Monday, July 15, 2013

Big Brother After Dark - St. Helen Counts Her Chickens, and Jeremy's Diaper is Full of Sh*t - 7-14-13

This episode aired on Sunday night at 9:00 pm BBT.  Helen is still the HoH and Aaryn, Kaitlin and Spencer are on the block.  Aaryn won the PoV on Saturday and Monday is the PoV ceremony, when Kaitlin is expected to save herself and Helen will nominate Jeremy in her place.

Or will she?  Will Jeremy really go home this week?  So far none of the "slam dunks" have actually happened.  So who knows.  As a live feed watcher, I would prefer someone else leave the house because Jeremy is always doing something interesting on the live feeds.  Love him or hate him but you have to watch.  He commands the attention.

I think this week will hurt Helen in the long run.  She is just a little too rah rah about the whole game and she has made it blatantly obvious that she is there to win.  She's a little too vocal about things, and a little too friendly with her enemies.  In fact, does she even have enemies anymore?  Just sayin'.

OK.  Let's begin.

As the show begins we see Amanda and McCrae  lounging in the backyard, smoking.  Amanda is wearing his white knit rasta cap, and we hear Jeremy giving laundry instructions regarding using stain fighters and color boosters.  GMZ chimes in about how bad the detergent is.

Here's the thing:  Jeremy is dressed up like a baby.

Yes, a baby.  He is shirtless and is wearing a huge diaper and a baby bonnet.  This ensemble is identical to the one GMZ wore for the PoV competition last week.  Helen wants Jeremy to request wine in the DR and he says he already did, and they are working to get approval.

Judd asks Helen what her husband will think of all of the "videos" and she says he will think she has lost her mind.  Elissa is outside too with full hair and makeup, of course.  They seem to be having cohesive group discussions out there on the patio.  Elissa says that something on McCrae's face is "crazy disgusting" and then apologizes and wonders if they will all get the same thing.

Oh it is the ringworm again, and they are talking about "Ringworm Girl"  and the cameras follow Jessie and her rear as she gets up off the couch and strolls across the backyard.  GMZ has Nick's hat on her left knee as they make fun of what she says in the DR, talking about slop balls.  The table in the backyard is almost totally covered with cups and food containers.  They joke about nominating each other for trivial reasons.  Andy jokes he will be nominated for being a professional rollerblader and they all laugh.

GMZ says the trash smells so bad that BB should take it out for them when they are on lockdown. She can smell it all the way at the jacuzzi.  Amanda jokes she will nominate Helen for using all of the condoms in the house.  I can see the large trash can behind Andy's head and there is a black garbage bag inside as a liner.

Now Andy is commenting how McCrae pulled the keys out of the box according to the popsicle competition order of results.  Andy seems surprised that no one else noticed that McCrae pulled his key in the wrong order, and he panicked and thought that he was going to be nominated.  McCrae comes back outside to join the group and he says he really wished he had put Andy's key last and they laugh.

Now we go to the bedroom and get a close up of Jeremy in his baby costume.  I can only assume this is a punishment he "won" somehow, similar to Frank Eudy's carrot costume in BB14.  The baby bonnet is tied under Jeremy's chin and there is some sort of large baby pin on the diapers with blue trim.  Jeremy's hair is totally covered by the bonnet and I wonder if he will be wearing this when he joins Julie Chen in her new eviction interview chairs on Thursday night.  If so, I think that is punishment enough, right?

He tells Aaryn that "it's not the end of the world" and Aaryn says her mom will probably tells her she "fucked herself over in the game".   Jeremy's diapers have elastic on the legs, presumably to keep a baby from making a mess, but also to keep Jeremy's junk covered on camera.

Amanda and McCrae  they both get up and say it is "Hammock Time" and go over and lay down in the hammock next to each other and talk softly.  Amanda mentions Production telling her to do something and McCrae remembers BB telling them to "Knock it Off" and also "Turn it Up" or "Wrap it Up"---he's not sure.

Now we go to the Cockpit where Helen is talking with Aaryn and telling her she is always welcome to come upstairs.  She says they are all part of a very special cast, and she doesn't want Aaryn to feel left out or targeted.  She assures her that she is not going home this week (?) and we see that Helen has wet hair but is fully dressed with jewelry.  I guess she air dries, which must be very liberating.

Helen:  You can just use this time to be yourself, make some new relationships, and you know this game changes every week. You know what I mean?

Aaryn does know what she means, and Helen continues saying as a mother she knows when people feel left out.  People don't feel like they really know Aaryn, and Helen wants to feel like she got to know everyone.

Helen:  Well, except for Jeremy, but I feel like I know enough about him...

