Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bad News for Mike Boogie

TMZ had the scoop tonight that Mike Boogie's extortion case against a former business partner got thrown out of court.

I am not up to speed at all about the underlying lawsuits, but I did see some rather scary words like "siphoning" in the article.   You can read TMZ's entire story here.

Helen Kim Tweets #BB15

Helen Kim has tweeted, and now we can all learn what she has to say.  If you have the live feeds, then of course Helen Kim has told you what she did, as well as what you should have done and what you should do in the future.

Much love to Helen, though. She's loving her game right now and she certainly means well. 

Oh, I don't know if you know this, but Helen is a Mom!

Big Brother After Dark - Little Nail Shop of Horrors - 7-15-13

This episode aired at 9:00 pm BBT on Monday. Helen is still the HoH for what seems like a year now, and yesterday Kaitlin used the PoV to save herself and Helen nominated Jeremy in her place as expected.  So as Thursday's live show approaches, Aaryn, Spencer and Jeremy are on the block.  Some people in the house swear that Jeremy's eviction is a given, but they also thought Elissa would leave last week, and the week before that.

I think Jeremy's eviction is probable, but he's been making promises for a few days now, and I think Spencer may need to worry a little.  Just a little.

We begin the episode at the pool table, where Howard and Spencer play pool amidst the sound of loud humming from the pool equipment or some other machinery.

Spencer:  I don't think homeboy down there really won the MVP...

Howard:  I don't either.

Spencer isn't sure what the angle was for that, but says he already told "H" that their votes were secure as far as she was concerned.  And he said that before the third nomination was made, so he isn't sure if that conversation impacted the third nomination.  Spencer says he talked with Judd about the "Scary Week" coming up, and adds they will remove Aaryn and Kaitlin from the game next, before GMZ goes.  Everyone thinks GMZ  has less of a chance of winning HoH or PoV, and he thinks once everybody but "the alliance" is gone then they can all just play hard and it will be fun.

Spencer looks HUGE tonight and must be enjoying the cuisine in the BB house.  He was working out with Elissa everyday for the first week, but I'm not sure any of that has happened lately.  Spencer walks across the yard with his pool cue where McCranda is laying in the hammock.   Spencer says they must have lost 10 pounds already this week and Amanda says she felt like crying earlier and Spencer did admit that he heard that she had a breakdown.

Amanda is kind of whining about how using cream "didn't work" and she asked for whole milk like, two days ago.  Spencer says it is amazing how they are both so lethargic now and McCrae admits that his brain is even working slower.

Spencer:  Make sure that you both have like three protein shakes before HoH, because I'm depending on ya'll to do well.

McCrae:  I'm depending on everybody to do well....you've got it...you're going to ______ win.

Spencer wants to strategize if the HoH is a majority rules game, if they all pick A then it might help.  McCrae says that this week is pretty "set in stone" and they discuss GMZ's finger injury weeks ago.

Amanda:  I told her, at least you didn't get hurt this week, and she said she broke her heart...

They can't believe the way GMZ reacted to Nick leaving and McCrae says it's something for her to talk about.  Spencer said she is going to write NICK on her fingernails and U on her thumb for the live show and they laugh about it.  McCrae is clutching what appears to be an empty Froot Loops box, that is bent out of shape and he is holding it near his face.  Maybe he just wants to smell it to fool his empty stomach.

Spencer:  She said to me, I hope he doesn't get all wifed up...and I told her probably not, but he is a serial engagement kind of guy, so he could be..

McCrae:  I think he's married or some shit...or has a girlfriend..

Spencer:   I don't disagree with that at all...for a dude to sleep with pillows between them on a bed that is that small and uncomfortable anyway....with that ball cap and hoodie on?

Amanda:  So awkward...and yesterday she was going through the calculations that if you figure 5 hours for each date for a certain number of days each week then they've really been together 6 months..

Candice came outside and asked them if they were coming upstairs.  Spencer asked for what?  And she explained that "Jeremy is up there and now it's just a party".   Howard says he'll come up there, but doesn't sound overly excited about it.

Spencer laughs at GMZ's relationship math and jokes she needs to "solve for X again" and Amanda wonders "which numerals she's working with".  While this goes on Howard has walked over to Candice in the backyard and they are standing very close while she murmurs about being "such a fattie....while he was doing yoga".

Candice:  I'm going to get my life together..or else I'll be 20 pounds heavier when I leave this house.  And that would be no bueno.

Howard kind of slaps her on the back of her waist and they walk towards the back door.  Candice calls back to them to hurry up and come upstairs.

