Friday, July 19, 2013

Judd Takes Meetings #BB15

Judd is taking meetings in the Cockpit since his nominations will be made in a few hours.   I walked in on his meeting with Candice and heard Judd tell her he was thinking about putting Gina Marie and Kaitlin on the block, with Kaitlin as the pawn.

Whew...Helen isn't going to like that.  Since she promised Kaitlin the world last week in exchange for Kaitlin using the PoV to save herself.  Judd isn't scared of Helen.  Hell no.  Judd says he wants to backdoor somebody when the PoV is used, and of course he is expecting Elissa to win MVP again and nominate Aaryn.

As they wrapped it up Judd told her to share it with Howard, and Candice assured him that if she won HoH he and Jessie would not go on the block.

Then Judd walked into the bathroom where Aaryn and Gina Marie were getting ready and asked Aaryn to join him in the Cockpit.   I think the Have Not competition was a messy one, and they have all been showering after getting cleaned up.  Judd told Aaryn the same thing, that he planned to nominate Gina Marie and Kaitlin, and I could see Aaryn's body kind of droop with relief. 

Judd tells her that some people in the house will be angry with him for not nominating Aaryn.  He also says he is 90% sure that Elissa will win MVP again, and she told him that if Judd won't nominate Aaryn, she'll do it herself.

Judd isn't sure if it is better if he nominates her himself, or if he should let Elissa do it.  If he does it, then she can get taken off with the PoV and he can put someone else up.

Aaryn:  You'd use the PoV on me?

Judd:  Probably...yeah.  But don't tell anybody that...nobody knows we've been working together.

Judd told her that people still think she is a troublemaker in the house and she asks him who she should "be really nice to".  He says to be nice to Elissa, and keep doing what she's been doing.

(Maybe Judd figured out what a great chance he will have against Aaryn with the Jury votes.  All of her friends will likely be out of the game before Jury, and most of the Jury members will hate her.  You can't really say that about anybody else in the house right now, because I think Howard's problems will blow over if he keeps a low profile.)

 I wonder if Aaryn left that meeting feeling more or less worried?  We've all said a lot of things about Aaryn, but she is going to play hard and maybe Kaitlin's recent show of grit has inspired her.

 Judd then walked around to schedule his next meeting.  You can see the Mangos and Macaroni on the table---that was America's Choice this week.  Another good week of extras for those kids.  You can do so many things with macaroni and mangos are freaking delicious in a blender with some milk and a few flavorings.  Throw that all together with a few ice cubes and you'd swear you were at Jamba Juice.

Oh...want to know who the Have Nots will be?  Howard, Andy and Jessie will make return appearances in the Have Not room, as will the new inductee Spencer.  Spencer can afford a few days on slop.  It just really sucks for Jessie because she just finished up a week as a Have Not, and she could be in the HoH Suite this week with Judd.  She slept up there last night, you know.

Judd finds Elissa and asks her to join him.  When Judd asks, the ladies just do it.  Judd is just that charismatic and powerful.  Ha ha.

So Elissa joins Judd in the Cockpit now and he tells her that he talked to GMZ and told her she might go up.  Elissa was surprised at this, and Judd said she wasn't happy but if he didn't put her up, he would expect her to vote his way for the rest of the game.  Judd tells her that he is thinking about Kaitlin or Aaryn for the other nominee, and that he heard that Elissa would just nominate Aaryn as the third person on the block.

He asked Elissa to please not say anything to Helen about this, and says Kaitlin told him last night that Helen said Judd was going to nominate her.

Elissa whispers that she thinks Kaitlin is trying to start trouble between them and she expects her to do whatever she can with Aaryn to stay in the house.  Judd asks her if he puts up Aaryn and Kaitlin, would she put up GMZ as a pawn?

Elissa:  If I knew I had it I would be so happy...I'd go ahead and put Aaryn up.

Elissa thinks everyone wants Aaryn out before Kaitlin, but Judd says that Kaitlin is a bigger threat.

Judd:  Kaitlin is built like Janelle....she's a beast in challenges.  She's gonna kill it in competitions, and probably win veto.