Helen is not letting Aaryn speak, but finally she does and says this is "super hard being the minority, as far as sides in the house goes".  It is awkward and she doesn't want to make it seem like she is only talking to people for game purposes.  Helen understands and encourages her to come up there and drink wine and have fun.  Aaryn appreciates this gesture and they wrap it up as Helen leaves and we go go break.

(I've noticed that the TVGN breaks are not as automated as the Showtime breaks, which occurred like clockwork every 20 minutes.  I think a human being actually chooses the breaks on TVGN, because they seem to happen during natural pauses in the action, like this one.  Also, when all of the shit was going down with the bed flipping I noticed that they skipped or postponed a few commercial breaks, which I appreciated as a viewer..  They also warn you by putting a little message at the bottom of the screen that says BBAD will return in 3 minutes.  It's not always three minutes, but I appreciate their efforts to keep us in the loop.)

When we return we are back in the hammock with McCranda.  Or McManda.  Whichever you prefer.  They are talking about how paranoid Howard seems now, and they think Helen may buy his act if they're not careful.  Amanda comments that she really doesn't trust Helen, either and McCrae agrees.

Amanda:  I feel like she's a time bomb.

McCrae agrees, but points out that after Monday's PoV ceremony she won't have any power anymore, and Howard will stop shadowing her.  McCrae says it would be great if Aaryn won HoH because it would shake up so many things and they would be able to control the nominations.  Amanda wants to be really careful what she says to Aaryn although she has been "helping her for legit", though.

Amanda:  I really trust Judd and Andy.

McCrae, quickly:  Me too.  A lot.  (pause)   Like do you believe Andy though?

Amanda:  Yep.

McCrae:  I mean, when you just ask him about things though?

Amanda:  The only thing is Andy really wants to go to the top with Helen, but he knows it's never gonna happen. 

McCrae:  I think he knows it's not gonna happen but he still won't say...

Amanda:  Mmm hmm.  Well, I want Helen gone, obviously.

McCrae says Helen is like the "Jerry type" where everybody is just going to keep her for a long time. Amanda says she is so easy to sway and McCrae says Yep.  He is rocking the hammock with his left hand on the ground and there is no discernible squeak. Amanda mentions how Helen protects Elissa and says once they give up the MVP, Elissa is ______ outta there.

Now we see Jeremy come over in his baby costume and climbs in the hammock with them, making a few "Mama" and "Daddy" baby sounds and they laugh. They put on some sort of "show" tonight where Elissa and Helen pretended they were on the Jersey Shore and Amanda says at one point Elissa looked at her and Amanda thought for sure Elissa was going to nominate her.

Jeremy:  I think it would be awesome if she would put you up right now!

There is a lot of cursing going on, and now Judd is there and wishes that they had a mattress challenge like they did at the beginning of BB14.  Now Amanda asks about the Moving Company and whether they started making Final Four deals or anything.

Jeremy:  I was just loyal to the Moving Company and that is it.

There are little pictures inside of his baby bonnet but I can't figure out what they are.   Maybe teddy bears or doggies or something of that nature.

McCrae says maybe the Final Five and Jeremy says they would still be going strong if they hadn't turned on him.

Jeremy:  Did McCrae tell you I wanted you out at one time?

McCrae makes a funny snorting noise and Amanda says no, but she had an idea because he would look at her funny.  Amanda tells him he is dangerous because he wins too much.  Jeremy says if they keep him he will "totally win HoH" and "let them nominate people".

Jeremy:  I'm a straight shooter.  That's who I am.  And no one will one.

They laugh but I think they are listening.  Amanda says they have already thought of every scenario and he will see this when he watches the show.  She's afraid of him, she says, but they banter about it and it seems friendly.  Aaryn comes over and Jeremy ask if she is okay and she says yeah, why would you ask me that.  Jeremy says she has a sad face.

Aaryn:  Well, what's wrong with ya'll?

Amanda:  We're on slop.  And my period.

Aaryn:  You don't look very happy.

(Well, I'm happy to report that when Aaryn walked over to the hammock, only her legs were in the camera shot and I definitely saw some cellulite on her right thigh.  So she's not physically perfect, after all.  And I'm not saying that any of the other girls don't have cellulite, I just don't feel the need to point it out.)

Now the cameras move to the HoH where Elissa is still wearing her "Jersey Shore" costume.  If I were her I would change, because if I didn't know better I would think this is her real clothing.  It involves really tight, short black shorts and some kind of top with fishnet sleeves.    She is opening and closing a can of nuts and snacks on a few of them, crunching.

She is talking to Andy about BB11 and she says she watched the entire season and specifically mentions "this girl, Jordan".  Starting to watch BB during BB11 hardly makes her a Super Fan, in my opinion, but that is certainly better than someone like Kaitlin who started watching it in sequester.