(No doubt St. Helen is behind this urgent invitation, with her "Open Door" HoH room.)

Spencer goes back to the pool table and they start to take shots before he says they should probably  "go up there and be social" and Howard agrees to wrap it up.  Spencer is going to get a cup of GatorAde and head up there.  McCrae goes over the vote math for next week with Amanda as he toys with the folded Froot Loops box.

Amanda:  Did every single girl in here find a male mate?

McCrae:  I think so, now that those two found each other.

Oh McCrae is using the Froot Loops box as a sort of telescope, looking at the sky through it.  Now they talk about the guys in the house, and who they have as a close partner.  When it comes to Spencer he says maybe he has Andy.  They are quiet as they just lay in the hammock together and make no move to get up.  Amanda says they are being anti-social and here comes Jessie to give them a full report of what they're missing.  Jessie is wearing her orange Texas T-shirt with her gut hanging out over her shorts.

Jessie:  We were all upstairs having a girl's nail party, and then Jeremy comes up there and I was like can't I just have a few minutes without you in my air space?  And Andy cracked a joke on me and Kaitlin like, laughed so hard and I was like BITCH!

Amanda wants to know what Andy said and Jessie sighed and then said they were talking about first kisses.  Jessie said her first kiss was "in the boy's bathroom" and then Andy said "Ho!" and Kaitlin started laughing hysterically.  Jessie said her temper flared and she just left the room.

Amanda:  Don't worry about her.  Just let her do that and make herself a target.

Amanda says Jessie looks cute and Jessie shows her painted toenails off.  She said they were talking about chicken parm, too, which made her mad since she is a Have Not.

(She was in the boy's bathroom?  Kissing someone?  And can't have a sense of humor about it?)

After the first break we are still in the hammock with McCranda and McCrae is telling a story to Amanda that must be a movie plot because it sounds like a horror story.  But it must be a story someone told him in the house because Amanda says it is so weird and McCrae says it is the "fakest story he's ever heard".  It had something to do with a girl being in the woods and digging up "hair" and then a guy was standing there.  If someone wanted to make up a story they could do a lot better than that.  Just ask Danielle Murphree, right?

The story was told today and there is much blanked out cursing and they still keep saying it is weird.  McCrae wants to top her story with one about dinosaurs.  It must be cold out there because both of them are wearing hoodies and they have blankets covering them.

McCrae was really disappointed with the end of the story because "she just ran home" and that is how she escaped.  Amanda says maybe she did some type of cheerleading move to get out of it, and wonders why he took so long to share the story with her..  McCrae wanted to challenge the story but didn't want to start trouble.

Amanda:  I'm really scared.

McCrae:  Why?

Amanda:  I think I'm really, really falling for you.

McCrae says what is there to be scared of, and she says "everything" and mentions getting split up in the house. McCrae says it's going to happen sometimes, and the odds of getting to the end together are slim.  She thinks they can do it, but he says they have to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  McCrae says getting to the end would be a guaranteed $50K and he rolls his eyes at how awesome that would be.    Amanda tells him they have to make decisions and make other people think they they are making them.  McCrae says they should try to lay low and Amanda brings up what will happen "after this".

Amanda says she likes him a lot and then the cameras move to some growing drama on the other side of the yard near the washer and dryer.  Jessie is holding a pool cue and telling Helen that she is not going to put herself in a position where there is negativity and she is being put down.  It sounds like Andy was part of the problem, as well as Kaitlin.

Helen says she thought it was just a cute funny story and didn't realize what was going on with Andy and Kaitlin, and is sorry Jessie left the room.  I guess Jessie was the buzzkill when she left and now she says she has been nothing but polite to them, and they have been nothing but vicious to her.

Helen:  Well, he's going home, and maybe she will chill out once he leaves.

Jessie doesn't think Kaitlin can separate the game from personal, and thanks Helen for being so sweet to come and check on her.  Helen said she didn't want to make a scene but she said she was coming down to check the storage room for wine. She is sure that Andy is "just kidding" and Jessie says he's done that to her a few times, but she's noticed that he does that to everybody so she's trying to be cool about it.

Jessie:  I get that is Andy's personality, but Kaitlin is just being mean.  And Jeremy is just up in everything...

Helen thinks Jeremy has "some gall to come up and crash her party".

(I thought her HoH Room was for everyone?  And it was a "group win"?)

Jessie says he tried to crash like, three times and she can't wait until Thursday when he leaves.  Helen says they can have another nail party next week in Jessie's HoH room.

Helen:  Well, I told them they could come up for food, and Andy could come up for his nails, but I really wanted the girls to get together and not talk game...just the BB girls cast.  So we could enjoy that we all got cast together.

