Sunday, July 21, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - Punishments and Paranoia - 7-20-13 #BB15

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Saturday night.  And it was a VERY eventful day and night.  Today the MVP nomination was held, and to much surprise Elissa Slater was nominated for eviction.  Judd is the HoH right now, and had already put Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block.

The house slipped into Full Paranoia as they wondered who the MVP was.  The house guests knew that their close alliance members weren't the MVP, because they weren't saying so.  Or were they the MVP and weren't telling?  In that case, they might be an enemy now, too, in addition to whoever they are playing against.  And was Elissa the MVP again, nominating herself?  Is the the twist?  And will Elissa get a special power for nominating herself?

And so on.  The paranoia permutations are endless.

Of course you know America was the MVP this week, right?  If you don't know that, then I can't imagine why you are here, reading this.  You must be very bored.  Anyway, it is probable that Aaryn received a high number of votes from America, but because Judd nominated her the MVP nomination went to the person with the next highest votes.  The same may be true for Kaitlin, as well.  And now that Elissa has won PoV someone else will be going up on the block, and that is what I am excited about.  I would love to see Helen cry when she sees her picture up on the TV screen.  So evil, I know.  But really, who knows what America will do.  There is already evidence that we cheated.  (You can see that here.)  And on Twitter Rachel threatened to quit watching the show when she found out Elisa was nominated.  A mini-tantrum, for sure.

 McCrae and Helen were picked to play PoV, and the competition involved rooting in the mud for various punishments and prizes.  McCrae won $5,000, Judd has to spend a day in solitary confinement, Helen had to have an 8:00 pm curfew for at least one night.  Elissa had to give up the right to play for PoV next week, but beyond that I'm not sure about any further punishments.

I think we can all agree this was a lot of action for one day.

OK.  Here we go.

As the show starts we see Spencer lounging in the HoH Suite.  As the camera pulls back we see that the room also includes Andy over at the snack table, and Jessie is walking around in a pair of booty shorts and what looks like a bra.   Candice and Howard are sitting on the couch, and Amanda has set up camp in the HoH bed.  They are eating mangos and Candice has picked up the pit of the mango and is chewing on it.

She's never really eaten mangoes like this before and is enjoying it.  She actually thought that the fruit was a papaya, but Amanda sets her straight that mangoes are much sweeter than papayas, and says papayas "smell like vomit".

(Alison Grodner just made a note in her file regarding this...Papayas and Pigs Feet, anyone?)

Amanda is sawing away at a mango, too, and Spencer comments that Andy's slurping of his drink sounds really nasty.  Andy hosted the PoV today and Spencer slams on him, saying he did an okay job but was better than Lorenzo Llamas on the other challenge.  Howard chuckles at this and of course Spencer is referring to the woman from the American Baking Challenge who hosted one of their challenges.  I heard Spencer complaining that she was snooty to him while she was there so I guess he is still bitter about that.

They rank Andy 3rd as a challenge host, with "Slutty Baby Gina Marie" in 2nd place.   Andy says "Exasperated Art Dealer Judd" was the best so far.  I guess they forgot about McCrae hosting the hell out of those competitions the first week, huh?  You'd think Amanda would bring it up but she is too busy gnawing on her mango. 

Spencer mentions the way Andy said "Judd's in the mud!" and Andy says it will be easy to make him sound really gay because he said things like  "Eww. That's so gross!"  He also said "Kaitlin's getting dirty!" and had to repeat it because he said "dirty" in a strange way the first time.  They all laugh about what happened today.  Andy says that is the only line he had to repeat.   Someone burps and we move to the bathroom lounge.

GMZ is laying on the bathroom lounge and at first I thought she was sobbing but I think she is rubbing the pillow or something in front of her microphone.  Aaryn is dressed after her shower and says she is breaking out now.  GMZ never gets acne and Aaryn says she is "like Janelle with her perfect skin".  GMZ says she does with her period sometimes, and warns that it is coming soon and that she will be "very emotional" at that time.

The camera goes back to the HoH  and now Elissa is sitting on the bench at the foot of the bed and is striking a strange pose for the cameras.  Of course.  Spencer says he is really cold in the Have Not room this morning and is thinking about using Saran wrap around his legs and body to keep warm in there.  I see a box of Saran there on the table for some reason.

(There goes another potential sponsor, huh?)