Andy remembers turning on the TV and seeing the show, and he watched all of BB3 and then he started to love the show and look forward to it every summer.  It is a "dream come true" for him to be here.  Andy is wearing a bright pink pair of bermuda shorts and a green and black tank top.  Yes, Andy is indeed colorful.

He wanted to know what made Rachel want to be on the show and Elissa says "I don't know...I think she like, wanted to be on it".

Andy:  But was she a big fan?

Elissa:  Um, I don't know. I don't know if she was a Super Fan, but I know she watched every season.

Andy has been toying with the CD headphones and BB says "Andy, Stop That" and he looks around in surprise.  Elissa had to tell him that he was hitting his mic on the headphones.

Andy:  So was Rachel, like, so excited for you?

Elissa:  Yeah, she was like, so excited for me.  She said I have to do it, that it would be amazing...

Andy likes keeping people in the house who love the show, unless "they fuck him over" and Elissa says that is what made her mad at Jeremy, that he thought he could just come in there and win the show without knowing much about it.  As we go into the break Andy says "Well, he's not going to..."

When we return Jeremy is trying to have a serious conversation with McCranda in the hammock, wearing his baby costume.  Even The Chief is embarrassed for Jeremy.  Jeremy says Howard told him that if he can get five votes, he will give him the sixth vote to stay by voting out Howard.  There was a lot of blanked out cursing here, but I think Jeremy said he didn't want his fate resting with Howard since he has turned out to be a ______ and a ______ liar.  Jeremy says Howard is being so nice to everybody because he knows he _______ up and got caught.

Jeremy:  Howard lied on the Bible to me, the Bible!


Jeremy:  And Judd...he's gonna vote with the house but he doesn't want to..

Amanda:  No one wants to..

Jeremy says he doesn't want to be mad at them, it's just a game, but he knows there are people who say they don't want to be there.  Jeremy promises that he "won't say shit" and will make up lies and say he "made a deal with Candice" if they want him to, anything just to stay a few more weeks.

(How Dastardly would that be?)

I forgot Judd was still sitting on the other side of the hammock, but he says if there were seven votes, and Judd corrects him saying the plan is for Aaryn to get 1 vote, and have them vote out Spencer instead of Jeremy.  They are silent, rockng and thinking.

(I'll bet the DR would LOVE this plan.  Jeremy and Aaryn are part of this summer's storyline and don't kid yourself that they aren't wanted by Production.)

Jeremy swears on his word that he would not put any of them up, and then shrewdly adds that the next week people would still be gunning for him, so that would give them all another free week.  He mentions that Jessie started bitching at him when he was just trying to "enjoy the house".  He says she was making him eggs and maybe he was being a smartass, but she still made him eggs anyway, so how could he be bullying her?

McCrae says his best bet is to talk to Helen, and Jeremy says he already did, and he wants to keep him here.  Jeremy named seven people would could keep him, but Helen is still worried about Elissa and Candice.

Jeremy: Ya'll have the chance to grab some power right now..I'm just tellin' you.  You know that the two of you will be a target, and Elissa has said more than once that she's gettin' guys out first.  So eventually McCrae will be gone.

They listen and say "um humm", "um hmmm".  It's a persuasive argument, I think.   Kaitlin is doing laundry across the yard and yells back and forth with Amanda about sheets and towels, or some shit like that.  She is wearing short, short denim cut offs and I'll bet Production would work for free tonight if they had to.  (The cameras love Kaitlin.)

Jeremy tells them they have a chance to change the face of the game.  McCrae is going to keep it in mind and says to keep them informed. Jeremy says he wouldn't lie, and would always give them input about the nominations.  Judd is going to think about it, too.  Jeremy is wearing a diaper, for Crissakes.

Judd says he doesn't know if Spencer or Aaryn should go, if they consider the plan, because "it's another guy, still".  Jeremy says he loves Aaryn, but he can't control their votes.   Jeremy thinks that the squad he has would be loyal to him, and he can guarantee that.  Jeremy summarizes by saying that they said he's a good player, and he will be in their back pocket, and he just wants another week.

Jeremy:  It _____ chaps my ass that I have to go home before ______ Spencer and Howard.  I have been much more straight up then those two liars.  That's some bull shit..

Judd mumbles something about throwing the Have Not competition and they are talking about Howard.  They are saying that something was clogged and when Elissa said why doesn't Howard just fall Jeremy says Howard looked up and fell down in the big vat of spoiled milk.

Jeremy is wearing the Baby Costume by choice, and says he might just wear it for the rest of the time.  He says he wants to walk on his hands in the costume all the way across the yard, and he almost does it, a feat which is incredible.