Now he considers putting up Aaryn and GMZ, but says everybody has a deal with Kaitlin now.  Elissa denies that she has a deal with her, but says Helen would get "really upset" if Kaitlin is nominated.

Andy just interrupted and said he would be available anytime if Judd wants to meet with him.

(No shit Andy.)

Now they bring up how they became friends in the storage room on day two, and they know they will be friends for life.  Elissa says he is one of her best friends in this house.  Elissa is worried that Aaryn will come after her if she knows she put her up, but Judd says nobody needs to know that Elissa is MVP.

(Not this week, she isn't.)

As they wrap up Elissa says Jessie is so mean to her and she is the one who "put that Elissa sticker" on the toilet.  (What??? ha ha ha).

Judd:  I'm here to play for myself...I'm not here for a showmance..

Elissa:  She had a boyfriend when she started applying for this....

Judd:  Yeah, I remember you tellin' me that...

Team Judd Celebrates #BB15

Judd's group of friend started a Twitter account for him a few weeks ago and they truly seem to be the most genuine friends a guy could have.

They had a party at a local bar last night to watch the show so you can imagine how excited they were to see Judd win HoH.  This is life in a small southern town, ya'll.  You know it is a small town when they don't mention the area code, only the phone number, right?

Judd's HoH letter was written by his mom, though, so maybe they will read his friend's letter if he wins HoH again.  I certainly don't think Mom would say Holy Shit on Twitter, much less even be on Twitter.

You can see Judd's HoH room reveal here.

Judd: Do You Wanna See My HoH Room? #BB15

Judd came out of the DR still wearing his crown, and everyone started filing upstairs for the unveiling of Judd's HoH Room.  On the way up he mentioned that BB wasn't trying to make them mad by not letting them go outside to smoke.

Judd:  They said don't be mad...they're gettin' somethin' set up out there.

Helen can be heard screaming and I fear we will continue to hear her bellow all week long.

(Be careful with your MVP votes, America, because Aaryn and Kaitlin are likely to be nominated anyway, so whoever is next in the voting will be nominated....let's make something big happen.  Let's make someone cry with our nomination.  ****hint hint hint***)

Everyone seems tired and there is real lack of energy.  Except for Helen, of course, and Gina Marie who could be heard calling Judd a "little fucker".

When they came in the girls went right to Judd's pictures and we could hear "someone" bellowing Judd the Stud and  Elissa said "Judd you look so handsome!".

Judd:  Why is that picture here?

One of the pictures includes Judd's little cousin or something and Amanda says he looks really cute, no, really hot in that picture.  I hear Gina Marie getting excited about the Captain Crunch in Judd's basket as he looks at the pictures, explaining them.

One of Judd's pictures is with his friend Jordan and Elissa says she loves Jordan, and that Jordan is so hot.   Helen said that Jordan looks like Britney.  After they pestered him, Judd later said that Jordan is married now.  When they pestered him more about her being his BFF, he said "I have a lot of friends".   Judd wonders why they put his high school graduation picture in there and seems as surprised as anybody to see what is in the room.  There is also a picture of his mom, and of his puppy dog.

Judd's CD is the Red Hot Chili Peppers "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" and Spencer sounds excited about that.  I also heard Aaryn say the CD  "fucking rocks".  The girls are surprised that Judd likes "Aloe Water" and Judd inspects it and says he's never tried that particular brand.   He also got "three fucking bags" of Skittles, according to Kaitlin.

Gina Marie:  You got sunglasses, bro!

Judd:  Hell yeah!

Helen:  You've lost some weight man.

He looks in the HoH fridge and is excited to see Coronas, and also some chicken.  Amanda took inventory down there and also announced there was bean dip, mashed potatoes, and salsa.  For some reason they started talking about Stevie Nicks, so maybe there is a picture of Judd at a concert or something.
There is a blanket there that Judd doesn't recognize, and the girls say maybe his mom sent it.  Then Judd holds up some orange shorts and Elissa smirks that maybe Jordan sent them.