Spencer says he could see his breath when he woke up this morning and Andy believes him.  Spencer is very deadpan and cracks a lot of dry jokes.   They joke about hitting the panic button and running away.  Spencer tells them the fans love it and it happened last year.  Amanda fell for that, too.  Andy jokes about hitting the button and saying "This is for you, Dingo!"

Elissa:  It probably doesn't even work.

Spencer says he touched the plastic case around the button, trying to get BB to tell him to "Stop That", but they never did.

Andy:  Aaryn must have been walking around in a bikini or something.

They all laugh.  Spencer says he also set a paper towel on fire and put it out on the floor and BB still didn't say anything.    He says there were too many ladies in bikinis that day, and explains that paper towels are "highly combustible".

GMZ pops in the door and reports that there are strange noises coming from the Cockpit, which is now Judd's isolation chamber.  She's joking about the "frickin alarm goin' off" and now the cameras take us there.

We see a large box that is meant to be an alarm clock.  It is blinking 9:07  and the alarm is sounding.  There is a big button on top labeled "snooze".  I heard Judd say earlier that he could hit the Snooze button, but I'm not sure if this will turn off the alarm or not.  Judd is laying prone on the back part of the couch, covered in blankets.  All of the decorative pillows are gone so the room looks much barer than it usually does.  Judd makes no move to hit the Snooze button, and appears to be sleeping through it.  It is VERY loud and VERY annoying.  Lucky for Judd he does have a soft surface to lay on, or this may be one of the worst 24 hour punishments ever.  At least Dan had some catchy music in his 24 hour party room last year.

(You can see this blast from the past here.)

(And I don't need to tell you how my dog feels about all of this.  Hint:  Not happy at all.)

After about a minute of the infernal beeping we go back to the HoH and watch Amanda suck on her mango pit.  GMZ says the mango gets stuck in her teeth.  They all liked the costumes they wore today.  Amanda and Andy both lick their knives and Elissa wants to know why Katilin was called to the DR.  They tell her Kaitlin is the MVP and they laugh.  GMZ explains that sometimes if you "don't get a word right" they call you back in to say it again.  Duh. 

Katilin comes in and announces that the backyard is open now.

Spencer:  Are you bullshittin'?

Kaitlin:  No!  I'm not like Andy!

(ha ha ha)

Jessie is still wearing only a bra for a shirt.  Was that her punishment?  We see GMZ go into the backyard and announce that it smells good out there.  Maybe BB finally got to the root of that odor problem they have all been complaining about.  She grabbed a pillow and raced across the backyard by herself, yelling "Yes!  Yes!" and jumped into the hammock.

Now back in the HoH  Amanda announces that she is not a granola person, but Andy says he loves it.

Amanda:  I think fit and skinny people love granola.

Andy also loves foods that are terrible for him, not just healthy foods.  On the HoH table there is a box of cereal called "Oops All Berries" and Andy studies the side of the box as we head into the first break.

When we return Aryn is whispering with Spencer in the bathroom.  Spencer says there is some bullshit going on and he doesn't understand it.  He doesn't think the problem is Judd, but he says he thinks the whole house wants her gone this week, in order to "systematically get them out".

Aaryn wonders why not Kaitlin?  Why is she first?  Spencer warns her not to violate his trust, or "he'll fuck her, and that's not a threat".  Aaryn nods and understands.  Spencer says the only person he can trust is Howard right now.  He knows when he enters a room, people leave, or stop talking.  He forgot the question and asks Aaryn to repeat it, so she does. He explains that Aaryn is being pointed at as the person they don't want in the house.  Aaryn can't accept this, and thinks things should have improved by now.  They both walk away and Aaryn goes outside.

GMZ is laying on her stomach on the weight bench doing quadracep exercises all alone.  Aaryn mentions the outdoor lighting being so bright and we go back to the HoH Room, where Candice is explaining that she's not mad at anyone, but she wanted to know if Amanda was spearheading a movement to get Aaryn out of the house.

Amanda denies it and Candice says she just asked, and doesn't expect anybody spearheading anything to actually admit it.  Amanda paces and snacks and seems to be looking for something.

In the backyard Spencer is talking to GMZ, saying he'd like someone to sleep up there tonight with Amanda and McCrae.  He can't do it because he's a Have Not, but he'd like to know what they are saying up there.  GMZ is pissed that they planned to take over the HoH "without even asking the poor kid".  She feels bad for Judd, and is now working on the front of her legs, lifting weights in her pajamas.