After he leaves McCranda both say there is no way Jeremy is not going home, but Aaryn is the 3rd priority of the ones who are on the block.  McCrae says he can trust Aaryn.  Now Judd is in the hammock and wisely says if for some reason they do keep Jeremy, he doesn't think it would be smart to keep Aaryn, too, since they work together.

Amanda says no way is Jeremy staying--he is much too big of a threat.  She points out that Jeremy would have the three girls, and Howard on his side, and that is way too big of a problem.  Judd pushes voting out Aaryn again, so that Jeremy just doesn't get what he wants from them.  Judd says this is one reason why he doesn't care for's his way or the highway.

After another break we join GMZ and Kaitlin in the Cockpit.  Kaitlin looks like she's moping around, and is kind of teary as she discusses the situation.  She says she trusts Andy, and she trusts Helen.  GMZ points out that Jeremy is still walking around with a smile on his face, and this sucks for her, too.  BB tells Kaitlin to reattach her microphone and she can't find it, and leaves the room to retrace her steps through the house.

In the kitchen Aaryn is cooking something and might be scrambling eggs with a fork in a large bowl.

(Eggs GROSS me out.  The yolks are supposed to be a chicken!  Think about it...)

Now Katilin returns to the Cockpit and tells GMZ that this is a BB first, with her taking herself off the block and her showmance going home.    She claims it has never happened before and GMZ says "WOW!".

Kaitlin:  Do you know how big this is going to be on TV for them?  And what an asshole I'm going to look like?

GMZ:  I don't think you're gonna look like an asshole.

Kaitlin tries to talk about it, but BB tells her to stop talking about Production.  I think she was implying that she thinks Jeremy is well-liked, and she might ______ herself up by getting him out.  Now GMZ starts talking about Nick, Nick, Nick and more Nick.  She wasn't going to play with emotions, but then Nick, Nick, Nick and more Nick.  GMZ says Jeremy has never bothered her one bit...she never had a problem with him, not even once.

GMZ:  I'm used to being around good looking know how many tanned, tattooed buff guys are out there?

Kaitlin says they are going to get matching tattoos of the BB key saying BB15.  She points to where she wants to put it but the camera didn't show us that.  I think she pointed out her side, and mentioned it would be "under her bra" and GMZ said that would be cool.  Now Jeremy comes in and he is not wearing his baby costume, and he reports he talked to a few people, and they are thinking about it, but he does not sound confident about his chances.  He thinks he may have said some things too early, but tells them truthfully exactly what he said and promised as I heard it.

(I suspect Jeremy will indirectly pressure Kaitlin not to use the PoV.) 

GMZ listened and cursed a blue streak ending with "you got me all the way".  Kaitlin counts the votes but says he will never get Judd's vote.   Helen told Kaitlin that Judd and Jessie won't budge.

Jeremy:  Well, I was really talking to Amanda and McCrae.

Both girls say he can't trust them, but Jeremy says McCrae really wants him to stay.  Now GMZ starts bad mouthing Judd, saying that "this kid hung out with me and Nick for 24 hours...and he promised me".

Jeremy reports that Judd didn't make any promises, but did say that he thought Aaryn would be the one to go, not Spencer.  GMZ is somehow shocked to hear this, and Katilin tells her the whole house wants Aaryn to go.

(Gina Marie has had her head so far up Nick's butt that she barely knows she's on Big Brother.)

Kaitlin:  Yeah, Aaryn's going in three weeks.

GMZ:  Three weeks?  Who's goin' next week?

Katilin:  It's gonna be Spencer, Howard and then Aaryn.

GMZ:  Oh geez.

There is so much cursing but then they talk about the MVP and how they think it  will end soon, but Kaitlin says that their group is in the minority.  And she can't put Helen up because Helen offered her protection if she used her PoV.  GMZ agrees that Helen is a "woman of her word".  As we go to break GMZ is calling Judd an asshole, saying she would "put that kid up so quick".

When we return we see Judd on the backyard couch smoking, with Jeremy and Kaitlin sitting nearby.  Judd offers his cigarette and Kaitlin takes two long drags before passing it back to him.  Jeremy declines the offer, saying he wishes he had a good stogie.  Andy comes over to join them and Jeremy sings "Pop, goes the Andy" to the tune of "Pop goes the weasel" and the reference is perfect.

(What in the world does a weasel have to do with it, anyway.  What a weird song.)

They just sit around and shoot the breeze.  Jerermy starts singing the "J.U. Double D Farmer Man" song and then says there's nothing but love in the song.  Judd was trying to cut back on his smoking but now that he's a Have Not he "feels like smokin' now".

In the house we see a little moment between Howard and Candice and she has a natural curl in her hair and maybe she teased it, because it's looking like the 80's to me.  She tells Howard something about having an afro and "takin' it way back" and he walks off.  They stand very close to each other sometimes and it looks a little friendlier each day.