Most of the time when we have the HoH reveal there is tension, as some people really don't want to be there.  But tonight everyone seems to be enjoying learning a little more about Judd's life, and since he has had such a consistent social game I don't think anyone is certain about his eviction plans for the week.  (Unlike Aaryn's HoH room reveal, which you can see here.)

Judd got Orange Tic Tacs, too, and I can't recall anyone ever getting those in an HoH room.  Helen orders Judd to open his letter, and then Elissa ordered him to sit down and read it before mumbling that he was allowed to stand up and read it, too.   Judd opened the letter and quietly scanned it before reading it aloud.  Smart.

After reading it Judd did sit down before reading it aloud.  It's from his "mom and dad".

His mom says that they are all proud of him and she hasn't seen his dad look so nervous since the day Judd was born.  She can't even express how she feels about him right now---they love him so much and can't believe this is really happening.  His mom says it is like a dream, Judd's dream come true and he has accomplished so much.  Something this big "don't happen in ______ County".  Judd's mom hopes everyone gets to see how loving and caring Judd really is, and she has learned from this experience that Judd's friends are the same way.  Judd's voice starts to shake as his mom says that all of his friends love and miss him, and they are all so proud of him.  She misses him, but hopes he "goes all the way baby", but he should always remember God first.

When Judd finishes there is clapping and cheers.  Helen is involved with the loud cheering, of course.

Judd:  Thanks ya'll!  Ya'll can have some of that food, too.

Apparently Judd has to wait until twelve, since he is still a Have Not, and Helen bellows that they can wait until then, too.  Elissa wants Judd to name three of his favorite childhood memories, but he says he doesn't remember much before the age of twelve.  Helen pushes that and wants to know why he doesn't remember, and who was his best friend in the 3rd grade, but Judd just says he loves hanging out with his family.

Turns out Stevie is Judd's Boston Terrier.  Judd says again how surprised he is by all of the random pictures in there, and after he takes off the crown says he wishes he wasn't wearing it for the room reveal.  Howard asks if Judd's dad is usually nervous, and Judd said "I dunno...he doesn't talk much".  Helen asks about  his family's history with the show. Judd's mom has seen a few BB episodes before this, but his family never really watched the show.  His dad had never seen it.  Helen keeps pushing, asking him if he was a Super Fan and Judd said he was.

Is Aaryn nervous?  I know Judd is going to nominate her, so I think America should vote for someone else to get our nomination.  I know I did.  Yep.  I'm hoping America blindsides someone who would never suspect we don't care for them.

Helen keeps it up, asking Judd if it really is his dream come true to "be HoH for America".

Judd:  Yeah, I just can't stop thinkin' about that twist though.

Helen shouts for him not to worry, to just enjoy this for a minute.

I have to say I have NEVER gone from really liking a house guest so much, to really NOT liking a house guest so much like I have with Helen.  With some of the cast I always love to hate them and enjoy covering their antics (for example, Jeremy, or Dan Gheesling).  But Helen is really grating on my nerves and eardrums, and I don't like the way she conducted herself as HoH, and the way she patronizes people nonstop.  I don't know how I'm going to get through the summer living with Helen.

Helen, still shouting:  How much do you love this show?  You love it!  And now you're HoH!

I think this bitch is trying to point out how big of a threat Judd can be since he knows the game so well.  Judd feels it too, because he stands up and that is a tell that he wants to change the conversation.  He was already mad about the "Roscoe Report" putting a target on everybody the previous night, and would not be the only house guest with a growing distaste for Helen.  (You can read about the Roscoe Report here.)

Judd starts loading his Coronas in the fridge and says he got a lot of Cliff bars, and some "unhealthy stuff, thank god".  Amanda is getting excited about eating, and knows it is almost 11:00 so the Have Nots have an hour left.  They all want to get some booze delivered tonight and Amanda can't wait to "taste the rainbow" of the Skittles. Kaitlin is also going on and on about the many flavors of Skittles that Judd got from BB.

Judd says again they are welcome to the items in his basket, and Kaitlin starts digging through it right away, noting there are gummy bears there, too, Jolly Ranchers and beef jerky.  Judd says BB told him he could eat right away, but he wants to wait until 12:00 like the other Have Nots.