So Elissa must be required to wrap herself with plastic wrap, but from the way she's talking it sounds like she is doing it voluntarily.  She wants to wrap herself and then go outside to sprint and gets Andy to help her wrap it around her waist.

(That is totally unnecessary for Elissa and sets a HORRIBLE example for other people.  You CANNOT spot reduce fat by doing only lose water and can get very ill from it.  And Elissa doesn't even have any fat, so this problem must be tied with her overall issues of self-esteem and inferiority.)

Now we see Spencer and Aaryn in the hammock and he is telling her that she can trust him.  Aaryn wants to know about Andy, and Spencer says he's not sure about Andy, or what he wants.  Spencer says the target could easily change to Kaitlin, and that she should keep her head up and he will keep her in the loop so she's not blindsided.  Spencer is afraid to really talk to and trust her, but he continues.

Spencer, whispering:  Obviously Elissa, and Amanda and McCrae are calling the shots right now, so if you're on their bad side, that means you're on the list to go.  And I think you got on the bad side but don't give up hope.  I've heard that Amanda might go up now, but I don't know how complicated that will be.  I can't tell you what the future holds, but you need to hold your head up and I think you have the potential to make some deals....because the target can change.  If the target changes they want you working with them..

Aaryn:  They said that?

Spencer:  No, but that's just the way it works.  You've got a better chance of turning the target to Kaitlin then anybody else, but you're gonna have to make some deals.

A plane flies overhead and drowns out the conversation, but he says he is certain Howard is not the MVP, and she cannot get discouraged, even though this is hard.  After the PoV Ceremony they need to talk again when they know who is nominated and he'll share what he knows then.

Spencer: I'd rather work with you then Kaitlin because she's so emotional. ..I mean, you've got your own shit and I'm being honest with you, and I think you're a good person, but you know I've got Howard and if we can do something, I'd rather.  You can trust us, okay?

Aaryn wants Howard to know this, but not Candice.  Spencer says he will ask Howard not to talk to Candice, but Spencer promises that they are not working to get Aaryn out.  They want Kaitlin out and all of Aaryn's bullshit with Candice from before can be forgotten.  Spencer asks Aaryn to look at him, and he says he promises Howard is good and she can trust them.

Someone came outside and Spencer said "oh shit" and it is Elissa, running back and forth.  As we go to the break Spencer starts trying to cover up by talking about the full moon.

When we return we see Amanda and Andy in the kitchen and you can hear Judd's alarm going off even from there.  (Poor Judd.)  Andy is washing dishes and Amanda studies the inside of the fridge, saying that the alarm is annoying.  Amanda pours a glass of orange juice from a plastic jug and says "paranoia".

Now Elissa comes back inside, panting and we see Howard is setting up a game of pool with Spencer.  This is obviously a great way to strategize and has been for many years of BB.

We return to Andy and Amanda in the HoH.  Andy sips a cup of coffee and they wonder if Elissa is lying or not about the MVP.  Amanda says Candice is so annoying, too, and describes how she came up and confronted Amanda by asking why she keeps telling Aaryn she is safe.  There were a lot of people in the room and Amanda says she denied it, but Candice commented that she didn't know who to believe.

Amanda:  She said, I knew you and McCrae were targeting Howard, and I told her we did because he flipped but now we've squashed it.

Andy says that Helen told him she is worried about McCranda and that she would "kill him" if he told them that.  Amanda says Elissa also confronted her about saying no one should use the PoV to save her because "they have the numbers".   Amanda explained it to Elissa, she says, but she's not sure Elissa understood.

Amanda:  Why would Helen be worried about us?

Andy:  Don't say anything!  I would lose Helen's trust if you do.  I'll talk to her tomorrow and she'll be fine.  We were talking about it in the storage room and someone came in so we stopped.  Helen is just easily influenced and that is part of the problem. I'll fix it.

Amanda:  Oh she is so annoying.

Andy doesn't want to go up on the block and sounds nervous.  Amanda starts counting votes and includes Helen's vote "if she's not being weird".  Amanda can't read Howard at all, and Elissa is being so weird that she's trying to keep her close.   I see McCrae passed out in bed next to Amanda, and she says she is going to try and keep her mouth closed.

Andy:  The only thing that happened is Helen coming up to me and saying to be wary of you two.

Amanda:  Why would she say that?  That is weird.

