even stand to look at him and he's really going to have to fake it today.  They know that the results of this week's vote are going to create enemies for them, but Judd says it needs to happen in the next week or so, anyway.

Judd brings up Nick's T-shirts and Andy wondered what size they are.  Judd said they are medium and he's going to wear them, but then give them back to Nick when the summer is over.

Judd:  Just don't tell Gina Marie, or she'll put 'em in the shrine!

They laugh. It's funny.

They say it would be great if Aaryn won HoH this week.

McCrae:  I told her that, and she was like, 'so you don't get blood on your hands?' and I told her no.

Andy:  YES!

They all laugh.  Judd points out that at least Aaryn watches BB and really wanted to be on the show.  They point out Kaitlin was cast because she was pretty and could talk to people.  They find it hard to believe that Kaitlin never heard of the show before.

Judd:  Like, if Wrestlin' With Alligators was on for 27 seasons and I didn't now about it, I think that would be my fault, right?

Helen's Favorite Part of Media Day Was Meeting Jeff #BB15

Andy agrees, totally.  He saw Jeff and knew that he would be meeting with him but it was still exciting.

Helen said Jillian from BB Canada let the cat out of the bag that she would be meeting Jeff, so she looked forward to it all day.  It was her last interview of the day and she was so excited.

Helen started to tell us some details about this, but BB didn't want us to hear it.  Andy said he was excited to meet Jillian, but Jeff was another level.

McCranda is still sleeping, obviously.

Jessie has been cleaning up the backyard like a demon, moving chairs and putting cushions back where they are supposed to be.  Andy and Helen commented that there wasn't one clean glass or cup to drink out of and kind of laughed at how useless the situation is.

Andy and Judd have a funny conversation, laughing about GMZ getting voted out and ruining Judd's whole HoH reign.  They joke about her being a doctor, a GP, and Judd imitates her saying "your kid's sick as shit!"  It is really funny.

Things are getting Dastardly, for sure.  They hate Spencer and Howard now but are in fake alliances with them.  Andy has to meet with them today to make up a name for their alliance and Judd says to just pick "some ignorant name".

Sounds like Kaitilin is going bye-bye this week.  Whew it's going to be a shocker, either way.  Judd tells Jessie that he's been keeping a distance from her because people keep talking about them being in a showmance.

They discuss how devoted Candice is to Howard, but he is not on her side at all in the game.

Judd:  I think he kinda likes her though, no matter what he says to us.