Amanda: So we'll just awkwardly stare at you for the next hour.

Helen:  Maybe it was your yellow shirt that helped you win today.

Elissa is very fond of Judd, because he was one of the first house guests to be kind to her and she has said he is a lot like the guys she grew up with in North Carolina.

This picture is of Judd as Mario on Halloween four years ago.  Helen says Judd "was fat" but he says he only weighed 130, and it was the costume.  I think this is the picture with Jordan that the girls were nagging him about.  Helen just can't let it go, saying he looks thinner in the Mario picture than he does in the picture with his Mom.

Aaryn keeps chewing.  Maybe it is starting to sound like Helen will get her way this week, too.

Judd's parents are Tana and Andy.  He says he's "ready to eat and smoke", but he's going to wait.   They all love Judd's Tennessee Rocky Top blanket and they think Judd gets to keep it.  Helen got to keep everything from her HoH room but the pictures.  Judd put "Boo Berry" cereal on his list of wanted HoH items but he doesn't think they even make it anymore.  Andy was delighted by this and they repeat "Boo Berry" several times.

Amanda gets up to leave first, congratulating Judd.  I think she looks really great after a week on Slop and hopefully she can keep it going for her young Pizza Boy.  Amanda is going to go "watch the clock" and McCrae leaves with her, of course.

Judd passes out candy and says please enjoy it and Candice says she'll be the first one, since "ya'll motherfuckers are being modest".   Check out her seating arrangement and keep reading for an update on this situation.  The red shirt they are holding up is a new one for Judd, too, and you can see the blanket here as well.

They want to crack open one of the Aloe Juices and Elissa is really impressed that he drinks that at home.  There is also string cheese in the fridge, and Judd says there is a "rotisserie chicken" and Aaryn repeats that, laughing.  Helen is drinking the Aloe Juice and says they have it at the Korean grocery store.  Elissa has never had Aloe pulp and can't wait to try it.  They are all eating candy now that Candice got them started, and the bag of Skittles is being passed and enjoyed.

To Kaitlin's credit she seems to be taking Jeremy leaving very well and if she is smart she will never mention his name again in that house.  People forget quickly, and new enemies and targets will develop just as fast.   This is two weeks straight that Kaitlin almost won HoH, getting into the tiebreaker round.  Once you add in the way she bitchslapped everyone in the PoV competition, she is turning into a big threat in this game.

Judd is a godfather to his friend Billy's child.  Elissa keeps asking questions about Jordan and Judd says she was on his contact list, but he doesn't think they ever got around to talking with her during the casting process.  Helen says that Aloe Water is a Korean thing, but now it is showing up in all of the grocery stores.  Elissa says it is good for your digestion, but has never tried the kind with pulp.  Helen said at the Korean grocery you can buy varieties with different levels of pulp, just like orange juice, and it is very refreshing.

Judd is "stoked" about the Baked Lays because he loves Baked Doritos.  He doesn't like corn nuts, and Howard and Andy don't, either.  Judd's mom gave him a coin with a Bible verse on it, too.  Howard and Elissa can recite the verse.  Judd tells everybody that they might get alcohol, so they shouldn't go to bed too early.

OK.  Look at Candice and Howard in this picture, and then I am going to share something with you.

I was using the Flashback feature so I could watch Judd's HoH reveal, and I knew I found it once the camera shot held on the doorknob to the DR hallway.  That means someone is about to come out of there.  So while the cameras were focused on the doorknob, the audio was on Howard and Candice, who were apparently in one of the bedrooms.  I couldn't see them, but could tell from the conversation that Howard was putting lotion on her.

Then I think he was going to massage her, because he was saying that her shirt was getting in the way.  She offered to take it off, and he said something like "yes, that's what I'm saying".  Then he had to repeat SEVERAL times that she could leave her bra on.  I'm not saying they were getting nasty or anything, but this was certainly an intimate moment between them, since he had his hands on her and clothes were coming off.

Then Judd burst out of the DR and I think Howard and Candice were the last people to get up the spiral staircase to join Judd & Company on the balcony.  I think this began at around 10:30 pm BBT, if you'd like to listen and speculate for yourselves...