Andy says he will figure it out, and she can't say anything, can't let anything slip because Helen was so serious.  Amanda says she would never say that about anyone, and as we go to break Andy plans to go downstairs now.

When we come back we are at the pool table, and Howard tells Spencer that Amanda came up to him talking about Kaitlin, and mentions Candice running her mouth too much.  Spencer is playing pool while he mutters things and would never appear to be gossiping, unless you can hear what he says.  The perfect cover.  I can't even hear what he's saying over the other noises and electrical sounds.

Howard has one roommate and has lived with him since February.  They are in the same "men's group" and he is 36 and kind of like a big brother to Howard..  Now we go back to the HoH  where Amanda is talking to McCrae.  She is discussing the SAME conversation that Howard was just talking about, regarding Candice.

Amanda:  I told him, she won't even look at me!  And it's all clarified..what is the problem?  She should have apologized.

McCrae says Howard "probably has MVP" and Amanda says Candice is sitting at the hot tub talking to Kaitlin and Jessie.

Amanda:  I'm like, stop with the petty girl shit!

Candice told Amanda that it felt personal, and Amanda says she just doesn't want "her big ____ ____" to leave.  Now Amanda tells McCrae what Andy just told her about Helen not trusting them.  McCrae wants to know when this happened and they both seem stressed.

(Note:  I read on Jokers that Amanda said "big black dick" but did not hear that with my own ears.  I strive to report the facts here.  Also, as far as I know Candice has not enjoyed any dicks in the house, black or white but you can trust I will keep you posted about this important topic.)

Amanda: I feel like maybe Elissa has it (the MVP) or it's outside of the house. I don't think Elissa would put herself up.

McCrae says she seems weird about it and tries to snuggle with Amanda.  Amanda whines she doesn't want to go home, and she can't really trust anybody but McCrae.  Now Elissa comes in and is breathless, stripping off her workout pants and I see she has wrapped her legs with Saran, too.


Now Aaryn comes in as BB is telling the house guest to go inside, that this is a lockdown.  Aaryn wants to know what just happened outside and now Amanda goes off on Candice, saying she doesn't know why she's saying all of that about her.  Amanda is annoyed and Aaryn is trying to reassure her but of course is not wearing a microphone that works.  Amanda wonder is Candice is the MVP.

Aaryn:  I asked her, and she told me she wasn't.  But of course she's said other things to my face and then different things behind my back.

Elissa leaves the room without speaking and then Aaryn starts getting a little pissier, saying that she can't believe that Katilin would be saying shit about her.    She heard that no one is worried about who the third nomination is because Aaryn is the one getting voted out.

Aaryn:  Kaitlin is the only person who would say that because she's the only one on the block.

Aaryn says Candice is trying to figure out who the MVP is, and doesn't think it is Elissa.  Aaryn was trying to convince her that she needs to stay, and didn't mention any other names except Kaitlin's.   Now Amanda is a broken record about Candice and Aaryn says all she is worried about is that Howard doesn't go home.  As we go to break I realize Aaryn is going to repeat everything that is said back to Spencer, who will surely find a way to use it for his benefit.

After the break we join a very up close conversation between Howard and Candice, where he is apparently trying to steer her back in the right direction.   Howard says that when something like this happens, it is best to have no anger, and say she stayed loyal to them.

Howard:  But now they're annoyed...once again.  We've got to start over.

I can hear Amanda in the background talking about the Jury.  Candice points out that Kaitlin can't vote this week, and I can see that Howard is very worried about going up on the block now, and is trying to get Candice to calm down and act in a helpful manner.  She is trying to justify her actions by saying "she was lying" and she "wanted to see how she acts when she's lying".

Candice:  So you're right.  You probably will go on the block.  And my personality is more quiet and non threatening..

Howard points out that her behavior is threatening right now, and it's going to blow up again.  Howard stares at her, face to face and wants to know if she hears what he's saying.

Candice:  I hear you.

Howard:  You don't always need to say something...

He counts the votes they have, and the votes he needs to stay, and asks Candice to talk to those people.  I can hear Judd's alarm going off and Jessie at the door talking to Judd, asking him questions about the alarm.  I can only guess that the Snooze button doesn't always work.  Poor Judd.  Jessie is telling him where everybody is, and what they are doing and it sounds sweet.  When Judd first went in the room I was watching the live feeds and he described exactly what was in the room....a chair, slop, three loaves of bread, baby wipes, etc.