Jessie says Kaitlin has a way of subtly putting her down that not everyone notices, but certain people would see what is going on.  Now Andy comes outside and wants to know if he said something wrong.

Jessie:  Well, you did, but I'm used to it, and I understand your comedy and I get that...but Kaitlin's laugh just.....

Andy apologizes profusely and didn't mean to say anything hurtful.  Jessie knows that she is a sensitive person, and everyone else knows that too.  She doesn't have any personal beefs with Kaitlin, but she does with Jeremy and Kaitlin can't separate the two.  As we go to break Jessie is explaining what happened AGAIN and apparently Kaitlin and her laugh are the New Evil.

After the break McCranda is still laying in the hammock, but McCrae shows a few signs of life by speaking to someone at the pool table, saying that the pros can just sink one ball after another.  I hear conversation at the pool table, and maybe Jessie's voice talking to someone, and the cameras move to the HoH Suite.

Helen is there, talking (of course) and Aaryn is sitting on the couch as they discuss being in the game 91 days. Howard and Candice are there too as Helen does the math and they think they are in for quite a few double evictions, if they are 1/4 of the way through the game and only 2 people have left.

The coffee table has probably a dozen nail polish bottles on it, and Candice is painting her fingernails while she talks.  She is wearing a cute newsboy cap and a pair of HUGE earrings fashioned like crosses that must be at least 4 inches long.  Now I see Elissa laying on her stomach on the bed, putting in her two cents about the number of weeks left in the game.  Candice says they have 9 weeks left, and they need to have three people still in the game for the finale, so they think there will be two double evictions.

They all seem to think that they will have a double eviction on Thursday, and Helen lists off everything that would have to happen---all of the competitions and ceremonies and Candice hopes they wake up with energy that day.   This is an interesting group, right?  Howard and Candice and Helen and Elissa and.....Aaryn.  Aaryn starts to talk about how exhausting that would be when we go back to McCranda in the hammock.  Now we go to the bathroom where Andy, Kaitlin and GMZ are gathered.

GMZ is brushing her teeth and looking up in an attempt to stay in the conversation as Andy talks about why Jessie was so upset.  He tells Kaitlin that Jessie is having a rough week but he's sure "she'll be fine."  Kaitlin can't believe Jessie got so upset and she says she didn't even understand why Andy called Jessie a Ho.  GMZ offers to go talk to her,  and says the "slop shit" must be a big part of this.

GMZ wants to go upstairs "to say thank you first" and of course Andy is right on her tail.  Something strange must have happened on the way up the staircase, because GMZ started talking to the cameras, saying "look, there's one right there" and I heard Andy laugh, but although I could hear them I saw a "We'll Be Right Back" graphic.  Did GMZ flash the camera or something?  Oooo, I just played it back and clearly heard GMZ say "wanna see my ass" and grab the the elastic waistband on the back of her pajama pants.  Classy.

Now we go back to the HoH conversation where they are talking about Porsche going to the final two with Rachel in BB13.  Elissa says she is blonde and really cute and then GMZ bursts in the room.  She shows Helen her nails and makes a big production out of saying thank you for the use of the nail products.  She inspects Howard's nails and says they look good, and then we go outside to the chess board.

Jeremy is sitting down to play chess with Kaitlin as she says she is shocked at the scene tonight.  Jeremy tells her to be prepared for drama, and Kaitlin whispers that Andy thinks she should apologize to Jessie, but she doesn't feel like she did anything.

Kaitlin:  I wasn't even listening to her story!

Jeremy:  Don't worry about her.

I can hear GMZ talking really loudly about not wanting to win the money if you have to be "labeled like that" and she is clearly talking about Andy calling Jessie a "Ho".  Helen responds and both she and GMZ sound very brassy from where they sit at the chess board.

Kaitlin, throwing up her hands:  I'm so shocked right now.

Jeremy says Jessie is obviously upset today, and he has no idea why, but she can't keep her emotions in check.  While they have this conversation you can hear GMZ in the HoH saying that the "look on her face was like somebody died".

We now go out to the pool table where Jessie is telling Spencer the whole story while they play.  Jessie has had it with the bitchy, catty people and there are plenty of other people who are cool she would rather hang out with.  Spencer pounces on this opportunity to point out that she shouldn't have to put up with that shit  and there are positive people who she can spend time with who will enjoy her company.

Jessie:  Right.  Any reason she could have for not liking me are game reasons or because of Jeremy.  And either one of those is not reason to treat me like that.