Elissa is doing dishes and says there really is nothing else to do around there.  Howard is helping her dry the plates and GMZ is running her mouth down the hall about the "TV Bastards".   Elissa thinks that may be the reason why there is no dishwasher--to keep them occupied.  Now in the Storage Room there is a crowd going through the cabinets and Helen found soda in the cabinet and shows GMZ.  She thinks somebody must have tried to hide it but GMZ doesn't think so.  Helen says somebody must have gone to Target as they inspect the room and notice new brands and a pack of new toothbrushes.  As we go to break GMZ says the brand of coffee is new, and Helen says she wishes they would get some new flavors of ice cream.

When we come back we see a lot of commotion in the kitchen  and Andy is barking orders at everyone not to touch the nectarine he just put on the counter while he is upstairs talking to Helen.  Howard agrees not to touch it, but says he has a taste for one now.  We then see Amanda eating a bowl of something that she says is a slop muffin covered with icing, chocolate milk, and the coffee granita she made and it is very sugary.

Candice says she wasn't going to eat like that when she was a Have Not, but she does like the slop balls.  Judd says fried slop is okay, too.

Now we see Helen meeting with Andy and saying that "just because she is leaving, or the plan for her to leave doesn't mean she can't hang out with the house".  Helen knows they are playing a game and she is sensitive to that because she can tell that she feels left out.  Andy "yeah yeah's" Helen constantly and I think they are talking about Aaryn.

Helen:  We're part of a cast, and even though it's a game people shouldn't feel lonely. 

Helen thinks "they" are going to put her on the block as a pawn every week until she goes home, and that she tried to "talk to her as a mother" and let her know that she cares.  Helen doesn't think she and Andy are even on her radar, so they don't have to worry about her nominating them.  Helen wants her HoH to have an open door, but didn't tell Aaryn that she didn't feel free to visit the HoH room when Aaryn was up there.  Helen points out that "even Jeremy" can feel free to come up.

Andy says "yeah" and "uh huh" and "okay" countless times to let Helen know that he agrees.  Andy tells her about something Aaryn said about their alliance meeting in the storage room but Helen blew it off and said if she tries to play dirty tricks like that, she will be gone.   Helen mentions the bed flipping as something she can't deal with, or help with.

Helen:  Like Jeremy...he apologized for the outburst, but then rubs Elissa's hat on his gets to a point where I can't help you if you can't help yourself. 

Helen wants Andy to know that she did not make a deal with Aaryn, and Andy thinks she should discuss that with Amanda, too.  She mentions last week when Elissa said she wouldn't talk to Aaryn, but says that she needs Kaitlin to know that she won't put her up.  McCrae told Helen that Jeremy has been saying "I love you" to Kaitlin so they have to stay on top of Kaitlin all the time to let her know that she is helping out the house by clearing the way to nominate Jeremy.

Andy says GMZ told him that Judd was on her list for shaking hands with her while he was lying.  They both laugh about that and Andy says if she makes HoH it would be scary.  She might nominate Judd and Jessie and Helen is okay with that.  They both see her talking to Howard so they aren't sure she would ever put them up.

Helen names almost the entire cast and tells Andy that none of them will come after them, so they just need to manage those relationships as best they can.  Andy points out that both of them are invested in relationships with everybody, and that will help them.  Helen isn't sure that they need to win HoH every week, but Andy says he may not want it next week so he doesn't get blood on his hands.  Helen points out that the next two weeks might be good to win, though, because there are plenty of common enemies that he can send home without upsetting too many house guests.

Elissa comes in and Helen tells her they are talking about Kaitlin.  Andy says they didn't strike any deals with Aaryn, and Helen points out that even though she might dislike people in the game, she doesn't hate them personally and still plans to be cordial in her everyday activities.  Elissa agrees, but at the same time she doesn't think it is good to spend time with known trouble makers. 

Helen:  I don't want to be a mean girl.  She can be mean to other people, but that's not who I am.

Helen tells Elissa that Aaryn came up to the HoH and hesitated, asking if it was okay if she joined them.  Elissa makes a great point that Aaryn might hesitate because she was so nasty to everyone herself.  Elissa just tries to stay away from her because every time she tries to have a nice conversation with her it turns into something ugly.

Helen:  I mean, c'mon.  We're bigger than that.

Elissa:  I am. But if that is the impression you got..

Helen: I'm not saying that.  No no no.

Elissa:  No. Yeah yeah yeah.

Andy points out that Aaryn was really awful to Elissa for a few weeks there, and Elissa says she's not going to start hanging out with her.  Now Helen has to talk about Aaryn coming up AGAIN and how she doesn't want her to feel left out AGAIN.

(Give it a rest, St. Helen.  Get over yourself.)