Now Howard is telling Candice that she's a live wire, and when she "gets a wild hair" he doesn't know what she's gonna do.  From far away this would look like a love conversation since they are laying on the bathroom couch facing each other, but Howard is trying to bring her to her senses.

Howard:  Outside these walls that's cool.  It ain't that.  Just chill out now.  Kaitlin is lyin'.

Howard's faith tells him when it's time for him to go home, and it's not time yet, he says.  Now Candice is still kind of arguing with him about what she said, and why she said it.  She doesn't really get the problem, which is that she needs to exercise self-control and swallow some pride in order for both of them to advance in the game.

(From the first week of the game, Howard has been talking to the guys about Candice's temper, saying that she was going to blow up in there and would need to go.  This was actually a strategy of the Moving Company, to blame that first hinky vote on Candice so that the girls would fight.  They planned for Amanda and then Candice to leave after David, but of course that didn't work out.  So I think Howard will look back on this and know that getting personal with Candice messed up his game.  He is such a big target right now I can't see him getting to the end of the game, or even the Jury.  Perhaps it will all be worth it for both of them in the end.  Just as Dominic and Dani about that....)

Candice gives him feedback, too, regarding the way he worries so much and says it shows in his social game.  Howard said the other side can't figure him out, and that is one reason why they see him as a target.  Howard begs Candice to "let somebody else do somethin' for a change" and says he knows she's "independent and all that".  Howard reminds her as we go to break to just "keep your damn mouth closed".  Words to live  by for all of us.

When we return we are still watching Howard and Candice, and we hear Judd's alarm going off down the hall.  That thing is loud.  Howard tells Candice that Amanda came and went several times last night in the HoH and couldn't sit still.  He thinks they have already talked to Kaitlin three times so far, and that Kaitlin will go where ever the power is every week.  He refers to Jessie as "the little girl talking to Judd" and says she doesn't now what to do until they tell her.

I hear GMZ talking to Judd through the door.  I think they are worried because the alarm keeps going off.  Maybe Judd is dead.  Now Howard and Candice hug it out and their heads are under the pillows.  I don't hear kissing sounds, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  

We just watched GMZ go up the HoH and get something for Judd (I guess) but I don't know what it was.  Maybe she asked him if she could have something of his.  Amanda just called down the hall, asking if Candice wanted wine, and Candice had to remind her that she's a Have Not.  How could Amanda forget a thing like that?  Aaryn says that was her favorite competition so far.  She is carrying drinks up to the HoH and another girl is in the HoH bathroom but I'm not sure who.

Back downstairs Howard is reciting a list of qualities that he knows about Candice and they are definitely flirting now.  He says she's fine, smart, accomplished, goal-oriented, she's been places, she's a lady, she's a freak, and he can tell and they giggle.

Now we go back to the HoH bathroom where Amanda is in the bathtub and Aaryn is talking to her.  They both have huge glasses of white wine and Amanda is complaining about Elissa, saying that she saved her two weeks in the house and she still talks crap about her.  Amanda is wearing a lime green bikini.   Amanda brings up what Candice said about Amanda telling Aaryn that she is safe this week.

Aaryn:  Why would I do that ?

Amanda runs more water, probably cold since she just said she was too hot.  The sound of the water totally drowned out their words so we go down and see McCrae talking to Howard and Candice for a brief moment.  I think they gave him birthday wishes and he thanked them.  The second he was gone they started whispering.  As we went to another break Howard said McCrae feels bad, because he's gonna put him up and Candice swears this will not happen.

When we return we are back in the HoH Bathroom, where Aaryn is still sitting and whispering with Amanda.  Someone must be in the bedroom or something because they are being very quiet like someone is outside.  Now they talk about Spencer and she says he used to talk about Marilyn as his ex-girlfriend and say bad shit but now he talks about her like she's the love of his life.

Amanda:  That's because of Helen....he's trying to impress Helen.

Aaryn says Howard gets so mad when they refer to him as being in a showmance with Candice.  They still wonder who the MVP is, and Aaryn worries that whoever it is is trying to frame her.  Amanda is whispering about Elissa asking her over and over and over if Aaryn is still the target. 

Amanda:  She's got some vendetta against you.