Spencer agrees that there is no excuse for that.  Jessie admits that she will start her period soon and is a little late, and she's on slop.  She made a good shot and Spencer calls her Trick Shot Kowalski.  Spencer wants to hear about her first kiss in the boys' bathroom, but the cameras can't get away fast enough, taking us back to the chess board.

Helen's voice is BLARING from the HoH Room as she discusses how Mike Boogie didn't "push the button" during BB14, and this screwed him out of $100,000, since Ian was on his team.  As we go to break I heard someone bring up Jodi's name.  ( ha ha ha)

When we return we are in the backyard where Judd is lounging on the couch and Jessie is talking to him while still playing pool with Spencer.  Elissa is on the couch too and looks very pretty without all of the make up and hair ornaments.  She talks softly to Judd about how uncomfortable it was up there, with someone asking her personal questions.  Judd wonders who she would nominate if she won, and he suggests Kaitlin and Aaryn, but Elissa didn't really commit to an answer.

Perhaps smelling a good conversation, Andy comes over and takes a seat on the couch.  Judd keeps talking about maybe putting Gina Marie up, too.  Elissa tells Andy they were just talking about the nail polish party upstairs, and how some of the questions she was asked were inappropriate.

Andy:  What did they ask you?

Elissa:  You know, about anything really.  I don't think it is appropriate for her to ask me any personal questions after the way she's treated me.  I'm glad she's up there having fun but misdirecting questions to me?

Andy says he could see the irritation on her face and Elissa wanted Aaryn to ask someone else the questions.  Elissa would never socialize with someone like that and Andy says he admires the way she sticks to her beliefs and says she is a strong person.  Apparently the questions about Porsche offended Elissa, too, because now she says that Porsche was not a floater.  She didn't cause any drama but she had that Golden Power of Veto for the first half of the game, but won two HoHs.

Andy, too chirpy:  It's okay to do that in the beginning of the game.

Judd:  She made all of her moves at the end.

(Duh.  One of the hallmarks of a fucking floater.)

Elissa:  She was friends with Janelle, too.

Apparently Aaryn did say that Porsche was a floater and now Elissa says that Porsche got on the show because she was friends with Janelle.  (They worked together at a club in Miami.)  Now they discuss Rachel winning the final HoH at the end of the game and choosing Porsche to take to the end with her.

Elissa:  Instead of that guy....the Tori Spelling guy.

(Ha ha ha ha ha)

Andy:  I shouldn't say I didn't like him...he was a nice guy.  But I'm glad she chose Porsche.

Elissa:  Yeah.  He never even won an HoH, and he thought he should have won the game.

Andy says "he" really was a floater and Judd says maybe he was a good social player.  Andy says he may have been entertaining but that was about it.  Elissa mentions Adam's heavy metal "roars" in a mocking fashion and says that Rachel really didn't have any kind of relationship with him.

Now we go to the Cockpit where Jeremy and Katilin are laying down and kissing under a blanket.  There are a lot of smooching sounds and both of Jeremy's hands are visible above the covers.  He is telling her this happened with them so quickly, and he teases that she used her Jedi powers on him.

Jeremy:  I don't know what you did.  You put me under a spell.  You're a witch, aren't you?  You spelled me, didn't you?  You made me a quesadilla and you put some sort of concoction in it to make me fall?

Kaitlin:  I never made you a quesadilla....

They laugh and tease each other and it seems genuine.

Jeremy: You stole my shit.

Kaitlin:  I didn't steal anything..

Jerermy:  You stole my mojo.

They keep kissing and he calls her a witch and she calls him a freak.  She points out they've been together every day, all day, and from the first night they stayed up late, talking.  He remembers that they stayed up until the sun came up one night and she says she doesn't feel like she really knows that much about him.

Jeremy:  What do you want to know? What do you not know?

Kaitlin hems and haws and says she only really knows him in the house, but he says he is the same person outside the house.  She says her point is different, that people are different in different surroundings.  Kaitlin is going to go back to Minnesota at least once a year, for Thanksgiving, and he can go with her if he'd like.

The cameras change to Aaryn in the HoH, and her voice is so raspy and rough.  She is talking about how hard it was for her to find out about the Moving Company screwing her over.  Helen knew that someone was lying, because the actual votes were different than what people promised ahead of time.  Helen tells her that Spencer told Jeremy right before last week's vote that Helen was too smart and needed to go, but up until that point he and Howard had told her that they were the only people she could trust in the game.

(Helen talks way, way too much.  Knowledge is power, and she is giving all of her's away.)