Finally they decide to all go to the backyard, but then Elissa says that after Aaryn lost the PoV she told Spencer not to talk to her because he voted for Nick and David to leave.   And this starts a new round of Helen's lessons regarding how to treat people.  Over and over, and Helen thinks Aaryn has learned a lesson she will take with her, even if she wins HoH again.  Elissa goes over the facts again of how Aaryn's behavior was intolerable, and unacceptable and thankfully we go to break so I don't have to be scolded by Helen anymore.

After the break I am afraid we are right back in the same place, with Helen going on and on about how it is every person's dream to be here, and to make HoH.  St. Helen hopes everyone has the chance to win HoH, even Judd, Jessie, and Helen goes through the whole list.   Helen wants us all to know that it was like the Cool Kid's Club when Aaryn was HoH, but Helen just isn't like that--that's not the way she operates.

FINALLY they get up to go outside and Elissa says she needs to take off her Guidette outfit.  Then they both talk about how they "love GMZ to death" and Helen says "when she leaves this house it will be so quiet afterwards".

Elissa says she's a character and Helen leaves the room while Elissa is changing and running the water full blast, which means she is probably peeing.  I am not able to tell if Andy retrieved his nectarine fron the counter top or not.  In the kitchen Aaryn is making a coffee cake in a 9 x 13 Pyrex dish and Kaitlin watches and says she wants to learn how to make it.  It is going to be a layered dish and I see Aaryn mixing up the brown sugar topping for one of the layers.

Kaitlin:  I love coffee cake.  I love it.

Aaryn:  You do?  Do you like nuts?

Kaitlin, smirking:  I love nuts!

And then Kaitlin goes outside, and we do too, just in time to see Howard and Candice sitting on the couch and she is touching his arm and wanting to play some game with him closing his eyes.  He does it and then Candice giggles that he is peeking and it's clear that it is awwn.

Now we go to the Have Not room where Jeremy is talking to Judd and Judd lets him know that he's not playing Jessie's game, he's playing his own game.  Jeremy promises never to nominate Judd, ever.  Judd says that Jeremy and McCrae are the guys he talks to the most, and he will miss both of them if they leave.  Jeremy says he thinks Andy will be the last guy to leave, since he's one of the girls and Judd agrees.

Jeremy:  By some miracle if I stay, then I am going to play as hard as I can and win HoH and that is a week that you don't have to worry.

Judd says he would rather have Aaryn leave this week instead of Spencer, but Jeremy counts the votes and says he doesn't want Helen to have the break the tie.  Then Jeremy recounts and says it is okay if Judd votes for Aaryn, because they would still have enough votes to evict Spencer.   He mentions how Helen is protecting Elissa for the rest of the game and tells Judd he just wanted to give him "fruit for thought". 

Jeremy:  McCrae has a real sweet deal because he won MVP twice...

Judd:  Twice?  I heard one time.

Jeremy:  He put me up last week, and put Spencer up this week.  Elissa was only the MVP the first week.

Judd:  Oh wow.  I heard this week, but not the other.

Jeremy tells Judd Elissa already has it for the upcoming week, but from what I know about Judd I can't imagine he is believing this part.   Jeremy thinks that Helen and Kaitlin will be in the finals, but I'm not sure who told him that information.  Jeremy really wants to be on the jury and promises Judd that he would vote for him in the end, but if he's with McCrae in the end it is going to be a tough decision.  As we go to a break Aaryn comes in and announces that there is alcohol and Jeremy says that is fantastic.

When we return Jeremy and Judd are still hashing it out in the Have Not Airport, and Judd says he'd like to be in Jury with Jeremy, if he had the chance.  They stand up and shake as Judd says Jeremy should  go out there and grab a beer while he still can.  Jeremy is going to let him know if he can convert a few more votes to make Judd's decision easier.

Now we go to the Cockpit where Howard is talking to Kaitlin about all of the emotions and turmoil in the house, and he is talking about how he "was misconstrued" and how that disclosure made him stronger.  Kaitlin is draining a can of beer during this conversation, as Howard says that she will grow from this game.

Jeremy:  I don't know about you and Jeremy, but for the Moving Company you were definitely a target, because you are strong.  You weren't the main target, but I don't know how long that would last.

Apparently Howard is trying urge her to use the PoV, saying that he tries not to let his personal issues with Jeremy come into play, and just think about what is best for her in the game.

Kaitlin:  A lot of people thought I was just riding on Jeremy for the first couple of weeks...

(The joke just writes itself, basically.)

People try to come in twice and they ask for more time.  Howard tries to separate the personal part from the game, but Kaitlin is a grown woman and has a big decision to make.  If she thinks about not using the PoV, she should ask herself if he would do the same for her.