The fish tank is rather loud in the corner, with the bubbling and all.  Amanda brings up again how they all saved her for "two fucking weeks'.  Aaryn thinks Helen is a bigger threat, because she has so much power.  Amanda says Candice kept telling her that this was supposed to be an easy week since they all wanted Aaryn out.  She says Candice keeps bringing up the comments Aaryn made about the fish tank.

Aaryn:  ...yeah, because the fish are segregated...that's what I said.  The stupid dark fish go on the bottom because it's camouflage...that's how fish in the ocean don't get eaten by other has nothing to do with's fucking fish.

Aaryn can't believe Candice brought that up today, after all this time.  Amanda is still wearing a nicotine patch on her right arm.  Aaryn says Candice is so scared to lose her showmance that she's freaking out over the nomination and trying to make sure someone else leaves.

Aaryn:  They're scared.  They're scrambling.  Howard's going home soon and they know it.

Amanda:  He's such a trouble-maker.....a manipulator ......he's calling you a racist!

Aaryn thought Candice started calling her that, and that Howard told her he would never think of her that way when they had their heart-to-heart talk.   Aaryn can't believe they want to protect Kaitlin instead of her.  I have to say Aaryn stays relatively calm over all of this bad news.  She's not going to crawl into a corner and cry, from the looks of it.  Helen and Candice would do that, and don't even get me started on Elissa's waterworks.

Aaryn knows Kaitlin is scrambling this week, too, but she can't believe she would sell her soul to Candice and Helen.  Amanda thinks Candice may be on Kaitlin's side for longer than this week, because she's seen them talking several times.  Aaryn says Candice said that McCranda is a power couple and Amanda acts surprised.  Aaryn lists the competitions McCrae has won and Amanda can't even accept this type of analysis.  Aaryn says everyone thinks if Amanda is gone they can work with McCrae because Amanda is controlling him.

Amanda:  What?  I don't control him!  He controls me!

And we go into another break.  When we return all eyes are still on Amanda in the bathtub, as she is all ears to what Aaryn is saying.   Aaryn thinks that Helen wants Howard out and she is trying to place the blame on Amanda and McCrae so the blood isn't on her hands.  Aaryn thinks every single person has issues in the game.  She calls Jessie a floater and Gina Marie crazy.  She says Helen is a target and Amanda says Helen is a blabbermouth.  Aaryn says Kaitlin should be a target now, she's strong and totally focused on the game now.

McCrae comes in and says he "feels so crappy".  Amanda asks if he took something for it yet and he says now.  Amanda has been calling him "Mickey" and I don't think I like it.  I might say I'm annoyed by it.  McCrae started telling her about his conversations about the MVP and then says he doesn't want to talk about it anymore.  He has a cold can of Tecate and is sucking it down.

Amanda shaves her legs as Aaryn explains why Judd is now a target, since he can win HoH, and Elissa is a target because "she just is".   Amanda doesn't think anybody feels safe in the house, even though Aaryn says that she hears everyone can relax this week because Aaryn will be the one to go.

The cameras change to Elissa talking to Spencer in the kitchen, really giving him the 'woe is me' routine about how everyone was against her from day one and she didn't expect it.  She just thought she could come in and play Big Brother, but everyone started asking her if she was Rachel's sister and she felt attacked the whole time.

Spencer points out that all of their early conversations were that he was going to keep her in the house, but didn't want to be seen talking to her since that was a risk.  Spencer says he sees now that might have been hurtful to Elissa since she felt ostracized.  Elissa is going on and on and keeps mentioning she has a family and I think she is getting buzzed, from watching her speech patterns.   I hear Judd's alarm going off down the hall.  Hit that snooze button, Judd.

Elissa is summarizing all of the wrongs to her chronologically to Spencer, as if he wasn't in the house and doesn't know.  She would like to work with Spencer, and says that "certain people" were really stroking her the whole time in the house.  Spencer says he has gotten to know her better and he likes her.  He's not friends with her because she was the MVP every week.

(Elissa the MVP nominated Spencer last week for eviction, so why is she whining to him that shit isn't fair?  Shit isn't fair, that is true, Elissa, but not for the reasons you think.)

Spencer wants to tell Elissa "straight up" that he will never put she or Helen up and as we go into the last break Elissa is saying they need to set up lines of communication. 

When we return we see Spencer and hear somebody getting warned not to talk about Production.  Judd's alarm is buzzing off the hook down the hall.  Elissa says that Aaryn just said dumb and offensive things.  Spencer says Howard was very hurt by it, and Elissa says Candice was, too.  Elissa is very sad about it and it broke her heart.  Spencer says he advised Aaryn to try to give back when she gets out of here, maybe volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club to show she has redeeming qualities.