So after the vote last week Helen demanded the truth, and as we go to break Aaryn rasps that the worse feeling in the world must be to find out someone you trust in the game is telling people that you need to leave.

When we return we are still in the HoH with Helen, Aaryn, Candice and now Gina Marie.  They are discussing Spencer and Howard's lies and Helen says she is willing to give anybody a second chance, but if they mess with her beyond that she will smear their names and ruin them.

(Maybe in the Jury House.)

As she starts repeating this "trust" speech the cameras go to the backyard where Judd is making Elissa and Andy laugh.  I think they are talking about GMZ, because I hear talk of cockroaches and Judd says they would have five people with penalty nominations who wouldn't care.  I think they are saying that if GMZ was HoH the nomination ceremony would take hours and after waiting so long in the backyard no one would care anymore.  Judd says this would be a catastrophe and Elissa says they would have to redo it, for sure.

(I heard someone say on an interview that Production wants good camera shots of everybody sitting outside, locked down, waiting for the HoH to call them in for the nomination ceremony.  They even ask them to remove their sunglasses so the crew can get the worried, stressful looks they need.  Sometimes they are out in the heat for hours and I think they had to put a Port-a-Potty out there during All Stars because everyone complained about having to go...)

Judd:  She didn't know what Final Three was and I had to explain it.

Andy reports that GMZ thought Elissa would win MVP every week right up until the end, winning the game and Elissa giggles.  Judd says she blames him for voting out Nick and would put him on the block with Spencer and say it was all his fault.

Elissa:  You're the King Cock-a-Roach.

Judd does his GMZ impression on the night of Nick's eviction, of her running around the house saying "how can you do this to me?  I'm 33 years old and I finally met somebody and we didn't even kiss yet!"

Elissa remembers she said "all he wanted was to win this game!" and they all laugh.  Andy wonders if McCranda are asleep in the hammock and this is kind of a bitch question, if you ask me.  Have Nots are not supposed to sleep anywhere but the Have Not room so he is likely to alert BB to this.  If they are listening to him, of course, and this might be a Big If.   Judd reports they just moved 5 minutes ago and Andy seems satisfied with this answer.

Judd:  If she wins HoH I'm screwed.

Elissa, laughing:  I think we all are.

Howard joins them and Judd tells him they are talking about GMZ winning HoH and taking 5 hours to make her nominations.  Now Spencer appears and Judd has to fill him in, too and Spencer laughs.  Judd's words are blanked out as he imitates GMZ, naturally.  He asks them if they know about the shrine to Nick that she has created in her room.

Judd:  There's a cereal box there with just some crumbs in it..

Spencer says he might go over and pour it in a bowl to see what she'd do.

Judd:  And don't tell her this, but that hat is McCrae's and he let Nick borrow it because it matches (his hoodie).  That's why he chucked that shit when he left, he didn't want it.

They crack up, enjoying the joke, but Spencer fires a question at Elissa, asking "hey, how did you meet your husband?"

Elissa:  Oh, mutual friends.

Andy:  And how old is your husband?

Elissa: Uh....he's......older.  Not like really old, just older.

Andy:  Like in his 40's?

Elissa:  Yeah, 40.

Judd:  54?

Elissa:  No, 60.

And they all laugh and tease her about him being on Social Security but she says he's 40.

Spencer:  Do you know a lot of people like me in the outside world?

Elissa isn't sure what he means, so Spencer clarifies that she's from North Carolina, but seems like her life is filled with "fancy stuff" that he doesn't even understand.  Elissa says what kind of fancy stuff?

Spencer:  Oh, I don't know..like Candice doing pageants and stuff, and cheerleading.

Elissa:  No, you're probably like most of the people I hung around with...and Judd is really like my typical guy..the kind that I grew up with.  They're all like really Southern.  My husband is Canadian.

Candice came out and joined them and Howard asks Elissa where in Canada and she says Saskatchewan.  As we go to break Howard asks if they have a football team up there.

When we return we are still on the patio and Elissa is sitting with her cheek on her hand and I see that she is wearing false eyelashes, after all.  They are joking about Candice getting a penalty nom for not wearing her microphone.  They talk about what day their birthdays are and Judd is Lucky Thirteen.  Elissa can't believe that hotels don't have a 13th floor and Andy's friend lives in a building that skips that floor.  Elissa says the Tower of Terror is on the 13th floor.  I think that is a Disney attraction.

Candice wants to know if they have superstitions in their families.  Elissa says her family is not superstitious but her favorite number is seven for some reason.  Candice's number is three, and Andy's is fourteen.