Kaitlin drains her can of beer and I can tell she wants to wrap it up.  She says it will be difficult to see the person she most cares about walk out of the door.  Howard tells her she is making a decision to help the person she should love the most, herself, and that is part of growing up.  They stand up to leave and Kaitlin says it's going to be an emotional week, so please don't judge her.

Howard:   I don't judge anybody...

After the last break we see McCranda has taken over the Cockpit and Aaryn is there too.  All of them are low talking and Judd is there, too.  They are whispering as Amanda counts votes, punching the air with her fingers as she counts.  Judd says 10 people are voting this week, and if it is a tie Helen will get rid of Jeremy.  Aaryn whispers that Jeremy is pulling out all of the stops to stay in the house, and is trying to make Kaitlin fall in love with him so she won't use the PoV.

Judd:  I think they told her that if she don't use it, she's gone.

Aaryn tells them that Helen and Andy promised Katilin to protect her for the rest of the game if she used the PoV.  There is a lot of cursing and blanking out but obviously Aaryn is doing what she needs to do to make sure she stays this week, and that probably includes baking fresh coffee cake.

After Aaryn leaves Amanda whispers that Aaryn has been eating so much ice cream, implying that Aaryn is stressed.  Amanda says there are only two people who would not vote Aaryn to leave but I can tell Amanda is going to work on it.  Judd whispers that Spencer "don't have nobody so they can use him" and Amanda agrees.

MeCrae is rather quiet, and I think the Have Not diet might be getting to him.  Judd thinks it may be way too risky, but they might want to talk Kaitlin into not using the PoV, and then voting her out.  Judd is scared about everyone protecting Katilin, and thinks they might really mean those promises.

Amanda tells Judd that points out that if she doesn't use the PoV, then they won't protect her, and then tells Judd he has Slop Brain and he agrees.  It was just a crazy idea and he sees that now.  In the final moments of the show Amanda whispers about how Howard is "up their assholes" and Aaryn comes back in and flops down with her glass of wine.

I was hoping to get a look at that coffee cake fresh out of the oven, actually.  I'm disappointed because like coffee cake and nuts, too.

Jeremy Stirs Up a Hornet's Nest With Candice #BB15

Things started out innocently enough...with Amanda and Candice laying in the sun and talking about how Candice feels about Howard.  Candice says that she likes to make friends first, and then turn it into something romantic, but Amanda says that she just jumps right into things and asks questions later.

Candice knows she can be hard to handle because she doesn't like to be told what to do, but when Howard tried to calm her down after the bed flipping situation she liked the way he handled it.   Then Jeremy came out and Amanda asked him a question about the Moving Company.


Jeremy said they would probably still be together if there weren't so many cowards in the group.  This got both girls riled up and Amanda explains to Jeremy that just because they preferred to work with someone else, that doesn't make them cowards.

Amanda then said that if McCrae wasn't the HoH that week, he probably wouldn't have been in the group.  Jeremy just said he felt happy to be included, and was cool with it.  Then Candice started gloating that knowing about the boy's alliance since the very beginning.  She noticed how they talked to each other, and others didn't talk to each other.  Candice saw them using bird calls or something like that to signal each other.

Amanda says she asked Jeremy why he never talked about Spencer and Howard and he remembers, saying he thought he was pretty smooth about it.  Amanda had no idea that McCrae was in the alliance.  Candice can't believe McCrae kept her out of it for so long.

Jeremy mentions again that "no one backed me up" and Candice jerked her head around to stare at him.   Then Jeremy starts talking about how they wanted to get Amanda out.

Jeremy:  Everybody thought you were a loose cannon.

Amanda:  I think I'm a pretty secure cannon.

Jeremy admits that he wasn't trying to hurt anybody...he knows he came at people too hard sometimes but he didn't mean to cause pain.  His mom and closest friends said that he would need to lay back for the first few weeks but it is hard as a competitor to do that.

Jeremy:  I'm okay with it.

Candice:  Well, I say Fuck the Moving Company 'cause ya'll used me for a vote.  And you can't tell me that you voted for David, because there is no way that you did.

Jeremy:  When you get home and see that I did vote for him, will you call me?  I swear on everything...

Candice:  If you did, then that means GMZ didn't..

Jeremy tells her that Nick didn't vote to save David, and goes through the list of votes to evict.  Candice wants to know why Spencer told her to do that, and Jeremy says Spencer will tell her that he voted for David.

Now Jeremy talks about how Candice went upstairs and wanted Aaryn to vote out Amanda and McCrae.  When she protests Jeremy says she is "lying through her teeth" and Candice lost it, jumping up and getting in the pool and pointing in his face.  She dragged Aaryn into the conversation and Aaryn backed her up, then kept saying one thing you don't say to her is that she lies.