Elissa is eating popcorn and Spencer warns her some of it is burned.  Elissa doesn't care, which is  further proof that she is buzzed.  We see a group sitting in the living room, including Andy, Jessie, Amanda and McCrae.  They are talking about taking cats for walks on leashes, and Andy says it freaks him out.  McCrae says "cats are cool, but...."

In the final seconds of the show we hear Elissa tell Spencer that if she said the things that Aaryn has said in the house that she would want to go home, to hide.  Then Elissa clarifies that she wouldn't even think those things in the first place, because we are in the 21st Century, aren't we?

Spencer confirms for her that we are in the 21st Century, and as the show ends Elissa is saying  something is stupid.  Judd will surely have brain damage with all the damn beeping.

Amanda the Whiney Dominatrix #BB15

OK, so McCrae turned 24 today, so naturally Amanda wanted to set up a saucy surprise for him that would involve making them both the center of attention.

Last night after BBAD ended Amanda tried on different slutty outfits for Candice and Gina Marie. Spencer was there, too, and actually gave a lot of good feedback in his typical blunt fashion.  I must add that throughout this entire half hour she repeated that she was sweating.  All the time.

Here are a few of the outfits, in case you don't believe me.  I can't comment on this one.  I just can't.

This is Candice's vest that she wore on her preseason interview with Jeff Schroeder.  Rob Cesternino mocked Candice's vest on his podcast, saying she was stuck in the 80's or something.  But Rob kind of likes Amanda.  She's from Long Island, too.  I'll bet he kind of likes the vest now.

All of these outfits came with suggestive comments, pretending to address McCrae in a sexy fashion.  This was the outfit that she was going to go with, adding kneesocks that she brought from home for some reason.  GMZ offered some double-sided tape but Amanda said no, she wanted to have a few nip slips.

Yes, she did.  And she kept saying how fun it was to just act like friends and put the game aside.  I guess this is what it is like to be Amanda's friend.

Then Candice told her to go put on her black swimsuit and they would make a whip for her and she could borrow some of Candice's boots.   Amanda said she bought this swimsuit at Goodwill, after Elissa repeated a number of times that she couldn't imagine any woman wanting to wear a one-piece.  She said it several times, even after Amanda pointed out not everyone has a body like Elissa's.

Amanda thought McCrae was coming at one point and wrapped herself in a blanket so he wouldn't see.

Aaryn came in and appreciated what Amanda was trying to do for McCrae.  They kept saying that Howard and Spencer would tie McCrae to a chair so she could dance for him.  These plans were a big activity for much of the house.  Note that Amanda joked about acting like a whore several times.

Aaryn suggested that GMZ do the makeup, and I have to say Gina Marie is very talented.  She did Amanda's eyes in just a minute or two and it really was impressive.  I had fun watching this but I heard Candice tell Helen today that GMZ tried to take over and acted weird and pouty afterwards.  I didn't get any of that, but whatever.

 These are Candice's huge earrings, of course.  Amanda said they were very heavy to wear.  That eye make up is fantastic.

 That is Elissa with her hands down the front of Amanda's swimsuit.  I heard her mention the one-piece comment I already discussed, and I also heard her say Amanda looked like a stripper at the Spearmint Rhino.  She seemed amused by this whole thing at some points, but then turned nasty and made judgmental comments.  She seemed weird, but I think Elissa always seems weird when she's in a situation where cameras are around.

I didn't get to see the actual performance and am not really sure they showed it on the Live Feeds.  I didn't look very hard though, to be honest.  These pictures are from afterwards, when Amanda was crying in the bathroom, saying she just wanted to have fun.

I wish I had a picture of the "whip".  GMZ took a wooden spoon and wrapped it with black paper napkins and tied Jessie's shoestrings to it so they hung off the end like fringe.  It was fantastic.  She needs to work on independent films, I think, since she knows makeup and can make props appear out of nowhere. Chin up, Gina Marie. You've got skills.

And today (the day after) this is a HUGE topic of discussion in the house.  Helen missed the whole thing because of her curfew, so she had to discuss the facts with each and every person in there.


Amanda and McCrae are in trouble in the house.  They've pushed the Howard issue too much and Helen and Candice are pissed.