Candice says that in her family if a woman dreams of fish, that means she is pregnant, and it has happened several times.  She says this is sad, but if you dream of someone with their teeth falling out than they are about to die.  And if you have cats and they bring dead birds to the door it means they love their owners.  Elissa says that the cats want you to be proud of them and that is why they do it.

Judd mentions black cats crossing the road and Elissa says that black cats kind of freak her out.  Candice says she took in a black cat and it shit in her bed and threw up.   She does not kill animals, but she wanted to at that moment.  She has a King canopy bed and the cat shit and threw up right in the spot where she sleeps.  She laid in it later in the dark and then realized what it was and it was horrible.  The cat also peed all over her makeup brushes and on her makeup table.

Judd:  Did you keep the cat?

Candice:  No.  I opened the door during a thunderstorm and put the cat out.  We weren't meant to be together.   I had all new bedding and everything.  It was catastrophic and I cried.

Elissa and her husband just lost their cat.  They had to move his business to a bigger building and the "shop cats" hang around and killed mice.  One of the cats was very upset about the move and they tried to trap the cat with treats but they never found it.  Her husband was devastated.

Candice rescued a cat and named it Mimi after Mariah Carey.  The cat was declawed and Candice went through a really bad depression when her dad was sick and she found out she was adopted.  The cat started developing a big bald spot and the vet asked if Candice was stressed or if the environment has changed.  Candice explained what she was going through and the vet said the cat was hurting herself as she took on Candice's anxiety.  Candice was going on a trip and took Mimi to a friends house to stay and she ran away in the forest and Candice never saw her again.

Candice's mom has a cat named Buttercup, and a couple of days before Candice's college graduation she was relaxing at her mom's house and the cat kept jumping on the bed and trying to nip at Candice's feet.  Candice shooed away the cat and tried to nap.  Then when she went in the living room her mom had fallen out of a chair and had a stroke.  Candice knows the cat was trying to get her attention to help her mom.


Now Howard is playing pool with Jessie and Spencer comes over as she lights up a cigarette.  They both agree that it smells like weed when you first light a cigarette and Jessie's mood seems to have improved.  In true BB tradition there is a huge moth in the backyard and they taunt it.  Happens every year.  As we go to another break Howard asks them if they listen to Bob Marley and Jessie starts to sing one of his songs.

When we return Aaryn has joined the group at the pool table, and Jessie tells the story of what happened AGAIN to her.  Jessie even imitates Kaitlin's laugh and it is funny.   Jessie calls Kaitlin a bitch and says she ruined the little nail party for her.

Aaryn, still rasping:  I'm one of those people who may joke too hard, but I've been noticing a lot of that recently...

Spencer says he does that, and takes it too far sometimes.  Jessie says it's not funny anymore, and Jessie brings up the "whole Gina Marie thing", saying that if you hear people go on and on for fifteen minutes about somebody, then you know they are going to do it to you, too.

Jessie:  I'm kind of over it.

Aaryn asks for clarification on that and Jessie says the joking about GMZ and Nick after he left.   Aaryn says that might be because Gina Marie keeps talking about him and won't stop. She says she might be bringing it on herself and goes in the house carrying an armful of cups.  Right as she went in the house she said this is the weird time in the house when things change.

Howard:  Things change.  People don't.

Jessie says she is still a child at heart and takes things really sensitively.  She likes to have good, clean fun.

Spencer:  I can tell you're not a prude, but you're someone old fashioned about some behaviors. And that's attractive.

That's how Jessie's friends are too.  They just like to have fun and laugh at themselves.  Howard says she is good at laughing at herself.  Jessie thinks it will come back around and bite people if they act too mean.

Now Elissa plops down on the backyard sofa and Candice is there, too, saying she's bored.  She'd love to watch a movie in there tonight if they could.  She asks everyone what movie they would like to see.

Jessie says Ironman, the new one, and Spencer says Man of Steel and Howard agrees.  Candice says which old movie would you like to see and Howard immediately says Legends of the Fall and Jessie says that's a good one.

(What a random choice, huh?)

Jessie would pick a really long movie that "goes on forever" like Forrest Gump.  Howard says Titanic is long, and Spencer says Legends of the Fall is, too.   Now the camera changes to the HoH room where Helen is sprawled out on the bed talking to Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn and Gina Marie.  Helen is saying that she beat Jeremy in pool once, and Judd beat him in bandana ball, too.  I guess they are trying to rank on Jeremy by pointing out who has beat him in things.

Jeremy says they never finished the bandana ball tournament, and Helen says that the losers didn't want to play out the rest of their bracket.

Aaryn: They were like, this is lame, I don't want to be in the loser's bracket.