As she went back to her towel they kept at it, with Jeremy telling her not to get upset, it's just a game, back and forth like a tennis match.

Candice:  I won't get upset.  And you'll be playing this game outside the house, boo.  If you want to come back, GAME FUCKING ON, because everybody knows I'm not scared.

Jeremy kept picking at Candice, so she jumped up again, hurling constant insults at Jeremy while he laughed at her.  Somehow she brought up the size of his dick and they argued about that, too.
Howard is going to have his hands full with Candice.  Jeremy told her she can't control her emotions so she's going to be next out.

Candice:  Fine.  I'll see  you in Texas, then.

Just Another Day for Jeremy and Kaitlin #BB15

They crossed paths in the bathroom and Jeremy teased her by asking if her shorts are hiked up high enough. 

Right about now Jeremy said that Kaitlin's "fam" is going to love him now after his last DR session.

Oh I'm sure they are loving this whole thing.

Do you think Aaryn or Kaitlin's families have to tried to pull them from the game? 

During BB9 I think Chelsea's dad went to L.A (or threatened to) after they saw all of Crazy James' explicit gay porn on the internet while Chelsea was all over him in the house.  Chelsea didn't seem to care about all of those pesky cameras and she and James even had kind of a threesome with another female house guest, who later confessed to cheating in casinos and made a number of unflattering comments about Chelsea's "odor".

True story.

Aaryn Brings up Betsey Johnson #BB15

Do you think that is strange, considering that Nick just spent last weekend at Betsey Johnson's home in the Hamptons?  (You can learn about that here.)  Out of the blue she said that Betsy Johonson's company went bankrupt.

Aaryn said there was a reality show about it, and says she bought a Betsey Johnson purse at Ross and Amanda chimes in that her prices were "the lowest of the low".  They have been sitting on the backyard couch shooting the breeze and watching Helen, Howard and Jessie run around the backyard.

They think Howard makes running look like walking, and decide he is "definitely" a professional athlete.  Amanda thinks McCrae looks like he would work at a Blockbuster, and Andy looks like he could man the counter at Jamba Juice.   I guess Kaitlin has put on lipstick today to prepare for her big moment during the PoV Ceremony.

Kaitlin says that Andy is so cute, and he tells the story of a friend of his throwing his head back in a bar to laugh and accidentally knocking Andy's two front teeth out.  The two teeth he has are fake and McCrae says "Holy shit".  Andy doesn't know what happened to the teeth but says he went straight to the hospital and can't believe he hadn't told them about that yet.

Amanda also shared that her bathing suit that she is wearing makes her tits look huge and she had to take out the padding.

Kaitlin:  The are huge.

Jeremy advises everyone not to pop their pimples because it can cause scarring.  One of his friends had bad Bacne and now his back is horribly scarred.

Howard Stern: Big Brother....Is That Show Still On? #BB15

In Robin's news today, she brought up the Hate Gate controversy and said this is the first time CBS has had to present a disclaimer before the CBS show about the house guest's racial views not being shared by CBS.

Howard wondered if Big Brother was still on the air and Robin said, "yes, every summer". 

Howard:  Well, who else would go on a reality show in a house all summer? What else do they have to do? 

Robin played two clips from the show---first the one from last night where Aaryn denied making any racial remarks, and then played the "What Chu Gonna Do Gurl?" clip that has been featured on TMZ.  (You can see that here.)  I know Howard is still super-bitter about Scott Einzinger leaving his job with Howard to join the Big Brother crew years ago, because otherwise he would have commented on how hot the girls on BB15 are this year.  Instead he just wanted to move on, after insulting all of us who watch or participate in the show.

And Robin didn't do a very good job setting up the two clips, because there were a lot of better sound bites that she could have played to demonstrate all of the hatred in the BB house this year.  But no one on the show can criticize Robin now, you know, because of her Serious Yet Undisclosed Medical Condition.

(I'm guessing she needs a transplant of some sort, since she has been broadcasting from home for well over a year after the sudden emergency surgery to remove a softball-sized tumor, but I don't know for sure, of course.)

JD Harmeyer and Ralph Cirella from the Howard Stern show watch Big Brother, but even if Howard watched the show he would never admit it.  The bad blood runs that deep for Howard, and he's an NBC guy now that he's on America's Got Talent.

Is that show still on?

Wil Heuser Presents: Big Brother 15 The Saga Episode #3 #BB15

Wil has done it again.  This one starts a little slow but once it gets going you can't look away.  My favorite lines include:

*  Fry me an eggroll, bitch!
*  Where is that black girl's bed?

And I loved the brief glimpse of Andy, screaming in terror.  If you blink, you'll miss it.  Thank god this is You Tube and you can watch it over, and over, and over...