Helen thinks the bracket should have been more simple, and GMZ says it was going to take weeks to finish the way they were going.  Now they talk about Jeremy's ringworm, and now Amanda has it too.  Aaryn says there is not always a ring on your skin, and it can look like dry skin too according to Jeremy.  Helen has an itchy spot on her chest and seems freaked out now because she never itches like that.  GMZ quizzes her about a new perfume, maybe different laundry detergent, but they can't come up with a reason.  Helen will go in the DR and ask about it tomorrow if she still itches.

Kaitlin reports that "they" told Amanda that is spreads from the towels, that they don't wash them enough.  GMA mentions the mildewed stack of towels in the backyard and thinks BB should just throw them away.  They would like it if each of them had a cubby hole for their things, and also a basket for lost and found items.  Jeremy says someone took his cologne.  He asked Jessie if she saw it when she cleaned but she didn't answer him.

Jeremy:  She just won't talk to me because she doesn't like me.

Kaitlin starts going into the whole "Ho" situation and Jeremy interrupts, saying "it's okay, she's just sensitive".

Helen:  You should tell her that.  She's overly sensitive.

Kaitlin agrees and says she wasn't even listening to what Jessie said and she just heard Andy says "oh girl you're such a ho" so she started laughing.

Kaitlin:  Everything out of Andy's mouth is hilarious.

Aaryn:  We're at a point in this game where everyone is taking every little thing so seriously.  Like, everyone in this game thinks I'm attacking them.

GMZ says Kaitlin's laugh is really loud and maybe that is what caused the problem.

Aaryn:  Everything you say and do in this house can be held against you....I've learned my lesson in how I like, act.......... I've apologized for things that I didn't even want to apologize for.

Jeremy:  That's part of the game!  Take it on the chin, bite the bullet and move on!

Helen:  You can't take everything personal in this game.

Jeremy:  You can't take anything personal in this game.

He leaves with Kaitlin to play chess again.  Now we see McCrae in the kitchen and he is pacing around and looking like he just woke up.  As we go to break he helps Amanda pour something into a gallon-size Ziploc bag.

When we return Helen and Aaryn are standing in the HoH alone, talking.  The body language is interesting because they both have their arms crossed in a protective way.  Helen is talking about the way Spencer and Howard lied to her AGAIN and how Candice figured it out first.  Helen says it will help all of them now that the boy's alliance is over.  After two more weeks they would have had a majority vote, and would know the secrets of every side group.

Aaryn points out that Candice has figured a lot of things out in the game, including Elissa being Rachel's sister.  Aaryn says the last few days have gone very well for her in the house.

Aaryn:  Me and Elissa actually, like, exchanged words and we haven't done that in a long time.  And Candice told me that we can start over and she will forgive what has happened in the past.  We're actually talking now..

St. Helen takes credit for this, of course, with her girly HoH reign.  She really hoped that they could build friendships and decrease the drama so they can all play the game.  Aaryn says people have said things that offend her, too, but she has learned to just walk away and let it go.  Helen says girls always cause drama, and men don't, so the men were going to use this against them but now they have a chance to change things.

Helen:  We can compete against each other without fighting.  The game has been reset, now.

Aaryn agrees and says for the last two days she doesn't wake up with a stomachache, she feels better now and Helen said she had a big hole to dig out of.  Helen says when David left Aaryn came out a little more, but now they are seeing even more from her and it's good.

Helen wants people to know that after Jeremy leaves, other people can win things, and she names Candice, Howard and Spencer.  She realizes it's not good for her game play if everyone wins, but that is the thought she is having.  Aaryn asks if she has forgiven Spencer and Howard and she says she always forgives everyone, but she realizes she may only see one side of the story.

(Helen talks, and talks, and talks, and talks..)

Aaryn's arms are still crossed, as they stand about five feet apart, facing each other.  Helen goes on and on and on about forgiveness and the game, and she does mention handling things "like a mom" at least once.  Helen's arms are crossed, too, when she's not waving them around.  Now she says that she won HoH, and "everyone had to confess".  Howard came in to grab his slippers and Helen says she's going to clean up.  They had snacks during the little party and she is gathering things up and tells Aaryn not to worry about helping her.

Now in the backyard GMZ is talking about bandana ball and how she would fall asleep and just go to bed.  GMZ said she would usually go to bed first and then Nick would come in later.

Judd:  Sometimes you'd lay on the hammock.

GMZ agrees, saying he would come and get her to go to bed.  She recites Nick's nighttime habits...he would brush his teeth, put lotion on, take his pills, fill up his water bottle, and then go to bed.  Elissa says David was the biggest partier in the house and that he was wild.

Judd:  I couldn't keep up with that guy...he would just pass out he was so wasted.

As we go into the last break Aaryn joined them  and when we return we are at the chess board where Kaitlin and Jeremy are starting a new game and he says "let's try and play this time, sweetheat".

Kaitlin:  That was out of my control!  I couldn't help it!

After his first move Jeremy says check, and they crack up.  He's kidding, of course. We watch them play in silence for several minutes, just moving pieces and then pulling others off the board.  Jeremy gives her kudos for a good move and she is really concentrating on the board.

Then we go to the HoH bathroom where Helen sees Elissa and wants to talk about how great her little nail polish party was.  She goes into the whole spiel AGAIN about getting the girls together to reduce the drama, and says next time they should make it clear that no boys are allowed.

(Helen really, really expects a medal for her work this week. )

Helen:  It is much more mature to handle drama this way, I assure you.

Elissa:  Oh for sure.  For sure.

(I think this will backfire on Helen, because it sounds like Helen is being critical of the way Elissa does things.  It sounded like that to me, so I know it sounded like that to Elissa.   I have already heard her go back at Helen in a similar conversation when she interpreted something Helen said as a slight against her.)

Helen wants to go outside and play volleyball  and Elissa is going to go, too.  Helen has a huge bruise on the back of her left thigh and as she left the room Elissa yelled "HELEN!" like she need her to get something but Helen didn't hear her and went downstairs.

In the backyard things look rowdy as Andy, Spencer and Judd throw pillows at each other and they all hum the Rocky song.  Now Jessie is slappng people with pillows and Gina Marie comes out wearing her pink kitty cat hat, saying "it's Meow Meow time".

One of the pillows goes close enough to the garbage can to be gross, and Jessie takes it over to the hose to clean it.  As the show ends Helen is organizing the volleyball game, telling everyone what they are going to do and where they are going to do it.

HoH Picture Time #BB15

Helen came out with her camera and said they only had an hour with it, so everyone in the backyard got busy right away.

Elissa was a model, so she immediately started posing.  This is her next to Candice, who wasn't ready yet.

 Howard played photographer for a few of the shots.

When they were getting ready to take this picture, we had a view from Howard's angle, but then Spencer came over to gawk and he totally obliterated the camera shot, so BB moved to this angle.I was waiting for BB to call him in the DR so he wouldn't get in the way anymore.

When the camera came out they laughed that Gina Marie made the transition from a frumpy, mopey person to taking her top off and posing like a party girl.

This pose was Andy's idea---he wanted to imitate a sorority picture so Helen told him to pose in the middle.  He's really giving it to us here, and probably sucking in his stomach just like a real Tri Delt.

 Spencer and Howard picked up GMZ for this picture.

I don't understand why a young girl would get a tattoo like this, in that location.  It looks like a birthmark, right?  Or a huge bruise?  And it's not even in a place where she can see it herself, so what's the point?  She might need to call Dr. Tattoff.  I think Will gives people in the "BB Family" a discount in exchange for the publicity.

Did Spencer Help With Laundry Before the MC Imploded? #BB15

Because he is folding laundry now, and acting like he likes it.   Not to be outdone, Howard came over there too to help him sort items and they talked about how all of the towels were messed up after the spoiled milk Have Not competition, and how they ran out of clean ones.

Spencer says they should keep some clean towels in the Storage Room so that they have some stashed away when they need them.

Spencer put a lot of care into folding Helen's shorts, commenting on how tiny they are.


And I have nothing to say about this one.

After the guys finish folding Candice and Jessie went through the stacks, and Candice found some of her underwear in the wrong place.  Maybe they should check Spencer's pockets, too, right?


I'm Skeeved Out...What About You? #BB15

Spencer is giving Jessie a massage and egging her on about how horrible Kaitlin is, wanting to know if she wants Kaitlin gone next week before Aaryn?

She does.  And she can't understand how Kaitlin kept saying she and Jeremy were just good friends, and now all of a sudden they are all in love.  Spencer says that came up once she won the PoV and Jeremy didn't want her to use it.

Howard points out that Jeremy has repeatedly said that he has no interest in Kaitlin outside the game.

Both guys feel like Jessie is their little sister now, and they get exasperated with her like a sister, and Howard says she makes him proud like a little sister, too.  Jessie wanted to make friends this summer and she feels like she really did make some.  Howard says she can always call him, and maybe they can have a conference call to discuss the guys she meets and provide dating advice.

The camera guys must be skeeving too, because they show us this.